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"What Southern Leaders Bragged About...
Until They Lost"
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If you never heard of this man - slap your history teacher.   He was the US Senator that personally got Kansas Act passed, then rushed to Kansas and started terrorizing, later killing, to force slavery into Kansas and beyond.  


"I will see Kansas in hell before I see her as a free state" 

"The South was already at war, already killing, and already bragging about killing to spread slavery, long before Lincoln even ran for Senate. "

Most people -- even "history teachers"   tell you the Civil War started after Lincoln was elected.    Not even close.

Southern leaders themselves -- remember this - Southern leaders themselves boasted they were at war (yes they used the word "war" ) and bragged they would keep killing until slavery was spread to all of Kansas and the West -- including into California and Oregon, already free states.

Not some nuts in a bar.

Not some idle boast. 

Atchison boasted of it -- and did it. 

And it almost worked.


David Rice Atchison was  more important, and better known, than Lincoln until Lincoln ran for Senate.  

In fact, Atchison was the most powerful man in the Senate --and left the Senate to go to Kansas.  There, in Kansas, Atchison hired over time over 2000 men, with money supplied by Jefferson Davis.  

Atchison's speech to his men in far more important to know that Lincoln's Gettysburg address, to understand the Civil War.

Atchison made it very clear -- he was killing to spread slavery. He was doing so "for the entire South".  And he was paid by the Secretary of War -- Jefferson Davis. 

Nothing -- nothing -- is more basic to understand what led to the US Civil War than Atchison's killing sprees after he passed Kansas Act.  

Nothing comes close.

Yet you can get a degree in history in US colleges, and not know  what Atchison did, what he bragged about, who he killed, and who paid him.  


Atchison's speech to his paid killers in Kansas  would surprise no one in 1854.  It was more clear, more boastful, but very much in line with Southern leaders boasts of spreading slavery.   Only Atchison was actually in Kansas, doing the killing when he bragged about it.


A basic truth of the 1850's -- long whitewashed now -- is that Southern leaders were not only killing to spread slavery, they were boasting of it.  They even issued War Ultimatums.

But more than talk, Southern leaders sent over 2000 killers to Kansas, when Kansas citizens rejected slavery and were about to become a free state.

Atchison - Davis Rice Atchison -- is the guy who 

Got Kansas Act passed

Went to Kansas and started killing

Boasted of killing.

Issued War Ultimatums.


In 1856  - he was not just killing to spread slavery, he was bragging about it.  Not kinda, not sorta, not in a way.

See not only his full speeches, but his own newspapers, his own reports to Jeff Davis, his own supporters who also bragged they were killing to spread slavery.

 Reunion for survivors for one of Atchison's raids,  1895


Note: I put links to original sources in this post.

Atchison promised to spread slavery all the way to the Pacific, including into states and territories that were already free states, or already territories that were clearly against slavery.

KANSAS citizens were against slavery -- by repeated votes, of 90 and 95%.   Atchison and Douglas both admitted the people of Kansas were against slavery.

So if anyone dares tell you the South was for state's rights, ask them what Southern War Ultimatums were, and who David Rice Atchison was.

Then give them this information.

Atchison went to Kansas after he passed Kansas Act, and immediately started terrorizing, later killing, to spread slavery there -- against states rights, against popular sovereignty.

It almost worked.  And it led directly to the US Civil War.

Constitutionally required?

Not allowed -- required.  The Constitution required Atchison go to Kansas and force slavery there. 

Why?  Because of Dred Scott decision -- that's why.

Most insane of all -- Dred Scott decision came after two of Atchison's invasions and killing sprees in Kansas.  Jeff Davis simply "forgot" to mention that in his book, when he justified Atchison's actions in Kansas. 

Are you beginning to see how our "text books"  and "historians" like Foner and McPherson are pushing whitewashed bullshit that does not candidly tell the public who killed who, and why?   Nor do our text books show the justification for these killing sprees, in any candid way. 

Kansas Act "mere deceitful pretense for the benefit of slavery,"  Abraham Lincoln.

 Nothing could prove Kansas Act more than Atchison himself, after passing Kansas Act, he rushed  personally to Kansas, and there starting his reign of terror that led direction to the US Civil War.

How the hell -- I want to know -- how the hell do you miss this?  

No one missed it at the time. Yet show me any US text book that even mentions it, much less shows it as a basic fact, indispensable in understanding Lincoln, slavery, the Civil War, the South, and US history. 

Idiotically today we often see Kansas Act as something to do with Stephen A Douglas effort to get "popular sovereignty"  into Kansas, and let the people there decide.   What a crock of crap.

Given what Atchison did- - with Douglas help -- it takes a special kind of stupid to say or write such a thing.  Yet it's often taught that way.

 Kansas Act was not just a political ruse, it was a violent and cruel effort to kill enough people in Kansas to frighten the others from even speaking against slavery --  yes, even speaking against slavery in public, Atchison's men made that against the law. Kansas act was part of the endless violence  and means "foul and more foul"  to spread slavery against the will of the white people.  Atchison and Davis were deliberately - and proudly -- using violence to force slavery into Kansas were citizens had voted, and would continue to vote, against slavery by 90%  and more.


Remember, Davis supported Atchison. By support I mean he paid Atchison, paid Atchison's men, and gave Atchison the official title  "General of Law and Order in Kansas Territory"

So this was not some nut running around on his own killing and terrorizing in Kansas.   

So when Jeff Davis said everything Atchison did was "required"  that means the killings, the tortures, the arrests, were, to Davis, justified.  Also, shutting down by violence any newspaper against slavery  (was was done in the South) was "constitutionally required".

Nothing -- nothing -- is more basic than this.  The Kansas Act, as you will see, is why Lincoln got back in politics. If you don't understand Kansas Act, and how Atchison passed it, then went to Kansas and started terrorizing, later killing, to spread slavery there, go slap your teacher.

This was basic. And should have always been taught.

Atchison is the guy who passed Kansas Act. He not only passed  it -- Atchison, Jeff Davis, and Stephen A Douglas personally took the Kansas Act to President Pierce to sign.




The most basic fact that led to the Civil War was the Kansas Act -- and Atchison going to Kansas after he passed it, and there killing to spread slavery, and promising endless violence to spread slavery to the entire West.

That information is not in a single  history text book in the US, as far as we know. Not one.

Nor is your history teacher likely to tell you -- they don't know.  This was common knowledge at the time.

Not only did Jefferson Davis support Atchison, and pay him, and pay Atchison's men (see the speech),   Jefferson Davis himself issued a formal address to people of the North, boasting he was going to "by force of arms" invade the North and enslave all blacks in the North.

How in the hell are these things left OUT of our US text books?

Southern War Ultimatums -- not in US text books.

Atchison killing sprees -- not in US text books.

Atchison's speeches bragging about killing sprees -- not in us text books. 

Jeff Davis boasting of invading North  to install slavery there -- not in US text books.

Let me repeat that --Jefferson Davis himself issued formal address to people of the North justifying his plan to invade the North and enslave free blacks IN THE NORTH.

In fact, not long after this address, Robert E Lee did exactly that.  Lee invaded the North, grabbed hundreds, if not thousands of free blacks in the North, and took them South.

 See proof, though this paper calls it "The invasions of Pennsylvania"  and does not specifically say Lee's troops did this at his order,  because of Davis address to people of the free states, it's silly to think the soldiers invaded the North on their own whim, and on that same whim grabbed hundreds of blacks (exactly as Davis said he would) and turn them into slaves. Or as Davis said "return them to the status of Helotism"

 And that came down from Jefferson Davis, per this address.  

So not only did the South boast of these things -- they did these things. 

It's not my fault no one told you.  

That mind sound bizarre to you -- but Davis and other Southern leaders had made it clear, it was unconstitutional to keep slavery out of Kansas, even after Kansas voted 95% against slavery.

Southern leaders did not just ADMIT they were invading and killing to spread slavery, they bragged about it.
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Quick irrefutable  points of history everyone should already know.

✓Atchison was the Senator who passed Kanas Act

✓Atchison then immediately went to Kansas, and there terrorized, later killed, to spread slavery.

✓ Atchison bragged about it -- repeatedly

✓ Kansas citizens, when Atchison could not terrorize them,  repeatedly voted against slavery 90 and 95%.

✓ Everything Atchison and his men did was violent and against state's rights, by design

✓ Atchison was paid by Jefferson Davis.

✓ Atchison sent reports to Davis.

✓ This was in 1856. 




Most people do not even notice what should be obvious to all -- again and again and again -- Lincoln made it clear,  "we will be all one thing or all another".  All slave states or no slave states.

The House Divided Speech, one of the most famous speeches in US history, is 100%  about this. Not 99% .  Read it, not just the title, read the full speech.

This was not his only speech about this -- he had said the same thing hundreds, if not thousands of times.   The machinery of spreading slavery, he called it, had put the United States on a course of being destroyed by -- or destroying, slavery.

One would survive. One would go on.  Slavery would take over, like a cancer (he called it a cancer) or slavery would end.  Why?  He explained this dozens of times.

Because of Kansas Act (passed by Atchison) and the "second measure"  Dred Scott decision (passed by those trying to help Atchison by then in Kansas, killing and terrorizing there).

This was Lincoln's BASIC message. And when you know what Atchison did -- passed Kansas Act -- and what he was doing -- killing and terrorizing to spread slavery into Kansas and beyond - you will realize just how right Lincoln ws. 

If they could spread slavery into Kansas, whose white male citizens were 95% against slavery,  based on Kansas Act and Dred Scott, there was no way to stop them from spreading it -- as they said they would -- all over. 

This will sound bizarre to you today, Stupidly we are taught the South cared about state's rights and just wanted to keep slavery.  Utter hogwash.  They were killing to spread slavery -- and they were bragging about it. Not admitting, they were bragging about it.

Read Atchison's speech.   It's not the only document proving his killings and boasting about it-- but it is the most clear.  

He speaks of who pays him.

He makes it clear they are there to kill.

He makes it clear he works "for the entire South".

He makes it clear of the goal -- to spread slavery and silence anyone who publishes newspapers against it.

 Here is the link.   Go there and read his speech, it's stunning.  It should be in every US history text book.  


I can't help it no one told us this -- not my fault.

We should have been told all about this, from grade school on up, and told in a clear, no bullshit way.

We were never told about this, not in a candid way.  I've run into "Civil War experts"  who had no idea of this information, others who knew it only in vastly white washed terms.

What Southern War ultimatums?  What do you mean, a US Senator goes to Kansas and there kills to spread slavery against state's rights?

What do you mean Jeff Davis boasted citizens had no right to reject slavery -- not by vote, not by legislation, not by any means.    

We were told just the opposite, that Southern leaders cared about state's rights.

The hell they did. 

Question:  How the hell does something so basic get whitewashed? 

Answer:  Because text book publishers never were allowed, or even cared to, pissoff Southern school boards.  Southern school boards have for over 100 years made sure national text books whitewashed the insanely violent and cruel boasting of Southern leaders, and their ISIS like actions leading up to the Civil War. 


This was common knowledge then -- newspapers North, South, everyplace, focused on this for years.  Not months, YEARS.  Lincoln got back into politics because of it.  The GOP began because of it.

There is simply no way to overstate the importance of Southern leaders killings, invasions and tortures to spread slavery.  It is a vile, and violent story.   Our text books have never laid this out candidly.

Southern leaders were boasting of these things.  They did not just admit them, they boasted of them, in their own books, their own documents, their own speeches, and their own newspapers -- until they lost.

After they lost,  Southern leaders came up with a fundamentally deceptive set of excuses. Stupidly, we have taught essentially Southern leaders deceptive excuses. 

The most common stupidity that is taught as gospel -- that South fought, at worst, to keep slavery. Oh hell no. Not even close.   

They fought, and bragged of it, issued War Ultimatums about it repeatedly, and made it extremely clear -- over and over clear, emphatically clear.  They were fighting to SPREAD slavery. Not keep, SPREAD slavery.

Southern leaders were not only killing, torturing, and boasting of it, they were promising endless violence to spread slavery-- against states rights.

They hated states rights when Kansas rejected slavery.  They gathered, advertised for,  and sent over 2000 men -- paid them -- to kill  and terrorize to stop states rights.  To force slavery into Kansas and beyond. 

And it almost worked. 

When Lincoln spoke about "we will be all one thing, or we will be the other"   this is exactly what he was talking about. 



Atchison was not "some guy."  He personally got Stephen A Douglas to pass Kansas Act -- and he boasted of that, too. So did his newspapers.  

Furthermore, according to Jefferson Davis himself, Atchison, Jeff Davis, and Stephen A. Douglas personally took the Kansas Act to the President (Pierce) to sign.   Those three men convinced the President that Kanas Act would make Kansas citizens "perfectly free" to decide slavery themselves.

One tiny little problem -- Atchison immediately left for Kansas, and there started terrorizing, later killing, to spread slavery.   Clearly he had no intention of letting Kansas citizens decide anything for themselves, if he and his paid men could stop it.

And they almost did .


Famous 1850s.

The most famous man in the United States  during the early and mid 1850's for a time was arguably  David Rice Atchison.  Certainly he was more famous than Lincoln then.

In fact, Atchison's actions in Kansas --and in passing Kansas Act -- is what got Lincoln back into politics in 1854.

Your "history" teacher probably doesn't know this either -- but  Charles Sumner was beaten on the Senate floor -- almost to death -- after talking about David Rice Atchison, his men, and  their killing sprees in Kansas.  

 The entire speech, called "Crimes Against Kansas" was specifically about Atchison and his men, about Atchison passing Kansas Act, rushing to Kansas, and there killing and torturing to spread slavery there.

For two days, Sumner listed crime, after crime, after crime, torture after torture, murder after murder -- done by Atchison's men.

And Sumner named Atchison --he also named Stephen A Douglas.   

Sumner named names.  Dates.  Exact facts. 

 He was talking specifically about Atchison and Douglas passing the Kansas Act --and then Atchison immediately going to Kansas.  Just the things I am telling you here, Sumner was telling the Senate (of course, they knew it all too well, already).

Sumner was beaten immediately after the speech.

He would have been beaten DURING the speech, but the Senate was closed, the door to the Senate guarded.  

Your history teacher will tell you Sumner was beaten for making remarks about another Senator's wife. What your history teacher does NOT know is Stephen A Douglas already told Sumner he should be beaten like a dog.  

Douglas was the guy -- with Atchison - who got Kansas Act passed.

So Atchison's role in Kansas Act, then his terrorizing and killings in Kansas,  should not be a surprise to anyone now -- it was extremely well known then. 

It is not trivia.  The man who got Kansas Act passed rushes -- immediately after passing it -- to Kansas.  He there terrorizing, later kills, to spread slavery there.  Not just to spread slavery -- Atchison is also killing to silence all opposition to slavery.

Atchison and his men made it a crime -- punishable by torture and or jail -- to publish a newspaper against slavery.

I can't help it if your teacher didn't tell you.  Not my fault.

I'm telling you now.  










This was no secret -- Southern leaders could not be more proud of it. They could not be more loud about it.  They could not be more clear about it.

They spread slavery -- and spread it for GOD. They spread it so the white race "would not be exterminated". 

Most people, even history teachers, have this idea that the South was for states rights.   That's simply not true, and never was true.  Kansas citizens, Davis insisted, had no right to reject slavery, even though they voted against slavery by overwhelming numbers.   And Davis further insisted -- bragged actually -- about invading the North and enslaving all free blacks in the North.


To a large extent, the stupidity of the American public about the Civil War is directly related to US textbooks, which were produced largely by Southern companies -- and even more, Southern school boards were and are notorious for simply not allowing basic and ugly truths inside text books.

Rather than make two different sets of text books, one for the South, one for the North, text book companies just avoided the ugly things.  Therefore no US text book has every put in Southern War Ultimatums, or Davis Address to people of the North, nor Atchison's boasts of killing to spread slavery.

Nearly everything is "whitewashed" to protect religion lunacy.  No mention that Southern leaders boasted they obeying GOD by enslaving blacks, and that torture of slaves was ordained by God.

Instead -- some nonsense about South cared about states rights.  Sounds better, but was never true.  


When Atchison and his men could not terrorize people at the voting booth, Kansas white males voted 95% against slavery.

But that did not matter. In fact, Atchison went to Kansas, and Davis paid his men, to force slavery into Kansas precisely because most people in Kansas were against slavery.   The entire point of the Kansas Act, and later Dred Scott decision, was  to push slavery into Kansas and beyond, by force.

 Not kinda. Not sorta. Not in a way.  They did what they did -- and they bragged about what they did - until they lost. 

We just don't teach this.  We have whitewashed the role of the bible and how Southern leaders boasted they were doing the will of God -- torture of slaves, was the will of God.

Spreading slavery -- was the will of GOD.

Not a few nuts in a church.  These are the leaders of the Confederacy. The men actually in charge.  Not some "gotcha" quote out of context. Their own clear explanations, repeatedly bragged about --  TILL THEY LOST. 

After they lost, and all the time since, Southern leaders themselves and their children, grandchildren, the "historians"  and pundits who followed, gave a drastically cleaned up story.  

Atchison worked officially  for Jefferson Davis.   Atchison sent written reports to Jeff Davis on the progress of his killing sprees.  Davis paid Atchison, and officially named Atchison as "General of Law and Order".


Remember this -- because Foner, McPherson, and a dozen other "historians"  never make this clear.   Atchison was not only killing and bragging about it, in Kansas,  Atchison worked officially for Jefferson Davis.

Their goal was simple:  Force slavery into Kansas and the entire West  against the will of the white people there. 

As you will see, 95% of the white male citizens in Kansas were against slavery.  Yet Atchison and Davis hired killers to invade Kansas repeatedly, to force slavery into Kansas and beyond.

And Atchison bragged of it. 

The time for talking was over, Atchison boasted in ads he took out to hire men to come to Kansas and there, to kill (yes, kill, and Atchison boasted of this).   Atchison was not going to waste one day trying to convince Kansas citizens to accept slavery.  The entire idea of Atchison passing Kansas Act, then rushing, as he did, to Kansas was to force slavery there against -- against -- remember this -- against -- the will of the people there.

No one even pretended Kansas citizens were for slavery.  Stephen Douglas said that 19 out of 20 people in Kansas were likely against slavery.  But he pushed Kansas Act fraud saying he "just wanted the citizens of Kansas to  be perfectly free to decide their domestic institutions (slavery) themselves." 

It was immediately clear Douglas was part of the fraud, not just fooled, by Jeff Davis and David Rice Atchison.  Douglas covered for Atchison's violence at first, claiming Atchison "was the most gentle and patriotic man I ever met".   

Douglas actually helped get people from Kansas arrested when they came personally to Washington to complain to President Pierce. 


Do you know how many slaves there were in the ENTIRE Kansas territory, according to the census?  

Two. Let me repeat that -- two. Two slaves in the entire state, according to the census.

Do you know how many folks living in Kansas wanted slavery there?  Virtually none of the citizens.  Most of those who ended up killing and torturing to spread slavery were from elsewhere -- and most hired.

Remember that.  Hired.

Hired to force slavery into Kansas. And Atchison boasted of it.

He did not admit it. He boasted of it. 

Atchison had to import-- pay and import -- his killers, his tuff guys.  When Atchison could not hire enough Missouri men to do the terrorizing and killing, he took out ads in Texas and South Carolina.

So of course your text books are not going to mention Atchison had to hire his killers.  There was little or no "organic"  or actual local public support for slavery in Kansas --remember in more than one election, over 90% of citizens in Kansas (white males) were against slavery.

The few folks in Kansas who were pro -slavery, absent Atchison's money and pumping up the hate--did not support slavery enough to kill to spread it.

That's basic- - and that should be taught as a basic. 

Atchison had to hire people to terrorize, he had to hire the people to kill.   Don't forget that. Your history teacher almost certainly has no clue about it. 


Let me repeat that -- Atchison bragged about it and so did his official publications and his friends.  They were boasting of killing to spread slavery, until they lost. 

Atchison never wasted his time claiming most people in Kansas were for slavery.

Jefferson Davis never wasted his time claiming most people in Kansas were for slavery.

They knew damn well  most people in Kansas were against slavery --that was the entire point of sending killers and thugs there -- to force slavery down their throats. 

No one should leave a US history class  without knowing this basic truth.  Southern leaders knew it-- and acted upon this basic truth.  People in Kansas did not want slavery. 

'Oh there are always a few extremists "

Typically -- because the vast majority of  history teachers have no clue what Atchison did -  people will claim, upon hearing about Atchison, that "there are always some extremists"   and pass Atchison off as some guy talking big.

And Atchison was not "talking big".  He actually hired the killers, actually got Kansas Act passed (with Douglass)  actually went to Kansas, actually boasted he was killing to spread slavery -- as he killed to spread slavery. 



Everything Atchison did -- said Jeff Davis in a written response after the Civil War was over -- was "Constitutionally required." 

Yes, of course Foner, McPherson, Catton, and 100 other "historians" should have made this clear.   A sustained violent effort to kill and torture enough to spread slavery against state's rights, by the top Southern leaders -- that's a BFD.

  Not my fault McPherson and others apparently refused to make this clear.    Southern War Ultimatums, of 1856 and 1861, should be on the front page of every US history text book.   Atchison's speech and Davis defense of Atchison's killing sprees should be clear in every student's mind who graduates high school.  This is the most basic fact leading up to the United States Civil War.

 Yet you won't find it even mentioned in any text book we have seen. 
Certainly Southern War Ultimatums are not taught -not part of the general knowledge of most history teachers in high school or college.    







And Davis too -- like Atchison -- made it clear.  They were killing to SPREAD slavery. Not to keep it where it was.  They were killing to S P R E A D slavery.  Not sorta, not kinda, not in a way.

Atchison: "I will see Kansas in hell before I let it be a free state."

95% of the white male citizens of Kansas were anti -slavery, and voted that way. 

Aitchison and Davis sent or hired killers to force slavery into Kansas.  

Jefferson Davis insisted, and paid the killers to go to Kansas -- that Kansas must "accept and respect" slavery even after Kansas became a free state in 1861.

Congratulations -- you now know more basic history about the US Civil War than most high school history teachers.  Southern leaders were still sending killers to Kansas all through the US Civil War.


  High school history teachers, through no fault of their own, teach  these killings, tortures and war ultimatums in bizarre and misleading euphemistic terms, such as "Trouble in Kansas".

From our research --we have not found one high school text book in the United States that has the basics right.

Not one mention of David Rice Atchison passing Kansas Act then rushing to Kansas, and there terrorizing, later killing, and boasting of killing to spread slavery.

Not one mention of Jefferson Davis paying Atchison and his men to invade Kansas.

Not one mention of Southern War Ultimatums of 1856 or 1861.

Virtually no high school -- and few college -- teachers even know what Southern War ULtimatums were, who issued them, or what Southern leaders bragged about at this time.

Davis:   The resistance to slavery in Kansas is "the intolerable grievance"

Remember -- 95% of the citizens of Kansas were against slavery there.  That was "the intolerable grievance"  that Davis claimed justified sending Atchison and over 2000 men to invade Kansas, and try to force slavery there.

Sound like state's rights to you?

Sound like "popular sovereignty  to you?



  State's rights did not apply to slavery -- said Jeff Davis himself.  He explained his (twisted) "logic"  very clearly, in his own book, and in his own official announcements. 

Dred Scott -- claimed Davis in writing -- changed everything.  The "august justices"  on the Supreme Court had ordered (yes, ordered) that blacks are not human beings (not persons)  and are to be seen as property.

No one even pretended that the white male citizens of Kansas wanted slavery.  It was well known otherwise.  But the "majority" does not rule on slavery, the majority can not interfere with the rights of slave owners to take their "property" where they wanted to take it.  

This is what Jeff Davis was talking about  when he said "Neither current events nor history show that the majority rules, or ever did rule."   Even after Kansas citizens voted 95% against slavery -- remember that, even after they voted against slavery, after they became a free state -- Jeff Davis demanded Kansas be a slave state.   He didn't sorta demand it, or just wish it, or say it should be a slave state.  He sent over 1000 men there, paid them,  and paid Davis Rice Atchison,  to force slavery (force by killing, torture and terrror) into Kansas and beyond.

So any stupid fucker -- this includes Foner, McPherson, Bruce Catton, Shelby Foote -- who even hints that Jeff Davis and the South were for state's rights - should be bitch slapped. 

As property, the government must protect slavery,  regardless of the votes by Kansas citizens,  regardless of any Kansas legislation or vote, and regardless of any congressional ruling otherwise.  The will of the people in Kansas did not matter-- because of Dred Scott decision.

 Davis made this as clear as he could -- loudly, proudly repeatedly.  Kansas citizens had no right to keep slavery out -- not  out of their state, not out of their territory. 







 Atchison was already famous for the Kansas Act -- he bragged later that he made Douglas (who rejected Kansas Act as vile, at first) push Kansas Act through Congress.

Yet most high school and college text books idiotically show Kansa Act as some kind of effort to allow the people in Kansas to "decide for themselves"   or have "popular sovereignty."

Atchison and Douglas said that, yes.   Over and over they said it. 

But then Atchison went immediately to Kansas and started terrorizing, later killing -- not only did Atchison stop all voting against slavery, he actually made it a crime to speak publically or publish anti-slavery newspapers.  

Lincoln -- and hundreds of others -- immediately and loudly pointed out the fraud.  In fact, those who knew Douglas personally, and knew Atchison personally, were quite clear in advance, they knew Kansas Act was a fraud, and was actually a fraud designed to further slavery into Kansas.

Lincoln repeatedly, clearly, and correctly pointed out the absurdity of Kansas Act as some kind of measure to allow people to decide slavery themselves  -- because those who pushed it through immediately resorted to violence to STOP people from deciding the issue.  See Lincoln's speech below! 

Sound like Atchison was letting the Kansas residents be "perfectly free"  to decide themselves?

Lincoln had it right -- he said (as did many others) that Kansas Act was exactly the opposite of what it was sold as.  It was actually "machinery"  as Lincoln called it, to push slavery into Kansas and beyond,   And he was 100% right. Not 99% right, 

He was 100% right right.

Sumner's speech was about that -- how Atchison and Douglas passed the Kansas Act, then Atchison went to Kansas to start his "reign of terror"  as newspapers in Kansas called it.

Charles Sumner -- in the speech called "Crimes Against Kansas"  -- was beaten nearly to death.  He spoke for two days about ATCHISON!  About Atchison and his men in Kansas.  Sumner listed over 100 details of the killings and tortures  committed by Atchison's men.

So yes, Atchison was very well known. I can't help it if your "history" teacher never mentioned that, or didn't know.   Not my fault.

The point to remember about Sumner's speech ? 

1) Stephen A Douglas laughed during the beating

2) Atchison killing sprees were about to get much worse.





Unlike others, Atchison was proud of his killings and torture -- he was more candid than most.

Atchison  fought, and he said he fought "for the entire South"  under authority of Jeff Davis himself, then Secretary of War.

And this was over four years BEFORE Lincoln even ran for President.   See his speech yourself. 

Let me repeat this for the "history teachers"  who may stumble upon this post -- because they almost never have a clue.  Southern leaders were already killing, already bragging, already sending killers, to spread slavery, and spread it against the will of the people.

Not sorta.  Not kinda.  Not "in a way".   And they boasted of it.  This is as basic as it gets -- and it's almost always taught (stupidly)  as "Trouble in Kansas",

It should be called "Southern leaders send killers to Kansas, and boast about killing to spread slavery".   Why?  Because that's what fucking happened.  History is this -- who killed who, and why.  

The weakness (and stupidity) of our "history"  as taught in schools is that we do not tell candidly, if at all, who killed who, and why.

Atchison pressured Stephen A Douglas into pushing Kansas Act through Congress -- then Atchison, Jefferson Davis, and Stephen Douglas personally took the Kansas Act to President Pierce to sign.    

See Kansas in Hell

Not a secret -- widely known, North South, West.  From 1856 there was little else written about in newspapers, or spoken about in speeches. 

Like this newspaper in Kansas.

Atchison's  "reign of terror" in Kansas was national news.  Southern states spoke of "their rights in Kansas"- - as if they had the right to send over 2,000 killers to Kansas to force slavery there. 

Lincoln literally got back into politics because of what Davis Rice Atchison (and his partner, Stephen Douglas) did,  pass the fraudulent Kansas Act, and then have Atchison rush to Kansas (as he did) and start terrorizing, later killing, in Kansas.

If anyone tells you, in any way, that Southern leaders cared about "state's rights"  you can be sure -- absolutely positive -- that they have no clue what happened.   

Southern leaders were not just against states rights in theory -- they  sent killers to Kansas -- over 2,000 -- to stop citizens of Kansas from voting against slavery, and even to stop them from speaking against slavery.  

They not only talked (in war ultimatums, for example)  they made good on their threats of killing, and promises of violence.   Atchison said he would "See Kansas in hell"  before  he let it be a free state.   Then he went to Kansas and tried his best to either send Kansas to hell, or make it a slave state. 

If Kansas were not 95% against slavery -- then and later -- Atchison probably would have gotten the job done.  But he sure as hell -- and other Southern leaders were also sure as hell -- not for state's rights, when Kansas rejected slavery.    The Civil War itself is proof that Southern leaders not only would go to war to spread slavery into Kansas and the West -- but that they DID go to war to spread slavery.

I can't help it if your favorite "historians"  didn't tell you this in any clear way -- not my fault.   I am telling you what Southern leaders did at the time, and what they bragged out the ass about.

Loudly. Proudly. In context.  Repeatedly.   

Not sorta, not kinda, not in a way.   

Let me repeat that -- Southern leaders sent killers to KS when Kansas tried to reject slavery.   KS rejected slavery repeatedly -- and eventually (despite violent efforts of Southern leaders) became a free state, just before Lincoln became President.

Even then -- remember this -- even after KS became a free state officially, even AFTER KS voted 95% against slavery, Southern leaders (Jefferson Davis for example)  issued War Ultimatums.  Not just de facto war ultimatums by their actions, but repeated War Ultimatums by their words.

From Jefferson Davis's own book, Rise and Fall.   Would it be too much to ask for "historians" like McPherson and Foner, who clearly read Jefferson Davis own book and knew very well of his war ultimatums, to mention this is a clear way? 

This was the cause of the Civil War -Southern leaders should know, they were not only doing the killing, they were boasting of it. 

The documents I show are not by someone trying to make Southern leaders look insane  -- they are BY Southern leaders boasting of it.  

Southern leaders boasted of killing to spread slavery.  They were no coy or embarassed or shy.  Atchison and Davis particularly were violently committed to spread slavery into Kansas and beyond, even when 95 % of the people in Kansas were not only against slavery, but had voted against slavery, and got accepted into the US as a free state.

So basic is this that every history  text book in the USA, this should be on page one, and actually explained explained in detail.  Southern War Ultimatums were a big deal -- and Lincoln refused, of course, to obey them.





More than anything, people need to understand this.   AFTER  Kansas became a free state, Southern leaders issued War Ultimatums that Kansas had to accept slavery.

The resistance to slavery in Kansas was "intolerable".  Yet there is not one history text book in the USA, that we know of, that explains this clear. AFTER Kansas became a free state, AFTER they voted 95% against slavery, Southern leaders still demanded, as a War Ultimatum, that Kansas must accept slavery.

When Lincoln said we will be all free states or all slave states, this is exactly what he was talking about. If the South could force slavery into Kansas, that same "mechanism" could force it into all states, North and South, East and West, regardless of the preferences of the people in those places. 

It was not just after  Kansas became a free state, that the South sent killers to KS.  It was before -- thousands of hired men.   And they were led by a former US Senator.  They were paid by Jefferson Davis.   How the hell anyone gets out of high school and does not know this is a glaring indictment against our text book publishers, and more, an indictment of "historians"  like Foner, McPherson and others who minimize this most basic aspect of US history.

.  Both -- both by words, and by violent actions, Southern leaders made it very clear.  They would spread slavery into Kansas and beyond, no matter what the vote was in KS, no matter what the citizens of KS voted for or wanted.


Nor was this "a few nuts"   or extremist.  This was the official Southern leadership, including Jefferson Davis, as Secretary of War, and Atchison, President Pro Temp of the Senate until he left of Kansas.  

Atchison boasts that he is in Kansas "for the entire South" -- with one goal.  To spread slavery there, and in all of the West, including into California, already a free state. 

Yes, he knew Kansas citizens were against slavery, and he knew they had already taken preliminary steps to come into the US a free state- - with 90% and more support of free statehood.

That is why Atchison had to hurry to pass Kansas Act, then hurry to Kansas himself. 

The same week Sumner was beaten almost to death after speaking about Atchison and his "Crimes Against Kansas"  Atchison himself was actually in Kansas making his own speech -- see below.   He was urging his men to kill, promising them the gratitude of the South, "ample pay' and the "loot"  they could steal. 

The same newspapers that carried the story of Sumner being beaten almost to death, carried the current "other story" -- Atchison in Kansas terrorizing there.   Remember -- both speeches happened within one week of each other.

Atchison was boasting of doing exactly what Sumner accused him of doing. 



In Atchison's speech he boasts about killing, he boasts about killing to spread slavery "for the entire South".     

This was not a speech to the Senate, where Atchison told that group the Kansas Act was to give he citizens "perfect freedom"  to vote on domestic institutions (a euphemism for slavery).    To his men, once Atchison got there, he didn't need to pretend.   He was there -- and he was paid, and he was officially "General of Law and Order".

He boasted he was there "for the entire South"

There is no substitute for reading his speeches, at the time, and  for reading his own newspapers, and supporting newspapers, at the time.   Yet there is not a single text book in the United States that we know of that even mention's Atchison's speech, much less shows it.  

The speech was more important than any Lincoln gave during the 1850's.    The speech - and Atchison's actions - set into motion everything that followed.  It should be, therefor, as commonly known and referred to as any speech in the 1850s.    That "historians" such as Foner, McPherson, Catton, Foote, and dozens of others, don't even mention what Atchison did, in any clear way, nor show his speech and war ultimatums (yes, he made war ultimatums)  is one of the more awful bits of stupidity on the parts of those historians. 


Atchison speech  was a "pep talk"  to his men just before the first (of three) invasions of Lawrence Kansas.    Atchison made it clear they would spread slavery not only into Kansas Territory, but in all of the West, including California (California was already a free state).

Then Atchison led his paid men (paid by Jefferson Davis, no less) into Lawrence for one of three invasions of that city. 

In other words, Atchison was boasting of doing that which Sumner accused him of.  More importantly -- Atchison and his men were about to get much more focused and violent.   Atchison's men killed John Brown's son, Frederick, and promised to kill John Brown and the rest of his family.   When Atchison's paid men arrived (over 1000 of them)  Atchison did not need to rely on "ruffians" from Missouri.  

Here is a picture of the survivors of Atchison first raid into Kansas.

 Chances are, your history teacher can't tell you what Atchison didid, though he bragged his ass off about then, and his own newspapers (he had his own newspaper) bragged about it.   

Atchison is the reason Lincoln got back into politics. When Atchison pressured Stephen A Douglas to pass the Kansas Act, Lincoln (and others) saw the fraud.   Atchison and Douglas told the country that their legislation would make Kansas "perfectly free"  to decide their "institutions"  themselves.

Yet then, after passing Kansas Act, Atchison rushed to Kansas and there started terrorizing, later killing, to make sure Kansas white male citizens could not vote against slavery -- or even speak publically or publish a newspaper against slavery.

And Atchison boasted about that.  Remember this, Atchison boasted about it -- see his speech below.  He boasted he was in Kansas to kill. He boasted he was in Kansas to stop newspapers from speaking against slavery.   He didn't admit it -- he bragged about it. 


Atchison had left the Senate by 1856-- but was still called "Senator"  while others called him "General".  Why "General"?

Importantly, Atchison worked officially for Jeff Davis.  Atchison was paid by Jeff Davis.  Atchison's men were paid by Jeff Davis. And Atchison sent reports to Davis on the progress of his killings there. 

Newspapers called Atchison "general"  because Jeff Davis named Atchison officially as "General of Law and Order in Kansas Territory".    Davis said everything Atchison did in Kansas was "Constitutionally required"  as if killing to spread slavery against the will of 90% of the white male citizens was a constitutional requirement. 

Some in Kansas at the time, and later, called  this period Atchison's  "reign of terror". 

 REMEMBER Atchison was -- officially -- "General of Law and Order" in Kansas.   Jefferson Davis said everything Atchison did was "Constitutionally required".


Lincoln and Atchison

Atchison  got Lincoln back in politics. And rightly so.  Jefferson Davis sent Senator Atchison to Kansas and paid for over 1000 killers to do his work,  in Kansas.  

Atchison was officially "General of Law and Order" in Kansas, and referred to as such in newspapers.

But even more than that -- Atchison was the guy who got the Kansas Act passed, as he himself boasted of in writing at the time. Stephen A Douglas wanted  no part of Kansas Act fraud--  and it was a fraud -- until Atchison forced Douglas to push it through with him.


The great untold story of the Kansas Act...

Atchison got Kansas Act passed - with the help of Stephen A Douglas.  When Southern leaders first demanded Douglas pass Kansas Act, he refused. 

Then Atchison had a little "talk" with Douglas. 

When Atchison and Douglas got Kansas Act passed, they went to the President (Pierce) and had him sign the Kansas Act.  Guess who they went with, to get the Kansas Act signed?

A guy named Jefferson Davis.    Then Atchison quit the Senate, went to Kansas personally.    There, in Kansas, Atchison led a group of Missouri men to terrorize -- and later kill -- citizens in Kansas for even speaking (yes, speaking) against slavery.    Atchison and his men made it a law that publishing anti-slavery newspapers was a crime.  Atchison arrested, tortured, and even killed folks who disobeyed this law. 

This is Atchison's own newspaper at the time, boasting about it.


Atchison on scene forcing slavery "down the throat" of Kansas.

Atchison said he would "see Kansas burn in hell" before he let it become a free state.  He hired over 1000 men,  invaded Kansas, and almost got the job done.    All because he and Douglas passed the Kansas Act"

That's when Abraham Lincoln got involved. 

 Lincoln, and many others, had Kansas Act pegged correctly from the first hint of it.   Atchison is the one that got it passed.  
Lincoln said "Judge Douglas from his much vaunted doctrine of self-government for the territories; but this is only additional proof of what was very plain from the beginning, that that doctrine was a mere deceitful pretense for the benefit of slavery.

Those who could not see that much in the Nebraska act itself, which forced Governors, and Secretaries, and Judges on the people of the territories, without their choice or consent, could not be made to see, though one should rise from the dead to testify ... thus showing the thing to have been altogether the most exquisite farce ever enacted...

And it almost worked. 




Lincoln was not wrong on the Kansas Act.  Atchison's own killing sprees after he passed Kansas Act show that.  The man who got Kansas Act passed -- so the citizen there would be "perfectly free"  was the guy leading and paying the killers in Kansas, and boasting of it.  

Atchison had two partners-- one, Stephen A Douglas, who helped Atchison pass Kansas Act. 

 The other Jefferson Davis, who officially named Atchison as "General of Law and Order" in Kansas.  Davis also paid Atchison and his paid men from Texas and South Carolina. 

As important,  Douglas and Davis ran interference for Atchison in Washington, telling the President  that Atchison was peaceful and lawful.  It was those "nigger stealing" abolitionists who were using violence. 

Douglas insisted Atchison was "the most peaceful man I ever met" and made sure Peirce and later Presidents saw Kansas citizens who protected themselves as the killers.   A great plan -- and it almost worked.

It took five years and a war to get Kansas in as a free state. Kansas citizens voted 95% against slavery.


It was common knowledge at the time.

South was killing to spread slavery into Kansas and beyond.

Drawing at the time.

✓  Atchison's partner -- Stephen A Douglas --
 shown laughing as  Sumner was being beaten.

We show you Atchison's speech.

Atchison's speech -- given the same week as Sumner's speech.
Atchison is boasting of killing to spread slavery.
Charles Sumner exposed what Atchison already did.


Ironic?   Not really. Try fraud. 


Atchison and Douglas passed Kansas Act by saying they wanted Kansas citizens to be "perfectly free" to decide their institutions themselves.

Remember that - "perfectly free".  Those are their buzz words, at the time.  But they added a bit of a "qualifier"  in time, as you will see.  "Subject only to adjustments by the Supreme Court".

  "Subject only to adjustments by the Supreme Court".

Subject to "adjustments"  by the Surpreme Court.

Douglas came up with the "subject to adjuments"  several YEARS before the Dred Scott decision came out.   Lincoln -- and many others -- said Kansas Act was part one of the "machinery" to spread slavery , and part two was Dred Scott.

So Douglas started selling Kansas Act, only because Atchison pushed him too.  Remember, Douglas refused at first.

Then Douglas sold it was giving Kansas citizens "perfect freedom".  

Then Douglas said an exception was for "adjustments" by the Supreme Court.  No law ever passed was sold this way -- none. Zero.  It's clear that Douglas, and others, knew exactly what was going on.  Lincoln was right, Kansas Act was a violent ruse.  The first part of the ruse was to pass KS Act on the deceptive basis as giving "perfect freedom"  to vote slavery up or down.

But then Atchison personally went to Kansas and made sure, by force, the citizens of Kansas not only could not vote against slavery, they could not publish anti-slavery newspapers, and they could not be safe just living in their homes.  

Atchison did not bring some public relations people to Kansas. He bought killers, and men who he made (per his speech) promise to kill.

The Supreme Court "adjusted"  Kansas Act three years later  BY DRED SCOTT decision, which ordered the federal government to protect slavery in Kansas, even after Kansas voted 95%  against slavery.  That's the famous "Dred Scott decision".

By the "logic" of this decision -- remember 95% of Kansas citizens were against slavery -- no state could keep slavery out.  If they could force slavery into Kansas by this logic, there was no place they could not push slavery.  Lincoln explained this dozens, if not hundreds, of time. 


Opponents knew immediately Kansas Act was an effort to spread slavery  - -because they knew Atchison and Jeff Davis. 

When Atchison and Douglas first started to pass Kansas Act,  people who knew Atchison and Jeff Davis knew exactly what was going on.

Over and over men like Charles Sumner tried to get language in the Kansas Act which gave the people there the clear right to reject slavery.   Atchison, Douglas, (and Jeff Davis, off stage) rejected any such language.   Just believe us -- they will be   "perfectly free" to reject slavery.

It became clear a few weeks later  ---when Atchison reached Kansas and started the violence there -- that the Kansas Act was very much the ruse they had warned about.   Before that, Kansas was "off limits" to slavery because it was North of the line agreed to (demanded, actually)  by the South.    Southern leaders had demanded the spread of slavery again, and again,  until slavery territory was twice as large as free territory.

But then they wanted even more. They wanted the Kansas Act to give them more - by pretending the people would be free to vote, then making sure they were stopped from voting or even speaking against slavery.

Slave power already had the land in white border

Kansas was off limits

The land Southern War Ultimatums
And Atchison
Demanded -- bordered   in red.

Atchison's critics knew Kansas Act was exactly the opposite of Atchison and Douglas  claimed.  


Douglas insisted Kansas of course would vote to be a free state -- 19 out of 20 people there, he said (correctly) were against slavery. He idiotically insisted  the "climate" was wrong for slavery anyway. 

He was motivated, he claimed, by his "profound respect"  for "popular sovereignty"     He just wanted Kansas to have that "perfect right" to vote slavery up or down. (Actually Douglas didn't give a damn about popular sovereignty -- Atchison was going to take away Douglas's Chairmanship of Kansas Committee,  which was the source of much money and power to Douglas). 

Atchison could not get to KS fast enough to make sure they could not possibly vote against slavery.   First thing Atchison did there was to intimidate any one in Kansas from voting, and he brought over 1000 men from Missouri, who voted repeatedly.   

Then Atchison used the same high regard for democracy to have his own "legislature" declare it a crime to publish anti-slavery publications. 

And it almost worked.   It took the Civil War to undo what Douglas and Atchison did. 

See Senator Atchison's speech below.  He boasted he was already at war "for the entire South"  in 1856.   He boasted the specific reasons he and his paid men were killing in Kansas. 

One of the most pernicious -- and stupid -- memes in US history as commonly taught, is that Southern leaders cared about state's rights.

You hear that all the time.

It's simply not true.  In fact, when Kansas rejected slavery repeatedly, Southern leaders sent a US Senator and thousands of men to Kansas, to force slavery into Kansas. 

Jeff Davis himself told the country about the "logic"  that Kansas can not reject slavery. Yes, he knew Kansas rejected slavery by overwhelming percentage.  He did not care.   See his "logic"  about sending killers to Kansas in 1856.

I doubt you heard about this from your history teacher.  Yet Jeff Davis explained it very well (from his point of view) at the time, and later. He wrote an entire book about it, with the central point being the South's right to SPREAD slavery -- into Kansas and beyond, state's right be damned.


Remember -- Kansas citizens were overwhelmingly anti-slavery.  They voted against slavery repeatedly -- by 90% and 95%. 

Even after (yes after) Kansas was a free state, Jeff Davis himself insisted Kansas must accept and respect slavery.   And more -- Kansas must PROTECT slavery.   Not only accept it, but protect slavery.

How much more clear could Davis  make it?  He actually wrote about it in his own book -- see below.


Actually Southern leaders hated states rights. And said so at the time.


How the hell have "historians" missed this?  Easy.  Seems historians are not immune from bullshit narratives.

Yes, before the Civil War, for a time, Southern leaders claimed to be for states rights.  But then Kansas citizens rejected slavery -- and Southern leaders did a 180 degree flip almost overnight.

State's rights -- argued  Jefferson Davis himself -- did NOT apply to slavery because Dred Scott decision ordered  the federal government to protect slavery -- and the same court, in the same sentence- - ordered the federal government to see (recognize) blacks as not human beings, not persons. 

The federal government must see blacks as property -- Davis wrote in his own very clear book "Rise and Fall of the Confederate States".   






When Davis said the majority does NOT rule -- he was talking specifically about Kansas and slavery  Just because a majority there were against slavery (95%)  that did not matter.

The Dred Scott decision, Davis said clearly, changed all that. 

Davis said that in 1857, 1858, 1859, 1860, and after the war, said it again. That was his justification for sending killers to Kansas under the control of David Rice Atchison.

Everything Atchison and his men did in Kansas was "Constitutionally required"  said Davis. 
Indeed, Davis was correct -- the Dred Scott decision did order, exactly as Davis said, that blacks may not be seen as human beings, but must be seen as property.  That changed everything.

States no longer, according to Davis,  had a right to reject slavery, any more than they could reject a person taking a dog or cow to any other place, the government MUST protect that property.

Very basic -- Davis not only made that clear in his book after the war,  he made this very clear before the war.     No matter what the vote was against slavery (95% against)  that did not override the Supreme Court, Davis insisted.  No matter what any legislature of Kansas decided -- that did not override the Dred Scott decision.

No matter what Congress would pass about slavery -- that did not over ride Dred Scott order that slavery was protected -- and the federal government must protect slavery!

Most history teachers have that  "state's right" term stuck in their head, and are proud of it. They should read Jeff Davis and David Rice Atchison at the time.

Not just read them, but learn what they were doing -- killing in Kansas. 

They both promised, in their own way, endless death and war until they could have slavery in Kansas and beyond.  Beyond meaning in the entire West, and even in the North.  See Jeff Davis own "address to people of the free states" --- where he makes it very clear he has the right to enslave blacks IN THE NORTH in retaliation for Lincoln using blacks as soldiers.

But the big justification for Davis was the  Dred Scott decision.  Davis did not suggest this, he made it emphatically clear.  Repeatedly.

See below. 

Atchison sent reports on the progress of the killings to his boss, Jefferson Davis.

Jefferson Davis officially gave Atchison the title "General of Law and Order in Kansas". 


Atchison's  killed John Brown's son -- drove another son insane by torture, and promised to kill Brown and his wife.  

Let me repeat that, they killed John Brown's son, Frederick.  They tortured another son till he went insane and sent him home to his mother. 

They then promised to kill Brown, and the rest of his family.

So when you hear how terrible Brown was -- first learn what they did to him, and promised to do. And what they were doing in Kansas in the first place. Atchison did not live in Kansas,

The men Atchison hired did not live in Kansas.  

They went to Kansas for one reason --  Atchison explained the reason "I will see Kansas in hell before I let it be a free state".

Atchison claimed Kansas had to be a slave state because otherwise "Nigger stealers"   will go into Missouri and fre the slaves in Missouri.

That was Atchison's "logic"  for trying to force Kansas to be a slave state.


  John Brown fighting back came as a surprise to Atchison and his men.  Atchison told the hired men that "Yankees"  were cowards and they would run away.    

Turns out -- not so much.



Atchison's immediate goal was to enforce his laws against public speaking and public newspapers against slavery. Atchison set up a "bogus legislature" which immediately made it a crime to publish anti-slavery newspapers. 

You should really, really, really read his speech. He covers this -- he makes it clear, they are shutting down the newspapers.   And they will see Kansas in hell before they let Kansas be a free state.

The long term goal -- Atchison made that clear, too.  To spread slavery into all of the West, including California, which was already a free state.


Until  Brown started fighting back -- Atchison was right.  Yankees did run away -- at first.   Atchison brought over 1000 armed men.  Not just armed, but they were violent, Atchison made sure they were pumped up to do violence. Atchison took newspaper ads out in Texas, and actually told them in the ads,  time for talk is over.  It's time for "action"  in Kansas.

It took a while for the citizens in Kansas to fight back. But they did. And when they did, Atchison lost many of his paid killers.  They signed up for easy money, and no one fighting back.   Atchison promised them they faced cowards.

He was lying about that. 

You now know the candid basics of what happened in Kansas. 

If your teacher says "We are going to talk about Trouble in Kansas'"   stop them right there, and say, "You mean Atchison in Kansas".  Because that is essentially what the trouble was-- David Rice Atchison, the guy Jefferson Davis sent to Kansas officially, and his hired 1000 men.

Atchison happened.  



Atchison passed the Kansas Act, with Stephen A Douglas, his partner. Then Atchison immediately went to Kansas, and there started what papers at the time called "reign of terror".

Atchison  was not "just another" US Senator.

He was President Pro Temp of the US Senate, and the man who got Kansas Act passed.   If you don't know how important Kansas Act was -- you have a lot to learn.  The point is -- he got it passed. He boasted he got it passed, and he got his business partner, Stephen A Douglas, to do most of the speaking on the Senate floor to do it.

Douglas also used his very powerful position as "Chairman of House and Senate Committee on Kansas"  to dispense patronage to push through the Kansas Act.

The important point here -- Atchison got Kansas Act passed, then immediately went to Kansas and started terrorizing, later killing, folks in Kansas.

You really need to read his speech -- more important than any of Lincoln's speeches, because without Atchison and his men terrorizing and killing in Kansas, Lincoln does not even get back into politics.

Lincoln literally got back into politics in 1854 because of what Davis Rice Atchison -- and Stephen A Douglas -- did.

It's is as basic as that.

The North was anti-slavery, and slavery was from GOD.  The North committed "grievous religious error".

And the solution?  Violence. Sending killers to Kansas, and pass laws that forbid speaking publicly against slavery, and making it a crime to publish newspapers against slavery.






To make Kansas "perfectly free"

Slavery = freedom.

Killing to stop free speech = perfectly free.

Atchison and Douglas both claimed they passed the Kansas Act so the people there would be "perfectly free"  to decide their "institutions"  themselves.  That's Orwellian double speak for slavery.

But Atchison immediately -- immediately - used violence in Kansas.  Why?  Because Kansas citizens had ALREADY voted against slavery and were already starting the process to officially become a free state in the US.

As Atchison said -- he and his men would have to move fast.  Not fast enough, it turned out, and not enough men, was the problem.

Another problem for Atchison's plan?  Atchison talked a great macho game himself, but invariably vanished  when it came time to actually use violence.  He sent the suckers ahead --and then never caught up with them.  Atchison did exactly the same thing in the Civil War.   Left for Texas, hid out the war, and came back after it was over, trying to act like a hero.   

That was rather typical, actually, for the Southern leaders who pumped up the hate and fear from 1855-1861.  In fact,apparently  no Southern political leader who pumped up the hate and fear before the war actually got into battle. 

Only their suckers did.

Funny how that works.