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What Southern leaders, themselves, repeatedly and incontext, bragged out the ass at the time, we don't even mention now.

Not in our text books.

Not in our grade schools or high schools.

In college courses, such speeches, documents and actions might get  spoken about.   But NOT as the fundamental reality of what caused the Civil War.

It's important to know that SOUTHERN LEADERS- - at the time, clearly, repeatedly, fully, in detail, over time,  not only explained they were at war (1856 on) to spread slavery.

They bragged about it.  To cheering crowds -- they bragged about it.

In their own documents, books, and speeches, they bragged about it.



About it.

They not only bragged about killing to spread slavery -- and spread it for GOD -- they did exactly that.

Do we think they were kidding?

Do we think they were wrong about their own War Ultimatums?

Were they wrong about what they were doing -- as they did it, and as they explained this to cheering crowds?



The voice of the South -- Let the South Respond.

Slavery for God.  For the entire US

For the entire world. 

Atchison pumping his men before one of three invasions into Lawrence. Paid killers -- and they cheered.

Letter from Atchison to Jeff Davis, boasting of killing and hanging an abolitionist (anyone not for slavery = an abolitionist ) on sight.

Again and again,  Atchison wrote to Davis about "it will soon be over".   He had promised Davis from the start it would be quick with little blood.

He was wrong.

Davis had promised the public there would be no bloodshed "below the Mason Dixon line."

He was wrong, too. 

Both men thought Yankees were cowards -- and a quick show of force would push slavery into Kansas and the West.  

A quick show of force (killing a few dozen = quick show of force)  would work as it always had. Slavery had always spread this way,  and it was stupid and false to ever teach otherwise.

Slavery never spread but by violence. Never by consent of the governed.  Never. 

Violence and terror worked before. It damn  near worked again.  You should know about this.  No, you are not taught it.  

This time - - slave power was wrong. Slave power folks did not run into guy like Abraham Lincoln and John Brown before.  They killed men like Lincoln and Brown earlier.

They killed both men -- but not before those and other men fought back.

Now -- they had men fight back.  And as you will see, Southern leaders, ALL those men who so eagerly pumped up hate and fear, urged others to die -- ran away like cowards.  But that full story is for another day.




The fact 95% of college history majors can't tell you who passed Kansas Act is an indictment on our college history teachers.

The fact that 99% of high school history teachers can't tell you either, is an indictment on our education system generally.

David Atchison was more important, more powerful, and more pivotal than any other man in US in 1850's.  If not for him,  Jeff Davis can't send his paid killers to Kansas.

If not for Atchison, Kansas Act does not pass.

If not for Atchison,  Southern leaders do not brag they were ALREADY killing, ALREADY torturing, and ALREADY at war in 1856.



and it's not even mentioned in US text books...  not one (at least as far as we know).

After he passed the Kansas Act, David Rice Atchison rushed to Kansas Act, where he at first used hired men to terrorize.... later, he used more paid men to torture, and kill to spread slavery.

Oh yeah - and he bragged about it.

And he bragged the Southern flag was red -- red in color -- for the color of blood to spread slavery.

And he boasted to and about his hired killers.

And he did (he had his men do) exactly as he boasted about.


1856   KILLING



US text books, for whatever reason, have never listed, or even mentioned, Southern leaders speeches bragging they were at war,  and at war to spread slavery for God.

Big mistake.

There was a time -- in the 1850's and even through the Civil War, when Southern leaders boasted of killing to spread slavery.

They  issued these speeches or documents, as the case may be,  and said so, in order to tell the world then, and to tell future generations, they were at war to spread slavery.

Their word -- war.  Their words -- spread slavery. Their words -- spread it for GOD.  For God and white survival.  

Crowds cheered.


A joy-- killing to spread slavery was a JOY, said at least two Southern leaders.   It was not just a right to kill to spread slavery. It was a duty.

A duty.  A religious based duty -- to spread slavery -- and if folks got in the way -- they were to be killed.  To Southern leaders this was (and they said it was) a religious war.

Not sorta.

Not "in a way".   Southern leaders-- with names you know well, bragged they were at war and using their military to spread slavery.   And it was proper, even a duty to do so, for God and for white survival.

They did not just brag about torture.  The did not just brag about killing.  They were doing exactly as they bragged about doing.  Say what you will about Southern leaders, they issued no bluffs.  They made good (or tried to) on every boasts of killing and torture.

Why not teach what they did?

Why not teach what they said?

Why not teach what they bragged about?

Until they lost?



Bullshit  is NOT necessarily false or stupid.  That's not the point.

The point is -- before we get into the bullshit, make sure we know the basics.     And nothing is more basic than who killed who-- and why.

If you don't know -- and therefore don't teach -- who killed who and why, all manner of nonsense must (must!) be the narrative.

A perfect example is the bullshit about "cotton gin"  as a cause of the US Civil War.

Cotton gins never sent 2000 killers to Kansas in 1856.

Cotton gins never tortured men, cut of their fingers, tied them to logs, drowned them, issued War Ultimatums and bragged about killing to spread slavery to the Pacific Ocean.

That would be David Rice Atchison -- the man who passed Kansas Act, then rushed to Kansas to terrorize, later torture and kill -- and brag of it -- to spread slavery.

What do we teach?

We don't teach who killed who and why -- though David Rice Atchison, US Senator, repeatedly bragged about it, and even sent reports to Jefferson Davis about it.

We teach instead the bullshit (sounds good, goofy stuff) about the cotton gin.


When you read Southern leaders own books,  

When you read Southern leaders own speeches

When You read Southern leaders own official Proclamations

When you read Southern War Ultimatums

You can hardly believe your eyes.   None of this -- none -- is taught in our text books (at least in a meaningful clear way)  and none of it is now in our public conscience.






Charles Sumner spoke for two days -- on the floor of the Senate -- describing things I show you here.

After he stopped speaking -- about the things I show you hear -- he was beaten almost to death.

Remember -- Sumner was speaking about this -- the topic of this article you are reading.  And then he was beaten nearly to death, and considered a hero then, and many consider the attacker a hero to this day.

The man laughing as Sumner was beaten?   Stephen A Douglas.

Douglas's partner, just a few days prior to Sumner being beaten -- was in Kansas boasting about killing to spread slavery for God. 

The partners name? David Rice Atchison.

The things I show you hear were common knowledge at the time.   Because our text books have never been candid about Southern leaders killing and boasts of killing to spread slavery for God, generations of Americans are stupid about it.

But that's what happened.


Most history teachers today know Atchison as a trivia answer to a silly question.

But he was the most important man of the middle 1850's.   

Atchison not only passed the Kansas Act - he then rushed to Kansas immediately to use hired killers to invade Kansas.

He was successful -- at first. He set up his own "legislature"  using the hired men, and passed laws to make it a crime to even speak in public against slavery.

He also made it a crime to publish newspapers against slavery.

When Lawrence Kansas let a newspaper publish there, against slavery, he set up cannons and men around the city and laid seige to it, eventually sending his killers into Lawrence.

In the first invasion, Atchison's men killed no one.  They just burned and terrorized-- the men fled (and wisely so).

Later invasions of Lawrence, for the exact same reason,  were murderous.  The third invasion was a bloodbath, with women and children killed, too.

All because Lawrence Kansas rejected Atchison's "law" that they could not publish an anti-slavery newspaper.



Oh really?

Trouble?  That's typically the headline in many US text books "Trouble in Kansas"  As if it fell from the sky.

Not one word -- not one -- that Atchison passed Kansas Act then rushed to Kansas to terrorize, later torture and kill, and all the while bragging he was at war to spread slavery.

Not one word -- not one -- that Atchison used hired men.

Not one word -- not one -- that Atchison's men tortured hung and drown men, just for refusing to sign a pledge to support slavery.

We have taken everything that matters out of our text books, and pushed bullshit about "both sides" were to blame. The only way you can be that stupid is to not know who was killing and why they were killing.


And they used that power to one purpose -- to spread slavery.  Those who resisted the spread of slavery (as you will see) were arrested as "Traitors"   -- or charged with treason and hunted down, including the first Governor of Kansas, Andrew Reeder.

Mobs, including paid men,  tortured, hanged, drowned those who refuse to accept slavery.   And the leaders of those men, those killers, bragged-- bragged-- let me repeat --bragged about it.

Particularly the US Senator from MIssouri, the man who passed Kansas Act, bragged to his men and the world that they were at war -- at war --to spread slavery in 1856.



These speeches were not in bars, not in the back yards of some drunks -- they were speeches to sometimes thousands of people, and speeches repeated in various cities, to much acclaim in the press.

To cheering crowds -- the public (at least those attending the speeches) supported this wildly.  The leaders knew how to work the crowd- - they had years of practice.

They bragged they were killing to spread slavery. Crowds cheered, then helped terrorize and kill to spread slavery, exactly as their leader just bragged about.

They cheered.

And specifically to spread slavery (by killing, by violence) to the Pacific, and even to enslave blacks in the North? And enslave blacks  in perpetuity - forever. Enslave all blacks, even those formerly freed, and their "issue"  (their children) in perpuity.

Not some nuts in a bar -- the top most Southern leaders.  To cheering crowds.

The crowds cheered.  Remember that, it's important,



Well -- because Southern leaders even topped that insanity --

If that were not enough,  Southern leaders gave speeches -- a series of speeches-- where again crowds cheered -- that they would spread this "great truth"  to the entire world that God ordained slavery.

 God's will was not just to enslave blacks (and enslave them in perpetuity)   but to do this around the world, the "great moral truth"  that was the foundation -- the reason to exist - of the Confederacy.

They actually bragged  -- bragged -- they were the first nation on earth, the only nation on earth, to create a country based on enslaving inferior race for GOD!  And to punish (not to just enslave, but to punish!)  the black race for biblical sins.




Let them tell it.... as we do below.  No need to add narration, just let Southern leaders own speeches, in context, their own proclamations, in context, their own books and papers, in context tell why they killed, and who they killed.

Sadly -- stupidly -- we teach a lot of great sounding bullshit in our history text books.   But we do not teach "who killed who and why."

Jeff Davis boasting -- boasting -- of spreading slavery into the NORTH

The US Senator who passed Kansas Act,
then rushed to Kansas to terrorize, later kill to spread slavery

Stephen A Douglas partner with Atchison.

They passed Kansas Act claiming it
 would make people "perfectly free"

Atchison rushed to Kansas immediately, 
started terrorizing and later killing.


If your teacher taught you from US text books, it's almost impossible for you to grasp what was going on.  Our text books, as you will see, stupidly water down these basic facts to an absurd level,  giving the impression "both sides were to blame".

Those darn "extremest"  did it.  They didn't compromise!


160 hours in US classrooms over the years, before college studying history?  Probably 10 different text books.

And not once in all those 160 hours, not once in any text books, are we even shown Southern War Ultimatums.  Not once are we shown Southern leaders speeches boasting of killing to spread slavery, spread it for God, and spread slavery to the Pacific, and even into the North,



Yes,  Southern leaders (as you will see)

1) not only bragged they were at war to spread slavery

2) not only were in fact at war to spread slavery by their actions

3) they also bragged they would spread slavery into all of the West -- the the Pacific -- and even into the North,

4) Yes, even into the North.

They were not just bragging, not just boasting.  They were trying to do exactly that.  They sent killers (as you will see) both to the West and to the North in attempts to put slavery exactly where they said.

And we are not told that.



Not one word -- not one-- about Southern leaders sending 2000 paid killers to Kansas to terrorize, later torture and kill, not just to spread slavery, but to kill and torture those who spoke publicly against slavery,

Let me repeat this -- the killers were  hired to not only spread slavery, but to torture and kill anyone who spoke publicly against slavery,


Did your teacher ever tell you that Southern leaders bragged-- bragged -- they were killing to spread slavery (and spread it for GOD) from 1856 on?


Probably not.  But at the time -- as Southern leaders were, in fact, killing and torturing to spread slavery (and spread it for GOD)  the did boast of it as loudly, as proudly, and as clearly as they knew how.

Until they lost.


South War Ultimatums  -- Slavery Must Spread into Kansas and Beyond.

Boasting of torture to spread slavery

Jeff Davis official proclamation. 

After they lost, Southern leaders never boasted again about killing to spread slavery.  Who us?  For slavery?  Killing to spread slavery for GOD?

Oh no, that wasn't us.  


Southern leaders -- only because they lost -- never even admitted that before and during the war, they boasted of such things -- to cheering crowds. 

In fact, Southern leaders came up with an entirely new set of excuses.  Where they had killed to prevent states rights in Kansas and the North before, now after they lost, they concocted some bullshit about "We only wanted to be left alone"   as Jeff Davis said.

Jeff Davis insisted Kansas had no right to reject slavery - even by popular vote.  Even by their own legislature.  It was not just  wrong for Kansas to reject slavery -- it was "Intolerable."

How intolerable?  Kansas rejection of slavery, and voting to be admitted as a free state (by 90% vote)  was SO horrible Davis sent paid killers there -- once in 1856, and again in 1861.

So why don't we teach that?  Instead we teach Davis absurd quote "We ask only to be left alone".

Davis not only did not ask to be left alone -- Davis demanded, and sent killers thousands of miles, to terrorize and torture to spread slavery.

And it almost worked.


But Davis (see below) was the leader who bragged very clearly -- the South had a right, in fact a duty, to spread slavery -- and spread it by violence.  Davis was the man who authorized and paid the nearly 2000 hired killers in 1856 to invade, terrorize, and later torture and kill to spread slavery.


But what version do we teach?

Do we teach Southern leaders War Ultimatums?  No.

Do we teach Southern leaders boasting of paid killers invading Kansas?


Do we teach that for several years, it looked as if the South was certain to spread slavery -- by violence-- to all of the West?


Do we teach Jeff Davis's own logic for killing and torturing to spread slavery?  And his promise to invade the North to enslave blacks there?


Instead we teach the bullshit Southern leader made up after the Civil War.

Big mistake.


Southern leaders boasting of killing to spread slavery -- and spread it for GOD --was a BFD deal then -- boasted about then -- yet we don't teach it now.  Why?

We teach instead watered down nonsense -- and make our students and our country dumber, not smarter, about our own history.


What and when did they brag of such things?

They bragged about killing.

They bragged about torture.
They bragged about their rights -- even their duty -- to  spread slavery  and (yes, see below) to spread slavery against state's rights.

See for yourself -- spread slavery AGAINST states rights.


They were not kidding.

They were not exaggerating. 

These where slave owners -- men who were their own little Gods, who could use a few words to have a slave whipped, or sold, or starved.   

They did not bluff.  They did not joke.   When they bragged about killing to spread slavery -- not only were they taken seriously -- they did what they bragged of.

So we need to know both things -- what they did, and what they boasted of.  It is beyond stupid not to teach what they bragged of, or to teach it in a watered down and meaningless way.

They bragged officially, as loudly, as proudly as they knew how then and later.  1856 especially, but even before that, and after, Southern leaders boasted of killing, boasted of being at war to spread slavery.

Not some "extremist"   yapping in a bar.

Not some low level jerk bragging to his buddies.

Not some one time, out of context boasting.

These were top Southern leaders- in speeches and documents at the time.  And repeatedly, over time.

 Not just killing to spread slavery into Kansas, but boasting of spreading slavery  into all of the West, and even (yes, even) in the North. 

You heard right -- to enslave blacks in the NORTH.






When Lincoln spoke (as he often did) that there was "machinery"  that now would either spread slavery into all of the US,  we assume he was exaggerating, or wrong.

Not at all.  Lincoln knew exactly what he was talking about, because Southern leaders were boasting of it.    So, to make sense of Lincoln, we must understand what Southern leaders were doing----

Specifically who Southern leaders had killed(yes, they had people killed, and for specific reasons).  Why did Southern leaders have these people killed -- and what did they brag about at time time.

This is NOT "oversimplification"  of a complex  "issue."  This is Southern leaders own explanations, own boasting, in their own terms, of killing to spread slavery.

Not some "historian" later trying to make them look bad.

Not some "out of context"  gotcha crap.

This is what they did -- what they bragged about -- until they lost.

And it's about time we taught these basic truths in our schools.  Shame on "historians" who white washed these horrific killings and the boasting that went along with it.

Shame on those text books which glossed over, minimized, or did not mention at all what Southern leaders did, who they killed, and what they bragged about. 

150 years of bullshit is quite enough.


They were not coy.  They were not ashamed.  They were proud. Very proud.

And they were terrorizing, torturing, and killing to spread slavery.  Not sort of.  Not kind of.

So why the fuck are we not taught this? 

Good question.  Here is the answer.


David Rice Atchison was, at the time, the most important person in the United States.  After he passed the Kansas Act, Atchison rushed to Kansas, and started what witnesses (including people who at first followed him) called "a reign of terror".

Ken Burns should have told you, too.



The Kansas Act,  said the men who passed it, including Atchison,   would "give perfect freedom"  to the citizens of  Kansas to "choose their domestic institutions." 

And it said those words in the Kansas Act itself -- perfect freedom.

However  Atchison then left Washington immediately --  immediately -- rushed to Missouri to waiting men, invaded Kansas, terrorized, later tortured and killed, and bragged of it, to spread slavery.

That was his idea, we can only suppose, of "perfect 


This man -- David Rice Atchison -- quickly made it a law,  passed by his own "legislature"-- that the citizens could not speak against slavery,  or publish newspapers against slavery.   That was his idea of "perfect freedom".

Survivors of Atchison's invasions of Lawerence almost 50 years later.

At first  Atchison and his men just terrorized -- and that was almost enough, as you will see.    The first invasion was 800 to 1000 men invading Kansas, with guns, cannon, knives and booze.   They took over all available voting sites.  

They forced men to declare support for slavery,  frightened most voters away, and they themselves "voted" dozens and even hundreds of times.  But no one was killed on the first invasion, because the stunned citizens of Kansas had no idea these 1000 men were coming,  and many wisely ran away.

Andrew Reeder

Governor of Kansas Territory

Though a Democrat, Governor  Reeder was an honest man that at first believed Atchison about "perfect freedom"  for Kansas citizens to decide themselves.

But when he got to Kansas,  he personally saw what Atchison and his paid men were doing and quickly declared the election void because of overwhelming violence by Atchison's men.   

Atchison and  his men set out to kill Reeder.  Reeder then was called a traitor, and lured into a "meeting"  which Reeder avoided. 

Atchison's men killed dozens of others -- including John Browns son, Frederick.  They also tortured another of John Brown's sons to "madness"  and that son was never the same after his torture. (possibly castration).

  Reeder -- remember he was the governor and the same political party as Atchison -- survived by fleeing Kansas in disguise.

NOTE: Later Lincoln would personally go to Kansas and spoke with Reeder's fellow Democrats there.. we will write an article about Lincoln's amazing trip to Kansas, and how Lincoln spoke against slavery in Kansas, after Southern leaders had made such activity a crime. 


   Reeder actually went to see President Pierce --  and Stephen A Douglas.

Certain that Pierce  and Stephen A Douglas would be aghast at the violence done by Atchison and his men, Reeder got to DC and spoke to the President.

  But two men -- Jefferson Davis, and Stephen A Douglas, both partners of Atchison,  convinced the President that  Reeder was lying and a traitor. 

Pierce himself then backed an order to have him arrested.  

Reeder only  survived only by hiding out for several years.

The point to remember is this -- the man who passed Kansas Act then personally rushed to Kansas, to terrorize, later torture and kill -- and then boast about it- - all to spread slavery.

You know know more basic US history of that time than most highschool history teachers. Idiotically we teach "Kansas Act"  as about "popular sovereignty" .   That was what the killers claimed while passing the Kansas Act.

But once they got it passed, to open up Kansas to a vote, the exact guy who pushed the Act through went to Kansas, hired paid killers, and set about to kill to spread slavery not just into Kansas Territory, but into all of the West.

And he bragged about it. 


It's not like this was a secret -- at all.   Atchison bragged he passed Kansas Act, bragged  he was killing and torturing to spread slavery.

People in Kansas -- including fellow Democrats who went to Kansas that believed

In fact, the most famous speech of the 1850's was likely by Charles Sumner -- the Crimes Against Kansas Speech.

The third invasion of Lawrence

Senator Sumner beaten on Senate floor
after speaking about Atchison and his killers 


Every word of Charles Sumner's speech was about this exact thing -

1) how Atchison got Kansas Act passed, 

2) how Atchison then rushed to Kansas 

3) how Atchison used hired killers 

4) how Atchison even bragged about these killings and tortures

September 19 - Sumner Speech about Atchison - Sumner beaten on Senate floor.

September 21 - Atchison speech. Atchison boasts of doing exactly what Sumner accused him of.


Atchison bragged -- bragged -- about the very things Sumner accused him of in Crimes Against Kansas Speech.


Atchison worked for Jeff Davis.   He reported to Jeff Davis.  He and his men were paid by Jeff Davis, then Secretary of War.


Burns might have told you -- if not for Shelby Foote.

Foote was a Jeff Davis devotee --- who never did candidly speak of, much less educate others about, Jeff Davis.  

Foote of course knew  about Atchison and his speeches, his killing sprees, and his boasting of killing to spread slavery for GOD.

Foote of course knew David Atchison passed the Kansas and then rushed to Kansas to terrorize, torture and later kill to spread slavery.

Foote knew Atchison boasted about killing "for the entire South"  and promised to spread slavery all the way to the Pacific.

But rather than tell you the details -- Foote used his "gee golly" grandpa act, to say  "The problem was they didn't compromise..... America  was based on compromise"....

Atchison was not compromising. Atchison used paid killers to torture, terrorize and kill -- and bragged about it.

But Foote did his grandpa act, and Burns bought it. Foote and Burns essentially blamed "both sides"  though one was a group of paid killers whose leaders were bragging about killing and torturing to spread slavery for GOD.

Because we don't teach that Southern leaders used paid killers to torture and kill and spread slavery (and brag about it)  guys like Foote can come in with their BS,  use a grandpa act, and fool stupid people.

Hence we need to learn - in candid terms -- who was killing who, and what did they brag about.  Otherwise we will always get scammed buy fools and liars- - like Foote.

Atchison went to KS for one reason -- to kill enough, to terrorize enough, to torture enough to spread slavery all the way to the Pacific.

And he bragged about that.  He BRAGGED about it.

Others bragged about it too -- Jeff Davis -- see below

Others bragged about it too -- VP Alexander Stephens -- see below

In facts dozens  of Southern leaders bragged they were either killing to spread slavery or WOULD kill to spread slavery.  

They got crowds to CHEER spreading slavery for GOD.


It was not just a "right"  to spread slavery -- it was  a duty.  A duty to God.  A duty to science. 
   A DUTY to spread sla   very for white survival. Not just a right to spread slavery -- by force (meaning killing).   But a duty -- a duty to God, no less.  


Jeff Davis insisted in writing -- in writing --  they would enslave blacks in the NORTH by force of arms.

That's right -- in the NORTH. In.  The.  North.  

Read his own official proclamation that appeared in Richmond newspapers, Janurary of 1863. 

Not only did this proclamation appear in the Richmond newspapers, Davis was as good as his word-- he did actually send his Army North (exactly as he said he would in this proclamation) and did there have his soldiers capture blacks in the NORTH, and take them South, where they were sold as slaves.

No one even suggested it was a fake at the time.  Only 70 years later did anyone suggest such nonsense.   For someone to put in an official proclamation into the Richmond newspaper -- where Davis lived--  and Davis, nor anyone else notice, is a bit of lunacy.

Davis had already sent killers to Kansas 

Davis had already issued War Ultimatums

Davis had already insisted, because of Dred Scott decision, that no one had a right, to reject slavery by popular demand, by vote, or by their legislature, or by Congress.  Dred Scott decision ordered the federal government to protect slavery-- and protect it even where it was rejected by vote of the people (Kansas).


Importantly, Davis sent his army (just as he said) to enslave in the North, and his army did find an unknown number (over 200) of free blacks in the North, took them South, and sold them as slaves.  They were not escaped slaves.  They were free blacks living in the North.



So -- just like Atchison did as he bragged about (or tried to) Davis too did as he bragged about (or tried to).   Remember this -- because people 100 years later (not at the time) claimed this newspaper proclamation was a forgery. It was nothing of the sort,  strange indeed would Davis actually do what someone else inserted on the front page of Richmond Enquirer. 

More about the absurdity of this being a forgery, below. 



The basic problem was this.

Southern leaders -- to outdo each other  -- had to go to extremes in their speeches.   If you were not hateful enough, if you could not get the crowds to cheer "our rights"  to spread slavery  and spread it for God, you did not get power.

The haters and extremist got power.

 They they would look like fools or cowards to back down.

They were spreading slavery for the benefit of the black race.  

On and on, every lunatic thought possible -- killing to spread slavery. Spreading slavery for GOD.  Spreading slavery for benefit of blacks.  

You can not think up anything more goofy than these guys dreamed up, to justify slavery and justify killing to spread slavery. 



1000 Ways

There are at least a thousand ways you can look at any war in history -- and the US Civil War is no exception.

Are all 1000 ways (a million ways!)  valid?

No.  One thing all reasonable people should agree on -- we need all the basic facts. Not just a few quotes, not just a few slogans.... facts actually matter in history.

Those basic facts must include at least two things:

1) Who killed who- and why.

2) What did those killers brag of, until they lost?


Basic points about David Rice Atchison

✔️ Passed Kansas Act 

✔️ Immediately went to Kansas began "reign of terror" per KS newspapers, 1854

✔️ Reported to Jeff Davis about the progress of the killings in KS 1856

✔️Bragged of the joy of killing to spread slavery 1856

✔️ Tried to kill other Democrats when they objected to his killing sprees in Kansas (Governor Reeder for example)

✔️Claimed to his hired men that they fought to spread slavery "for the entire South" 1856

✔️  Promised to spread slavery to the Pacific

✔️  Atchison nearly got the job done

✔️Was officially Jeff Davis "General of Law and Order" in Kansas

✔️Had a way of getting his men to attack,  but he  oddly vanished until the danger was over

✔️ Promised his men and Davis in 1856 that the "Yankees"  would run away and Kansas would be a slave state

✔️ Bragged repeatedly about killing to spread slavery

✔️ Deserted the Confederate Army in 1861 and stayed safe in Texas till the war was over.


Stars in the sky

Unless we get those  basic facts (which means until we know who was killing who -- and why)  every self confident bullshitter, every scholar, every fool can create any approach, any narrative they want to dream up.

It's rather like picking a few stars in the sky, drawing lines between those points, and creating a constellation --Big dipper, for example.

If we do not have the facts, it is not difficult to get a rational narrative, to "connect the dots" in a rational way -- it is impossible.


A better way to learn it -- is to learn what Southern leaders THEMSELVES bragged about at that time.  

There simply is no "star"  to point of reference for Southern leaders repeated proud loud killings to spread slavery -- and to spread it against states rights, and spread it for GOD.

Not some random guy -- not some "gotcha"  speech or document.  But top Southern leaders, repeatedly, clearly and over time, boasting of killing to spread slavery.

That's not even mentioned, much less shown as basic -- and Southern leaders themselves insisted this was basic. 



Once you know who killed who, and why -- and what those men bragged about as they were killing--- that thousand ways to narrate a war, that million ways to describe it, quickly drops to two or three ways.

You simply can't say goofy crap (as historians often do) about the cotton gin if you know and teach Southern leaders boasting of using hired killers to spread slavery for God.  Only an idiot or a fool would yap about cotton gin as a "cause" of the Civil War, when Southern leaders themselves never mentioned such nonsense at the time.

Southern leaders mentioned -- screamed - yelled-- loudly and proudly -- to cheering crowds no less, they were at war, they were killing and they were torturing to SPREAD slavery for the South, and for God, and for the survival of the white race.

A lot of the goofy crap we teach -- that sounds so good if you don't know what the hell was going on -- is silly and obviously false when you know that Southern leaders were killing, and boasting of killing,  they were torturing,and boasting of torturing,  they were invading, and boasting of invading, until they lost.

SO it's a big deal -- facts are a big deal.

The fact you have to tell that to history teachers is a sad commentary on how we teach not just the US Civil War -- but any war. 


Stupidly -- we teach it much like Wikipedia  shows it..Link here 

Since we can't show all text books here, we use Wikipedia, which is pretty much the standard type of nonsense we get about this period.

Not that Wikipedia or text books are 100% wrong - it's just watered down to nonsense.   It is impossible - not just difficult - to learn what happened in Kansas and what caused US Civil War from this type of crap.

Read these things -- not one word that the US Senator who passed Kansas Act then rushed to Kansas and started killing to spread slavery ---  and bragged about it.

Not one word about paid killers -- paid by Jeff Davis.

Not one word that the killers created their own "legislatures"  that made it a crime punishable by death to speak or write against slavery in Kansas.

Not one word of the tortures -- such as cutting off fingers, drowning, hangings boasted of by the men leading the paid killers.

Not one word that Jefferson Davis paid the killers and that US Senator Atchison hired and led the killers. 

Not one word that US Senator David Rice Atchison bragged to cheering men -- in 1856 -- that not only was it a joy to kill to spread slavery, but they would spread slavery all the way to the Pacific.

Not one word that, at the time, most people, North and South, thought Southern leaders had won -- that they had conquered Kansas, and that slavery was indeed fixed into Kansas and would soon be -- by the same means they used in Kansas -- be able to spread slavery (as they boasted about) all the way to the Pacific.

In other words-- in all ways that matter, such watered down nonsense get repeated  year after year, and the students are as stupid as the teacher and text books.





It is no accident that for the last 50 years,  even supposed "scholars"  seem to rely on about ten quotes to "prove" anything they want about the US Civil War.

That's not necessarily stupid, but it depends on which quotes -- and the contest of those quotes.

Southern leaders, it turns out, hired about 2000 paid killers to invade Kansas in 1856, after an "all volunteer" group of killers proved insufficient - they could not kill and terrorize enough, so Jeff Davis (Secretary of War) had his "General of Law and Order"  hire the killers from the deep South.

We did not have video crews at the time -- but Southern leaders were so proud of this, at the time anyway, they bragged out the ass about it.

They were not coy.

They were not ashamed.

They were proud, loud and clear.  They were at war -- at war -- to spread slavery with these paid killers from 1856 on.

The leaders (Jeff Davis among them) made it very clear-- even in writing -- his justification, in fact, his duty -- to spread slavery and spread it against (yes against) state's rights.

So when we know who Davis had killed and when we know what Davis bragged about, we can't be so stupid as to think Davis was for state's rights..... he was killing to STOP state's rights, and went to great lengths to explain his justification both for the killings, and about what his goal was, via these killings.

He explained it better than anyone before or since.

So did Atchison.

So did others.

Why not teach that?   They were proud as hell about it. 

Until they lost.





 Your text book should have made it clear.  

Southern leaders made it damn clear. 

If the South had won the war, this man would have been better known than Robert E Lee. This man was not the only one bragging about killing to spread slavery -- and boasting he was leading the South to spread slavery -- but he was the most important one doing so quite this way.

This man is David Rice Atchison, who should be better known than Lee regardless-- Atchison had profoundly more impact on US history than Lee.  

In fact, Atchison was far more important to understanding the US Civil War, than it's necessary to understand Lincoln.  

Lincoln only -- only -- got back into politics because of what Atchison did.  Without Atchison and his paid killers in 1856-- and what followed -- there might not have been a civil war at all, and LIncoln might not have bothered to get back into politics.

Atchison is the man who personally -- remember this -- personally passed the Kansas Act.  Personally -- remember this -- personally took the Kansas Act to the President.

Who said Atchison, Jeff Davis, and Stephen A Douglas took the KS Act to Pierce to sign?

Who said these three men told Pierce the people of Kansas would be "perfectly free" to decide slavery themselves?

They did -- Atchison said so, Douglas said so, and Davis said so.  Proudly. 


  Now learn WTF happened then.


Atchison personally "explained" the Kansas Act to President Pierce in a profoundly deceptive way.  

Atchison, with Jeff Davis and Stephen Douglas, told the President the citizens of Kansas would be "perfectly free" to "decide their domestic institutions"  themselves. Domestic institution was and is now a euphemism for slavery.

So by the Kansas Act, and now with Presidential approval (the Slave power controlled Supreme Court would soon join in the fun of spreading slavery)  there was seemingly no way to stop the spread of slavery.



It was a brilliant and violent plan. Davis, Atchison, and Stephen A Douglas hatched the plan -- and for a while, it worked. 

 Get control of all three branches of government -- elect Stephen A Douglas President (instead of Lincoln) and slavery would have indeed spread to California as Southern leaders bragged.

The plan was to open Kansas and Nebraska Territories to slavery by claiming the people would be "perfectly free" to decide.  

But then send killers to Kansas to make damn sure they could not decide.

It was not just killing to spread slavery into Kansas Nebraska and all the West -- though they did brag about that, and almost got that done.

It was to spread it North --as few people now realize.



"The Machinery"

Never mind that Kansas citizens repeatedly rejected slavery - overwhelmingly in fact, 90% against slavery.

   Because of Dred Scott decision - Davis explained this himself -- the people of Kansas not only did not have a right to reject slavery -  it was "intolerable"  that Kansas even try to reject slavery.

It was so intolerable - Davis send the killers to Kansas. 

Not negotiators, Davis did not send folks to explain the benefits and joys of slavery. He sent paid killers.

And he justified these killings - in writing -- by Dred Scott decision.  It did not matter to Davis that he sent the killers to Kansas first -- yes he did.  Then later, in writing, justified the killers and his actions to send them, by Dred Scott.

By the "logic" of Dred Scott -- as Lincoln pointed out -- no state could reject slavery.

And Davis used that "logic"  to justify killing sprees in Kansas and beyond.

Lincoln was keenly away that 

1) Kansas Act

2) Dred Scott

were a planned bit of "machinery" as he called it.  And clearly they were.  The same people tho did the Kansas Act did Dred Scott.

Kansas act was a violent ruse -- used to justify the killings and tortures in Kansas.   Remember, the man who passed Kansas Act -- that guy Atchison! -- personally rushed to Kansas to terrorize, later torture and kill, and bragged about it - to spread slavery.

And Atchison's partner and boss was Jeff Davis.  Davis himself -- personally -- sent Atchison, paid Atchison and got reports from Atchison.

Jeff Davis personally justified sending the killers to Kansas because of Dred Scott.

If you don't know that, you don't know the basics of US history during this time.  


Remember --90% of the citizens of Kansas voted against slavery and became a free state.

They man who passed Kansas Act rushed to Kansas to torture and kill to force slavery into Kansas

The partner of the man who went to Kansas to torture and kill was Jeff Davis.

Jeff Davis justified the killing sprees and invasions by Dred Scott decision.

Davis insisted -- in writing -- several things.  That he would send his Army into the North to enslave blacks there.

Davis insisted that resisting -- just resisting -- the spread of slavery into Kansas was "Intolerable" 

And Davis defended sending his hired killers to Kansas because Dred Scott decision -- and the orders (yes orders) of that Court to the federal government to protect slavery.

The Dred Scott decision actually and specifically ordered (yes ordered) the federal government to protect slavery.

Davis by the way likely wrote those two court orders, or had Taney write them.   Nothing fit so perfectly into what Davis already did - Davis ALREADY sent the killers to Kansas.  Davis already paid the killers.

Now, because that did not work in a quick way, Davis had to do more to spread slavery there.  And he had to justify the klling to spread slavery.

So he did that -- in writing -- by citing Dred Scott decision and the order (yes order) by the court to the federal government that 

1) Blacks can not be human beings

2) The federal government must protect slavery.

Those were both orders by the Dred Scott court. Don't forget that.

And those both were cited by Jeff Davis himself as justifications to invade, kill and torture -- whatever it took -- to spread slavery there.

By that logic -- as Lincoln pointed out -- there was no way to stop slavery from spreading to all of the US.



A favorite bit of nonsense you will hear when Southern apologist try to claim Southern leaders were for state
rights is that Kansas was a "territory"  and therefore South could torture kill and terrorize there all they wanted.

That was not only not true --- remember this -- even AFTER Kansas voted against slavery, and even AFTER Kansas became a free state, Jeff Davis still sent paid killers to Kansas, and the goal, the expressed clear goal --was to force Kansas to be a slave state.

And Davis specifically justified sending the killers there because of Dred Scott decision.

So when Lincoln said the "machinery "  of spreading slavery that made it impossible for slavery and Union to exist together -- this is what he was talking about.

The killings, the tortures, and justifying these things by Dred Scott was such a vile enterprise-so foul, so hideous, that now there was no way for the United States to exist.  Slavery would have to take over -- like a cancer takes over a body -- or slavery has to die.

There were no state's right to reject slavery, thanks to Dred Scott decision.

Sound like state's rights to you?

Lincoln's House Divided Speech was 100% -- every word -- was about this. How Dred Scott decision and Kansas  In fact, Southern leaders bragged of spreading slavery North too.

How these two actions have turned -- by design -- the US from a country of "all men are created equal" to a country where now it was impossible by the logic of Dred Scott and Kansas Act for anyone, for Congress, for the states, for state legislatures, for the public,  to keep slavery out of anyplace.

We think Lincoln was exaggerating -- but we think that only because we are stupid fundamentally how slavery was spreading already and what SOuthern leaders bragged about doing ,and were doing.

The "violent fraud"  as Lincoln called it, was the killings that always went along with the spread of slavery, and were doing so in 1850s.   Jeff Davis and Atchison wanted a fig leaf to justify the killings --so they did Kansas Act and Dred Scott.


Claim Kansas citizens would be "perfectly free"  to decide themselves, and everything falls into place.

Atchison told his men that Yankees were cowards-- just a big show of force, a few hundred men armed and with cannons --the deed is done.  The Yanks there would run away (at first they did, and wisely so) and then create your own legislature to declare Kansas a slave state, and it's all over.

Very simple.

But Atchison was about three months late.   And a man named John Brown had a different idea -- he would stun Atchison and his paid men, who were told the Yankees would run away.

Only  Brown decided (for good reason) to fight back -- after Atchison's men killed one of his sons, tortured another "to madness" (probably castrated him)  and promised to kill his wife..... Brown's actions made KS citizens realize the paid killers hired by Kansas would run away (as they did) when folks fought back.


After passing Kansas Act, Atchison immediately left for Kansas, to hook up with waiting Missouri men, and together they invaded Kansas, terrorized and took over an election, and created their own laws that made it a crime to even speak publically, to even publish a newspaper, against slavery.

And when that did not work -- Atchison  hired as many as 2000 men from Texas, South Carolina, and Mississippi to terrorize, torture, and eventually kill citizens of Kansas, all of this proudly,  to spread slavery not just into Kansas and Nebraska -- but into all of the West.










Here is a link to  one of Atchisons speeches.

  Ken Burns should have told you -- in the film about the Civil War that many people rave about (and it's otherwise very good, except for the first  ten minutes)

  Much of your awareness of Civil War, and slavery, (or your stupidity about both)  is directly related to what you know about this man.   If you don't know Atchison

1) passed the Kansas Act

2) Personally hired paid killers

3) Claimed KS Act would have citizens be "perfectly free" to chose their "domestic institutions" 

4) Immediately went to Kansas to invade, terrorize, later torture and kill

5) Bragged out the ass about it at the time that he was killing and at war "for the entire South"

6) That he worked officially for and reported to Jeff Davis

7) That he bragged the South was already at war to spread slavery 1856

You don't really know shit about the Civil War, Lincoln, or slavery.  


Who hired the killers?  Who paid them?   Who bragged about killing "for the entire South"   even in 1856?

Some madman?

Some "extremist"?

No.  The man who did all this - and more -- was the US Senator who passed Kansas Act.  David Rice Atchison.

He was the business --and political -- partner of Stephen A Douglas.  Douglas of course ran against Lincoln two times after his partner Atchison went to Kansas.  Lincoln actually went to Kansas in 1859, after Atchison and his men made it a law not to speak publically or publish anti-slavery newspapers in Kansas.

Lincoln did not publish a newspaper there -- but he did speak against slavery in Kansas, which Atchison had made a crime, in 1855.

This man was also, officially, Jeff Davis "General of Law and Order"  in Kansas during these actions (terrorizing, torture and killing).    Not only did Jeff Davis know of the killings, Atchison sent him reports (see below) on the progress of the killing.

And -- and -- Atchison bragged about it. His men bragged about it.   Most importantly, they did what they bragged about.

Survivors of Atchison's first invasion of Lawrence  in 1895

Artist depiction of 3rd invasion of Lawrence--where women and children were killed, too.

As you can see from Atchison speech boasting about the "joy" of killing to spread slavery --Atchison used hired men,  and he told them in the speech itself, that they will be well paid.


Importantly,  Atchison was only one of many Southern leaders bragging about killing to spread slavery --and to spread it into places that had already rejected slavery and already free states


General of Law and Order

Atchison not only worked -- officially -- for Jefferson Davis, Davis named Atchison as "General of Law and Order in Kansas".

Davis controlled the Courts -- he controlled President Pierce, who was sorta of a fool for Davis.   Davis controlled Congress via his control of Douglas.  And he controlled Atchison and his men.

Davis also controlled the US Army -- as Secretary of War.

In a written reply to a question after the Civil War, when a woman wrote to ask if he had authorized Atchison's actions (meaning, as you will see, killing sprees)   Davis simply responded that everything Atchison did was "Constitutionally required."

Constitutionally required.  And, when you know Jeff Davis "logic"  for that, if you accept that premise, Jeff Davis was right. Atchison's killing sprees were "required"  because the federal government was supposed to protect slavery there, and to protect slavery meant, literally, to forbid speaking preaching or writing against slavery.

Lawrence Kansas - which Atchison invaded in 1856 with his hired men, and made the speech we show you just before the invasion --allowed a newspaper to publish an anti-slavery newspaper.  That was the specific crime "Lawrence" committed.  

The third invasion of Lawrence, where even women and children were killed, was for exactly the same reason -that the people of Lawrence had allowed an anti-slavery newspaper to operate there. 

And you can see Atchison mention that to the cheering men, in his speech.

Here again is a link to Atchison speech.


If you think Davis did not know of Atchison's killing sprees, we have news for you.

Atchison actually sent to Davis reports specifically on the progress of the killings, and promised soon it would all be over. Davis sent Atchison.

Davis paid Atchison

Davis bragged about killing to spread slavery, too.

Both men ended up running like cowards-- they more than anyone got the war going.  But neither of them dared get close to the fighting, both would run away.   The fools who believed them died- - hundreds of thousands of others died.

But they stayed safe -- because they were both personal cowards.


When these men boasted of killing to spread slavery -- no one was surprise.

  Indeed, as you will see, they and others were (using hired men) already killing to spread slavery.....not to keep slavery, be clear on this --to spread slavery. It was already known -- the killings were no secret, the press reported this daily, it was the news of wars.

Survivors of the wars came back and spoke to crowds, in addition to the newspaper reports.

The invasions, the killing sprees, the boasting of killing to spread slavery, the hired killers, the tortures, were not details...  they were the  central action of the years of wars to spread slavery.


Not just to spread it through Kansas,  but to spread slavery (by killing) to the Pacific.  And it looked like he had accomplished the first step -- to kill enough people in Kansas to conquer Kansas and Nebraska for slavery.

This book was written entirely about the defeat of Kansas for slave power. 

Nothing is more important, more basic, than this.   Southern leaders were killing, torturing, and boasting of it, to spread slavery, and spread it for God.

We have never taught this -- never taught they were killing to spread slavery (from 1856 on, they bragged about it) never taught in any US text book that the man who passed the Kansas Act then immediately (remember this -it's damn important) went to Kansas to lead mean already waiting for him, to invade Kansas, and being what one Kansas newspaper called "a reign of terror".



"Trouble in Kansas"

100% of the history text books we  saw had the term "Trouble in Kansas".

Not one word about Southern leaders boasting of using paid killers, or even hiring the killers.

Not one word that Southern leaders made it very clear -- proudly so -- they were already at war to spread slavery (no other reason, just to spread slavery) in 1856.

Not one word by ANY Southern leader  that not only were they killing to spread slavery -- but they were doing it for GOD.

But the text books said "Trouble in Kansas"  as if "trouble"  fell out of the sky.

As if no one did anything, suddenly there was "trouble".


That's why we need first -- first-- first -- to know and teach who did what.

Southern leaders hired paid killers.

Southern leaders pushed through Kansas Act

Southern leaders sent one of their own -- David Rice Atchison, US Senator, to Kansas to lead volunteers at first, but later had to hire more men, to invade, terrorize, torture, and then kill to spread slavery.

And Atchison bragged-- bragged-- bragged  -- bragged about it.

Why the hell  not teach that?   Why frame it as "Trouble in Kansas"  and then not explain who did what?

Westupidly teach nothing, or next to nothing, about Atchison. In fact, in a bizzare bit of stupid, apparently some teachers are proud to consider Atchison only important enough for a Trivia question -- who was (supposedly)  President for one Day. 

It was three wars -- not just one war -- to spread slavery, as you will see.  We stupidly do not even teach any of these wars as being a war to spread slavery, but Southern leaders proudly claimed two of the wars were exactly that -- wars to spread slavery.

David Rice Atchison said those things and hired the killers.

Do you know what else he did?  He passed the Kansas Act.

DO you know what else he did?  He promised they would keep killing till slavery reached the Pacific Ocean.

And he bragged -- bragged -- the war he was starting was "for the entire South". 

When did he do this?   1856 --long before Lincoln was even President.  


Did you know there was a time when Southern leaders bragged about killing to spread slavery into the NORTH?



Most history teachers don't know, either.   We are simply not taught what Southern leaders bragged about.

But they did more than brag--  as you will see. Jeff Davis DID send paid killers North to try to enslave blacks there.  And these paid men DID capture hundreds of blacks in the North, take them South, and sell them as slaves in the South.

Another SOuthern leader hired the men who inveded Kansas, and there terrorized tortured and killed -while bragging about it -- in Kansas.  And he promised to keep killing until slavery was spread to the Pacific.


Who could have guessed?

It actually does matter who killed who -- and what they bragged about -- as they were killing.

We are not taught that way --we are taught,for example, about cotton gins. 

What did the killers boast about, for the decade before the US Civil War - as they were killing and torturing? 

Turns out, as you will see, they boasted about killing and torturing to spread slavery -- and even spread it for GOD.

This US Senator -- the Senator who passed Kansas Act no less - boasted it was the happiest day of his life, to kill to spread slavery.   

David Atchison was even is the first person in US history to describe the Southern flag to his armed men.   It was red in color, he said, for the color of blood they would spill to spread slavery.

And then -- they did spill blood (murder and torture, long before 1861-- to spread slavery.

We are here to tell you -- including to tell history teachers -- that it matters what people boast of as they are killing and torturing.  

And you need to know that so you don't teach bullshit instead.

If you were taught was Southern leaders bragged about -- their justifications for their killing sprees for example, and their War Ultimatums, for another, you did not get this from any US text book. 

Someone should have told you....they bragged out the ass about killing to spread slavery, spread it for GOD, and spread it to the West and the North.

The Confederate leader -- himself -- loudly and proudly made it clear why he was sending his army North.

Do you know why he sent his army North?  He made it clear... to enslave blacks in the NORTH.   Sounds impossible?  Sounds like it has to be wrong or a joke.

It only sounds bizarre because you are not taught what SOuthern leaders bragged about up till then -- including Jeff Davis.   Davis already -- already -- had a history of sending killers to spread slavery.

Davis ALREADY had a history of demanding the spread of slavery in places that overwhelmingly rejected slavery -- like Kansas did, when it became a free state.   Even after (remember this)  Kansas because a free state by overwhelming vote, Davis insisted Kansas must accept slavery, and sent killers there to enforce this.

And he almost succeeded.

So if you don't know Davis already sent killers, already made it clear they were killing to spread slavery,  his own official proclamation of it would of course seem impossible.

Yet if you know his actions already, and his words already, and the words and actions of other Southern leaders for years, you may agree that any other response by Davis would be odd.   This response by Davis was very muchin line with his previous actions and words.

I can't help it you don't know that. 



Southern leaders were not just yapping, not just boasting, not just getting crowds to cheer.

Of course boasting of killing to spread slavery for GOD is about as vile a thing as humanly possible -- second only to actually killing to spread slavery for GOD.

Guess who did BOTH?

Say what you will about Southern leaders- - they never did boast about something that they were not willing, even eager, to send stupid men to do.   The leaders were smart enough not to actually go themselves and do the killings, invading, and torturing. 

That was all done by men who believed them. 



Say what you will -- hate them or admire Southern leaders, they did not bluff.  They did not say they were going to kill, or going to invade or going to torture, but then not do so.

It was not a question of bravery -- the leaders themselves did not invade, they did not torture, they did not kill.  They had others do that.  They were not actual zealots, they were not even "true believers"  as they are often called.

They were political opportunist, who found that the best way,in fact the only way,to get power in the South USA from 1800, to 1865, was to pump up hate and fear -- out speak, out bombast, out promise violence, than anyone else who may seek the same acclaim you do.

Also they were, nearly every one, a slave owner. A man who could have a slave girl tortured, a child sold, or a house built, with just the power of his words.  

As George Mason himself said -- predicting the "calamity" that would be caused by slave power in a generation ahead --those who saw an entire race of men as inferior and intended by GOD to be enslaves  are "of a diseased mind".

He was right. And they were also of a diseased culture,where those who could promise more violence and justify that violence were given the highest positions of power and prestige.

More than economics,more even than personal wealth, those men who pumped up the absurdities like killing to spread slavery for God, and could get crowds to cheer such vile nonsense, wanted  attention.    


It's surprising now -- almost unbelievable really -- that most people , including history teachers, seem to think that Lincoln had to be wrong -- or that he was exaggerating when he said emphatically and repeatedly that now, because of the "machinery"  of Dred Scott and Kansas Act,  there was no other outcome

Either slavery would spread to all of US, or slavery would die.   We will be "all one thing or all another."

That came, of course, from his House Divided speech, but it was not unique to Lincoln.  Such sentiments and comments were actually common.   North and South,this idea--this sentiment - that no longer can we  exist as two groups of people -- one killing to spread slavery, and insisting that God ordained not just slavery but the torture of slaves and the duty to spread slavery,  while the other group insist slavery shall not spread further-  only one group  would prevail.



You probably did not notice -but there were not any SOuthern leaders that were saying "Oh we can exist together,  even though we insist God ordained slavery and the spread of slavery, we can forget about that,and compromise on slavery.

Southern leaders had pushed Kansas  Act through --they pushed Dred Scott through.   They killed to spread slavery during the Mexican War. They killed to spread slavery in Kansas "Conflict" They were not ashamed, whatsoever.

They were proud of killing to spread slavery, as you will see.

They were not even coy about it.We are killing to spread slavery and it is a JOY to kill to spread slavery.


You could assume Lincoln was stupid about the history and what was going on in USA from 1820-1860, if you were not told, or you did not know clearly, that Southern leaders actually agreed with Lincoln, essentially. The Union had to die -- or slavery would die.

No longer could  They gave their own story -- their own narrative -- their we be have slave, and half free.  We would be all one thing, or all the other.


LINCOLN WAS NOT STUPID -- Southern leaders not only bragged of such things, but nothing else came remotely close to being obvious -- Southern leaders, from 1820 on, were essentailly on a mission to SPREAD slavery, and had done so over, and over and over -- always by violence, always by threats, always by demanding more.

Southern leaders not only demanded more land for slavery -- they killed to get it.  They promised war if they did not get more -- and they delivered the wars.   This was nothing new or even debatable by honest men, the land for slavery doubled, then doubled again, and doubled again,  each time by the same means.

In Kansas in 1856 -- same thing. Killing to spread slavery -- and bragging about it.

The Mexican War -- same thing.  Killing to spread slavery.

Now, after repeatedly doubling the lands for slavery, in US Civil War, Southern leaders issued War Ultimatums (we told you above, Southern War Ultimatums were a big deal)

The "True Issue"  was so well known, they said, they hardly had to mention it now.  The SPREAD of slavery.

When SOuthern leaders sent killers to Kansas, they bragged about the SPREAD of slavery.  

Not the preservation of slavery -- but the SPREAD of slavery for God, and for white superiority.

Not just to enslave in the South, but to enslave in all of the West, and in the North, and over all the "civilzed world.   

A very specific kind of slavery -- they boasted of.  Perpetual slavery of blacks, for God's will,  and even as punishment to blacks, for their biblical sins.

Remember, at each juncture, in fact, non-stop,slavery was violent.  It began in violence, it was maintained in violence and here again, in US Civil War, it was a violent effort to spread slavery -- and Southern leaders made that clear, by words and actions.

This is what Lincoln knew -- and said, in various ways -- politely as possible in public, but candidly in writings.  Slavery was a cancer, a killing cancer, it would spread till it destroyed itself, or it destroyed the Union.  There was no other way -- and it would be the SOUTH that decided by which means slavery would be destroyed, or the means by which it would spread.    In both cases, the South had but one answer  --violence.

And it was God's will. 

As a duty to God, a duty to white survival, they were, and they bragged of this themselves -- killing to spread slavery.

So Lincoln was in no way wrong.  Nor were others in any way wrong,  when they too said slavery was on a course to destroy the Union or be destroyed. 

Southern leaders, in their own way, verified what Lincoln said their position was.

Southern leaders were the ones proudly telling cheering crowds they were at war to spread slavery.  

That is -- until they lost.

They had not just a right to spread slavery - - and to spread it by violence.  They had a duty.  They did a very good job explaining their justifications for killing, and equally good job explaining their "duty"  to spread slavery.


We all only know what we are told.   And we assume we were told the basics.

Maybe not.

There are a thousand ways - a thousand x thousand ways -- to study any period of history.  

But any serious person would include the basic facts such as who killed who -- and why.  They would also include, if possible, what the killers boasted of before and during the killings.

If the killers made it clear, as they were killing,for example, that would seem to be obviously important --even basic --to understand both what they did and why, would it not?

We simply do not do that in our US text books, in a basic way,  and never have. 

Why?  Maybe because these men claimed they were killing (and enslaving) per the will of GOD.  They bragged they were the first nation on earth to enslave blacks for God's will, and to punish blacks for biblical sins -- in perpetuity. 

Both the President and Vice President of the Confederacy made it very clear --they were doing the will of God, and for white safety and for GOD, they would enslave blacks (even in the North) in perpetuity.

In.  Perpetuity.  

Not sorta, not kinda, not in a flash of anger, not in out of context ways.   They boasted of it, and claimed then they wanted future generations to know this as the basis for their new country -- the Confederacy.



For example, did Southern leaders - top leaders -- issue  War Ultimatums?  Yes they did.  You will be hard pressed, in fact you won't be able to do it,  to find in any US text book that we know of, even a mention, much less a study of Southern War Ultimatums.

It was not just the War Ultimatums, themselves, of course, it was the fact that ALREADY Southern leaders hired killers, ALREADY boasted they were killing, and ALREADY made it clear why they were killing.

If our text books had mentioned in any serious way those War Ultimatum, they would necessarily have to at least explain, to some extent, where on earth those War ULtimatums came from.  

Ken Burns film about the Civil War is a perfect example.  Wonderful and moving music,  seemingly complete information,  which people even 20 years later consider a masterpiece of historical accuracies and insight. 

But no mention of War Ultimatums, no mention of Southern leaders boasting of killing to spread slavery,  and no mention of Southern leaders actually hiring killers and paying them to terrorize, later to torture and kill,  all the while boasting about it.

The boasting by Southern leaders was NOT a case of a few "extremist" running off at the mouth.  These were men who actually hired the killers, paid them, justified the killings and made it clear as clear can be why they hired the killers, and what their goals were.

They hired the men to spread slavery  -- and spread it by violence (as slavery always spread) into all of the West and even (in the case of Jeff Davis himself)  in the North.


Did top Southern leaders give  and speeches or official declarations, expressly boasting killing to spread slavery  -- and spread it for God?

Yes, they did. 

Did Southern leaders specifically say they wanted the present and future generations to know that they were killing to spread slavery, and their justification for those killings?

Yes, they did. 

Did Southern leaders make it clear the conditions the North needed to meet for the South to stop killing?  









Yes, they did. Read Davis speech yourself, every word.  He wants this know then --"so there will be no misunderstanding in the future".

Today, some call this a "fraud" -- or a "known fraud" .  Utter nonsense --it was front page of the Richmond newspapers, and very much like Davis.   No one claimed it was a fraud for the next 100 years. 

Strange indeed the newspaper did not "correct"  this fraud.   This was very much Davis hubris and it's exactly what he did.

Davis did --  remember this -- Davis did exactly as he promised to do in that proclamation.  He did send troops NORTH and he did enslave (capture blacks) in the North.

If the US Army had not chased the CSA out at that time, the war would have gone exactly as Davis claimed - by vanquishing the US Army as he promised,  and no doubt do just as he did everywhere he could, enslave blacks, and do so by force.

Davis and Southern leaders themselves wanted these things known -- then, and in the future  - because at that time they thought they were winning.


It's important to understand -- Southern leaders were not just boasting of killing and torturing to spread slavery --  they were actually doing that.   Their actions and their words were in sync.

It was important enough for them to invade, torture and kill, and important enough for them to brag about,  as they did.

Why the hell do we not make all this clear?

Why the hell do we not teach it?


Survivors of the 1856 killing spree led by the US Senator who passed Kansas Act, in a 1895 reunion.  Their "crime"?    They allowed an anti-slavery newspapers to function in Lawrence. 


Did you ever have a history test, or assignment, to describe who Southern leaders were killing -- and what they boasted of as they were killing.

Very basic stuff.  Who killed who -- and why. 

Even more basic -- what did Southern leaders themselves, at the time (not later) boast about then, as they killed, as they tortured, as they invaded.

Southern leaders even issued War Ultimatums, gave detailed and public explanations, even official proclamations, about why they were killing,and what they were doing.

They were killing -as you will see- - by their own boasting -- as you will see -- to spread slavery.  And spread it to the Pacific and into the North.

Yes North.

Seems preposterous now -- right?   

It only seem preposterous because we are told a white washed version of events,  and given the excuses Southern leaders used later -- "states rights"  for example.  Yet when you see what they did -- and what they boasted of -- Southern leaders hated states rights.  

When Lincoln spoke of "we will be all one thing or another"  and that slavery had to die, or the Union had to die, this is what he talked about.  And Lincoln even explained exactly what Southern leaders explained --that the justification for this was Dred Scott decision and Kansas Act.

Read Lincoln's House Divided Speech, he was not joking.  He was not  threatening anyone, he was not promising war (though Southern leaders said he was declaring war with this speech).

And he was not wrong.


Though Stephen A DOuglas -- the Northern press that supported Douglas too -- accused Lincoln of declaring war upon the South with the House Divided Speech (and others likewise did too)... that simply was not so.

Southern leaders ALREADY declared war.  They already WERE at war, killing and torturing to spread slavery from the 1840's on.

And they bragged about being at war.

Lincoln did not need to declare war -- the South already did.  Southern leaders already issued War Ultimatums, and sent killers to Kansas, where those killers tortured, and killed, led by the US Senator who passed Kansas Act.

The war was already going on.

More correct was to look at House Divided is to show Lincoln was not going to sit back and let Southern leaders kill to spread slavery into the West or North, as they boasted about doing.

Read Southern leaders own speeches, too.  They were not joking and they were not wrong.  They cited what Lincoln did -- Dred Scott and Kansas Act.

It's time our text books quit the nonsense excuses and explained US history first in terms of who killed who, why -- and why they bragged about.


Southern leaders -- with names we show -- killed and had killed other men - with names we show --and they bragged about it.  

In fact they not only bragged about killing, they made it clear during this period WHY they were killing, WHO they were killed, and what their justifications for the killing was.  Jeff Davis himself was particularly specific of the basic justification of killing, and the means he would use to kill ("vanquish by our arms")


And it was all wrapped in a package of religion.  As Alexander Stephen said -- repeatedly to cheering crowds  no less, in a series of speeches -- that the "great truth"  that blacks are inferior beings, and that "God's revealed will"  is that blacks are to be punished -- punished -- in perpetuity for biblical sins.

Let me repeat that--- in a series of speeches (and years later even verified as accurate by Stephens himself) the Vice President of Confederacy bragged they were enslaving as God wanted, in perpetuity, and for the punishment, the biblical punishment, of blacks.

And crowds cheered.



You may think -- as some have claimed -- that this was "a few Southerners"  and not typical of what was going on.

These were the top most possible Southern leaders, and they were explaining, proudly, loudly, with great clarity, who they were killing, and why,  and their goals.

These were the men who, as you will see, hired the killers, the men who paid the killers, the men who got the crowds to cheer - cheer just before they invaded and killed in one of the most important invasions in US history. 

What invasion?  The invasion of Kansas by the man who, just prior to the invasion, was the US Senator who passed Kansas Act -- then rushed to Kansas as you will see, to being very quickly his "reign of terror" as Kansas newspapers said.

This one basic fact -- that the man who passed Kansas Act then rushed to Kansas to lead paid killers into Kansas and there boasted they were killing "for the entire South"   and would spread slavery "to the Pacific" is not mentioned in any US text book we know of in any clear way. 

Yet it would take a bit of profound stupidity not to know, as they did at the time, that Southern leaders who passed Kansas Act then were the leaders in Kansas killing and torturing -- and bragging of it -- for force slavery into Kansas and to the Pacific.

Your teacher will - as we have seen -- claim they "know all about that".  If so- - why they hell don't they teach it?

Yet  it was common knowledge and the time -- and Southern leaders were proud -- proud -- of it, and promised more killings.


And Davis  did -- he did send  his army "to vanquish" as he said, states in the North and there to enslave blacks-- in the North.

Yes -- in the North.

Probably not. You probably never heard of it. 

It was in Richmond newspapers -- front page-- on January 5, 1863.   Jeff Davis nor anyone around him ever denied it or claimed it was in error in any way.

Other Southern leaders bragged of similar things -- even worse perhaps -- like the Vice President boasting to cheering crowds in a series of five speeches that the South would spread slavery to all of the world -- and spread it as God's "revealed will"  intended -- to punish blacks in perpetuity for biblical sins.

You heard right -- the Vice President of CSA, Alexander Stephens put Davis to shame, boasting that the Confederacy was the first nation on earth to do it right -- to enslave only blacks, because they were inferior beings, and God's will was to spread slavery to all of the world, this perpetual slavery of blacks for biblical SINS.

And like Davis proclamation,  now folks will try to convince you this can not be Davis.   No one alive then, or for 50 years afterwards, tried to deny this was Davis own words in his "hometown" newspaper.   If someone had injected this proclamation,  and it was false, Davis or any of 1000 people in Richmond at the time would have demanded an explanation and retraction.

This was very much like Davis, actually.

 Davis had a long history of killing to spread slavery, as you will see.  And here LIncoln announces he will use blacks in the US Army.  

 It would be shocking if Davis did not respond this way,  after Lincoln announced the Emancipation Proclamation--and that he, Lincoln, would use free blacks in the US Army.  Read the speech yourself,  it was by Davis in direct and specific (meaning -- he said he was in response) to LIncoln. 


 Since you do not know he boasted of it -- you can have equally no idea that Davis did send his army North, and did kill whites and enslave blacks in the North,  but could not sustain his army, in the North, and had to withdraw.

But he tried- he sent Robert E Lee North, and Lee did do exactly as Davis boasted about -- you really need to read his "Letter to people of the North" that appeared in Richmond papers.   Lee took the captured blacks to South and sold them as slaves.


 No one was surprised -- nor would you be surprised today -- if you knew the history of the previous 20 years.

 Davis was the leader that sent and paid 2000 killers into Kansas in 1855 and 1856, and had already made it clear, by the killings there,  that Dred Scott decision not only gave the South the right to spread slavery -- by any means, including violence -- it was his duty to spread slavery, for GOD,  and for white survival.  

Furthermore, Davis insisted slavery was a positive good for the slave

. Blacks were "the most contented laborers on earth" and it was an injustice -- yes, and injustice, and contrary to natural order and Gods will -- not to enslave these "inferior beings".  

Blacks, Davis insisted in writing,were not human beings, not persons, under the law-- as Dred Scott decision ordered-- yes ordered.   The Dred Scott decision ORDERED (did I mention ordered)  that blacks not be seen as human beings (persons) but as property.

Not only did Dred Scott present him and the South with the legal justification to spread slavery -- but Davis took the other order seriously too.  That the federal government was supposed to protect slavery -- in Davis's mind -- even in places where slavery was rejected by the local population or government 

If that were not enough, Davis insisted that blacks should be enslaved -- they being "contented laborers"  and with affection for their master -- for their own benefit.

Davis did not feel he had to be coy at this time, or ashamed. Remember-- Davis did not admit this- - he bragged about it. 

In Davis world -- as he spoke this nonsense -- slavery was now a protected right, with Supreme Court orders that blacks are inferior beings, so inferior they were not humans- not persons.   Remember -- and Davis explained this in great detail - Dred Scott decision changed everything.   Now, slavery was a protected right. 

Though Kansas citizens voted 95% against slavery and was accepted into the Union as a free state -- Kansas must accept and respect slavery anyway. It did not matter what the majority or the local people or the state wanted --Dred Scott decision ruled.

At no time did Davis every change his logic or  his mind.  The resistance to slavery (remember 95% of the citizens of Kansas voted against slavery) was intolerable, no matter what the majority of people there wanted, nor did it matter what there legislature, or what Congress, might do.

And that is just one small piece of what you are not told about.  No wonder people don't understand Lincoln when he said -- repeatedly -- that because of Dred Scott and Kansas Act (both were the bastard child of Jeff Davis) now slavery would have to die-- or the Union had to die.

Jeff Davis essentially agreed with Lincoln -- as he proved by his actions and boasts of killing, tortures, all to spread slavery, and spread it where it was rejected.


It should not be a surprise, whatsoever, to anyone  who teachers or studied the US Civil War that Davis boasted he would kill to enslave blacks in the North.  Not only was this on the front page of Richmond papers, and not only is this document in Jeff Davis own official papers, but Davis had a long history of killing to spread slavery -- and spread it, just like he tried to enslave in the North, into places   that had officially rejected slavery, and reject it overwhelmingly.

Davis had sent killers, and paid killers, to Kansas as early as 1855,  and defended those killer's actions as being "Constitutionally required" .

Though Kansas citizens would vote  95% against slavery -- and far more importantly, fight for 5 years to resist the killers Davis hired and sent to Kansas --  Jefferson Davis nevertheless insisted, to his dying day apparently, that the "intolerable grievance" that justified the killings and tortures was that people of Kansas resisted slavery.

Just resisting slavery -- remember 95% of Kansas citizens rejected slavery when they became a free state--  was "intolerable" per Davis.  And lest there be any confusion about this, Davis made it crystal clear by sending the killers, and then later boasting he would spread slavery even into the North.  Yes -- into the North. 

Let me repeat that, because it's almost unbelievable to people who are stupid about Jeff Davis and what Southern leaders did and boasted of doing 1854-1863.


The man leading the killers-- on the scene as it were -- was the very same man who, just recent to that, was the US Senator who passed the Kansas Act, David Rice Atchison. 

Atchison was likely the most famous man of this period --during passage of Kansas Act  in Congress, then his rapid flight to Kansas, where he joined waiting men to terrorize, and later torture and kill, to spread slavery.

Importantly these killing sprees came at a time when Southern leaders controlled everything -- they controlled Congress,  the White House, and the Courts. 

Don't forget that.  It's very important.

Slave power controlled Congress.

Slave power controlled the courts.

Slave power controlled the White House.

And it looked like they would -- indeed-- succeed at spreading slavery to all of Kansas - Nebraska territory, and then to all of the West.

In fact, Lincoln himself thought so, in his letters.   Because Slave power controlled the courts, the White House and Congress, and because Davis and Atchison used paid killers on top of all that, there seemed to be no way to stop them.

And if not for John Brown and Abraham Lincoln -- slave power would most likely have done exactly that.


Atchison and Stephen A Douglas assured the country that the Kansas Act was just making it known that the people of Kansas would be "perfectly free" to decide slavery themselves.  

Lincoln of course exposed Kansas as as a monsterous fraud - quite the opposite of letting anyone be "perfectly free"  to reject slavery ---because Atchison and his paid helpers actually terrorized, torture and killed in Kansas.  That is why Atchison rushed to Kansas in the first place-- the citizens had an election coming, and Atchison had to get there, with hired men, to terrorize and control that election, which he did.

Nothing is more basic to US history during this time, that this.  The Kansas Act was a monsterous fraud, not at all about "popular sovereignty"   as some stupidly say to this day.   Yes, that was what Douglas and Atchison said at the time - but even those who at first believed Atchison, in fact even Douglas himself, later said those who did this should have been hung,  and "flipped"  on Atchison to denounce his actions (in other words, the killings and tortures) in Kansas.

Atchison's men, thanks to their ability to terrorize and control the voting places, created a "bogus legislature" and quickly made it a crime to even speak against slavery, or publish newspapers against slavery, much the same laws that were enforced in the South, where even preachers could be arrested for preaching, or owning a book, against slavery.


Davis not only  claimed Atchison was doing actions (killing and torture, as you will see) that were "Constitutionally required" -- Davis got reports from the Senator on the progress of the killing sprees.


Don't feel bad that you did not know.  Ken Burns did not know either. We show you why.



Serious question: Should Ken Burn apologize, and redo the first 15 minutes of his otherwise brilliant Civil War documentary film?

 Serious answer: Yes.  






Turns out, regarding the US Civil War, we have original documents -- created at the time -- where  Southern leaders made it not only clear, but they made it clear they were proud of their the justifications to kill. In fact their duty - their duty to spread slavery, for God and for the good of the slave and for white race to do God's will.

It was, explained Jefferson Davis, a cruelty to slaves NOT to enslave them.  Slaves were the "most contented laborers on earth".  Their happiness depended on being enslaved, as God intended. and proud  the goal of their killings. 

Jefferson Davis was one of the most specific -- he cited (correctly) the Dred Scott decision as the legal basis to spread slavery, and spread it against states rights.  Even after Kansas became a free state, Davis insisted Kansas must accept and respect slavery -- and sent even more killers to Kansas than he did in 1855 and 1856.

We don't need to guess or patch together their justifications and goals -- they were loud, clear, and proud of it, at the time. 

We should teach all this -- because it happened, and because Southern leaders boasted about this -- until they lost.


Ken Burns -- as you will see-- "forgot" to mention a few "details".  Like Southern War Ultimatums.  Like Southern leaders killing sprees (that's what they were) into Kansas, using paid killers.

Also Burns "forgot"  to mention Southern leaders bragged specifically -- to cheering crowds -- they were killing and torturing to spread slavery,  and boasting they would spread slavery all the way to the Pacific Ocean, and enslave blacks in the North.

Yes, enslave blacks in the North.



When you first tell someone of Southern leaders boasting of killing to spread slavery, nearly every person, every time, upon  hearing of such boastings,  claim either they know all about it, and it means nothing.  Or that no, Southern leaders neither boasted of, thought of, or did any of those things.

It means nothing?  People will say "of course some bragged of it -- slave owners said a lot of things".    Only these were not just slave owners.  These were Southern leaders.

And they were the top most Southern leaders, speaking on the record.  And over time.   They were not letting off steam, or giving idle boasts.   And even more important, they were doing what they boasted of.

Southern leaders bragged  they were killing to spread slavery to the Pacific Ocean - and to the North.

Even if they were joking --which they were not -- these speeches and documents should be front and center.  But given that Southern leaders boasted of killing and torturing, and promised endless violence to spread slavery,  these should be taught candidly, fully and with great emphasis.

Southern leaders themselves put great emphasis on these things - they were explaining this to their own people and to future generations.  They were proud of it, clear and specific. 


Slavery was always spread this way - by violence.   There is this stunning notion, never questioned but stupidly believed now, that slavery spread by consent,  by honest vote, or by public demand.

Utter nonsense.  There was never an honest election in the United States, or any part of it, where slavery was "voted in".  

People -- people with names -- pushed slavery in, always by force. Not just by force and violence to the slaves, but by force and violence to whites who   resisted.   

Nor could slavery be maintained by different means.  Slavery was always maintained by violence -- and not just to the slaves, but to anyone against slavery.  For example, it was a crime punishable by torture, even torture to preachers, who dared preach against slavery.

As you ill see, the first thing Atchison and his men did after invading and terrorizing in Kansas, was to pass "laws" making it a crime to speak or write anything against slavery.

In fact, men were tortured -- and killed- - for not signing pledges to SUPPORT slavery.  Let me repeat this, because you likely never heard it.

David Atchison and his men invaded Kansas, terrorized the voting places, quickly took over and passed laws making it a crime to speak or write or publish newspapers against slavery, and tortured those who refused to sign pledges to support slavery.

This was not some unknown history -- slavery spread this way from day one.

It would help students -- and teachers -- and the public-- if we had all been taught this commonly known and documents truth-  slavery always started with violence, was maintained in violence, and was spread only by violence.

Never by consent.

Never honestly.

Never honorably.

Always spread by sociopaths who made up religious reasons, typically, to excuse and justify their killings and tortures.


Not idle boasts -- they bragged about this as they were killing.  They bragged about this as they were torturing. 

Say what you will about Southern leaders -- they issued no idle threats.  Not to their slaves, not to the public, and not to the North.  In fact, they were already making good on the promises to kill to spread slavery North and West, when they  were actually doing it.  Not idle talk -- they were doing exactly what they bragged about.

It was precisely this -- that Southern leaders were already killing, already promising endless killing - to spread slavery, that Lincoln knew, rightly believed, and acted upon.


Do you know about the paid killers sent to Kansas in 1856?  Probably not.

Do you know who Jefferson Davis put in charge of these paid killers?   We show you. 


Amazingly, the man Davis sent to Kansas was the same man who  was the  US Senator who passed the Kansas Act.  That Act said -- and Southern leaders wanted suckers to believe this -- that the Kansas Act would "give the citizens of Kansas the perfect freedom to decide  their "domestic institutions"  what was Orwellian double speak, of course, for slavery and the torture of slavery. 

But David Atchison ( that was the Senator's name who  with Douglas passed Kansas Act ) then rushed to Kansas to a group of men already armed with cannon, already  armed with guns, already waiting for him -- to invade and terrorize the people of Kansas to make damn sure they had no freedom, perfect or otherwise, to decide anything.

In fact, Atchison and his men quickly set up a "legislature"  that made it a crime even to speak or write things against slavery.  Sound like "perfect freedom"  to you ?

Remember this -- your teacher probably does not know. They two men - Stephen A Douglas and David Rice Atchison, personally pushed Kansas Act through -- then Atchison rushed to Kansas to terrorize, later to  torture and kill, to spread slavery, and he used paid men to do so.


Before the attack on Fort Sumner -- Southern newspapers carried the War Ultimatums -- under the headline "THE TRUE ISSUE" 

What was the true issue?   They told you -- the SPREAD of slavery into the territories.

No one was surprised in the least -- Southern leaders had already been killing and torturing for years to spread slavery into Kansas and all the West.

In fact, it would have been bizarre if Souther leaders did not make this clear in April of 1861. They had made it clear for five years already -- and made it clear in blood and word.


 We show you the speech by Atchison --  the man Davis sent to Kansas, and officially named him "General of Law and Order". Yes after Douglas and Atchison passed Kansas Act,  Jeff Davis appointed Atchison the "General of Law and Order" in Kansas.

Here is the link....

Atchison sent Davis reports of the killings -- and said (he was wrong)  this would soon be over.  It was not soon over.  Soon, though, Atchison would run away and stay away because the killing became a two way deal --  and after about a year, Atchison's paid men left too. 

But at the time, to get men to cheer, and attack, and kill, Atchison claimed they were fighting "for the entire South"  and that the "cowards" in Kansas would quickly run away.

Atchison was right for the first invasion --the Kansas citizens had no idea this was coming, and ran for their lives.  But after that -- the Kansas men did not run.



Still, the men did not kill -- at first.  But when terrorizing did not work, when making it against the law to speak or write or publish newspapers against slavery did not work -- later in 1854, the tortures and killings started.  

Atchison could not hire enough men locally who would kill and torture - so he took out ads in Southern papers and hired hundreds more . The speech we show is to those newly hired men, just before the 1856 invasion.

Text version of Atchison speech to his hired killers.



The first invasion of Kansas -- by Atchison and paid men -- had no legal basis, it was soley to terrorize and frighten Kansas citizens from voting in the election Atchison knew was about to happen -- which is why he had to rush out there after passing Kansas Act.

Atchison personally made sure that no matter what Kansas people voted on later -- this first election on slavery would be the only one that mattered. After that, it did not matter.  Kansas was a slave state, and would always be thus.  If the people voted against slavery -- as they did -- Kansas would always be a free state.  So he had no choice -- after passing Kansas Act that allowed a vote, he had to make sure he terrorized and made sure Kansas looked as if the chose slavery.

Of course Atchison knew an honest election would mean Kansas was a free state -- as later proven, when an honest election was held, and 95% of the citizens voted to reject slavery.



They (Atchison's hired men) did no killing on the first invasion -- they only needed to terrorize, so that is what they did.

But they would later not only kill and torture men,  Atchison told the men to even kill women, in the second invasion, this time specifically of Lawrence Kansas  --he invaded Lawrence because Lawrence allowed an anti-slavery newspapers to publish what they wanted. Therefore, they did not obey the "General of Law and Order."

And they had to be punished.

While Atchison's men did not then kill women -- women were killed later, and children too, when another raid on Lawrence -- and for the same reason -- they (the citizens of Lawrence) allowed an anti-slavery newspaper to publish there.


And this is even more important -- Southern leaders at the time boasted of it. They did not deny it.  They boasted of it. 

Not kinda.

Not sorta.

Not in a way. The top Southern leaders boasted of it. 



The most important speech -- other than Lincoln's -- was about this General of Law and Order, and how this General got Kansas Act passed, then how this General rushed to Kansas, and at first terrorized, then tortured, then killed -- and how he bragged about it.

This was the "Crimes Against Kansas"  speech -- exposing what the "General of Law and Order"   did  in Kansas took two days to deliver.  Hour after hour after hour,  Charles Sumner gave the details of the killings and tortures.   

Sumner named the former Senator, whose name I reveal below, as the man who personally, with Stephen A Douglas, got the Kansas Act passed, and then personally, without Stephen A Douglas, went to Kansas and started terrorizing, then torture, then killing.

You never heard that Southern leaders boasted bout killing to spread slavery  -- until now.

You should have know this from 4th grade on, and their speeches and actions should be front and center in every US  history text book, because these killings and tortures were "front and center"  at the time.

To understand what  happened and why, SOuthern leaders were far  more blunt than Lincoln.

In public (but not in private) Lincoln was careful and spoke in ways not to enrage the violent Southern leaders or alienated anyone who valued the Declaration of Independence and the Union.

Lincoln was not a braggart or a hate monger, like Southern leaders were.

And Lincoln's way of speaking was why the North won-- with Lincoln's speeches, his words, he was able to keep the borders states in the Union --- or at least out of the CSA -- a flip of about 500,000 men. 

Speaking carefully -as Lincoln did -- was his best weapon.





A common bit of stupidity -- oft repeated -- is that the South had so few men, they lost. 

Not so.  As you will see Jeff Davis himself insisted South had plenty of men -- if they did not desert.  That's right -- desert.

Southern leaders by contrast bragged about killing to spread slavery, even into the North, and into all of the West . That was thrilling for stupid people, and people who were told their daughters would "sleep with Niggers" if slavery was not spread. 

With that kind of hateful speech,and at times paying  the killers,   they were able to get stupid people to cheer, even get stupid people to  kill and torture. 


But 90% of the Confederate soldiers deserted -- 65% by 1864.   That boasting of killing to spread slavery worked -- for a while.  But the number of stupid people willing to die to spread slavery kept shrinking to 90% desertion rates, and those that remained refused to fight.

  That is eventually why the South lost.  See Davis Macon Speech 1864


Unless Jeff Davis was lying , they had plenty of men if not for the desertions. 

He was not lying, as Richmond papers reported the massive problem of desertions -- Lee's biggest problem in the war was desertions.   He said at one point his army "evaporated" -- the suckers had been killed off or just got tired of fighting for slavery, while the slave owners did not fight. It was always the stupid suckers who went forward and were killed.

So the speeches by Southern leaders-- particularly to their suckers (the soldiers) are more important than Lincoln's Gettysburg address, and even more important than Lincoln's House Divided speech -- for learning who was killing who, and why.

Lincoln's speeches were always as careful as he could make them, showing kindness. He did not, in his speeches, lay blame on specific persons, quite the reverse, he showed empathy and respect toward the South

But the speech by US Senator David Atchison that we show was to his hired killers, just before the first invasion of Lawrence -- and his intention was clearly to pump up the hate and get the men ready to kill if they met any resistance.

The Kansas Act was supposed to be about "letting the citizens of Kansas be perfectly free" to decide slavery themselves.   But quite the opposite happened- - the man that passed that Act rushed to Kansas and started his "reign of terror"  per Kansas papers.

IN fact, as you will see, men were tortured and hung, just for not agreeing to sign a pro-slavery pledge.  And of course this man would not allow anyone a honest election --it took years before an honest election could be held, at which time slavery was rejected by 95% vote.

Remember, Charles Sumner, in his "Crimes Against Kansas speech"  named the people killed, the details of their death or torture,  and named those responsible - specifically the General of Law and Order in Kansas.  The same man who passed the Kansas Act.

Yet most teachers -- particularly high school teachers, but even college history professors -- often have no clue that the man Sumner was talking about (though Sumner explained this ) was the same man that passed Kansas Act.




The "General"  as you will see had his hired men ready to kill - had them cheer killing.  But everyone ran away -- wisely so.  

But they would not run away the next time.

Why did they pick Lawrence Kansas -- three different invasions?

At first these men, paid men, just terrorized, and scared the shit out of the  citizens of Kansas so bad, no one dared fight back.    As you will see, that was the plan to start with -- scare them,  maybe kill a few -- but mostly scare them.

It almost worked.  If this "General" had gotten there six months sooner, it probably would have worked.



The "General of Law and Order"  -- the same man who passed Kansas Act with Douglas --sent Jefferson Davis,  then Secretary of War,  progress reports on the killings, and even in his own reports, made it clear they would kill women too, if needed. 

But when terrorizing did not work, they upped it to torture. The men seemed happy to do so.

When that did not work, they went from torture to killing.  Each time they thought they had the job done. Each time they were wrong -- each time someone (and those men deserve as much fame and credit as Lincoln )  came forward and stopped the killers from having their way.


It would sure be a surprise to these folks -- survivors of one of the killing sprees into Kansas -- who gathered for a reunion and picture in 1896.

They probably wouldnt believe Southern leaders were kidding, either. 



It could be just sick "joking around"  except for one tiny thing -- all those dead bodies  and those who survived their tortures.   

Contrary to the nonsense that is repeated today, (that only 40 or 50 people died in Kansas)--the first governor of Kansas who was also the first President of the Kansas Historical Society, Charles Robinson, said over 3,300 were killed.   

And Robinson should know, he was shot through the chest and left for dead in 1853,  and that was before the hired killers arrived. He wrote probably the best book on the topic -


Southern leaders, you gotta hand it to them. 

They never issued an idle threat.

There was a period of time -- until they lost -- that they were boastful -- even boasted of the joy of killing to spread slavery.  The were obeying GOD -- they were doing Gods will to enslave the black race.  Why would they be coy about that?

They were proud about that. 

 They were killing to spread slavery  as they bragged about it. They did both -- they bragged about it -- and they did it.

Why don't we teach Southern leaders boasting about killing to spread slavery--1856 on.

This Senator boasted of the "joy" of killing to spread slavery, and promised to spread slavery by these same means (killing and torture) to the entire West.

This was not just "any"  US Senator. Pay attention here and you will know something everyone should know -- but damn few "history" teachers know.   The man leading the killers in Kansas -- in fact, this man hired the killers and paid them -- was the US Senator who passed the Kansas Act.


Link here to US Senator, who passed Kansas Act, bragging to hired men from Texas that they were killing to spread slavery -- and that the flag they rode under was red for the color of blood to spread slavery. 

This is just one of dozens of primary sources -- at the time -- about Atchison and his men boasting of killing to spread slavery. They were not just bragging.  As you will see, from original documents, they were doing exactly this -- they were torturing. They were killing.  And they were bragging about it -- and made it very clear-- they did this to spread slavery.



What happens when you "forget"  to mention the killing sprees, paid killers, and boasting of killing to spread slavery...

Forget  their boasting of killing to spread slavery -- we don't even teach about the paid killers (paid by Southern leaders) going to Kansas and there first terrorizing, later torturing, and then killing to spread slavery.

We teach it as "Trouble in Kansas"  and worse, we (thanks to Southern apologist)  blame "both sides, and claim some crap like "a complex issue"   of state's rights and "conflict of agricultural vs industrial economies".

Horse shit -- in all the times Southern leaders killed to spread slavery -- they never mentioned they were killing over agricultural or industrial economies.  They bragged they were doing the will of GOD, and created their country on the great truth that blacks should be enslaved --and punished -for biblical sins.

Try to understand how ISIS like Southern leaders were --and ask your teacher why they teach watered down crap, when at the time, Southern leaders were very clear, loud and proud.

They were killing to spread slavery.

Not kinda.  Not sorta. Not in a way.

We deny -- we make sure -- students do not know Southern War Ultimatums, do not know Southern leaders bragged they tortured and killed to spread slavery-- do not know the basics, as Southern leaders bragged of at the time.

These things should be in every US text book -- but are not.



Instead -- almost hilariously -- the man most responsible for the killing sprees, and most responsible for hiring the killers and boasting of the "joy of killing"  to spread slavery  -- we teach as a trivia question,  about who was supposedly  President for a day (he was not). 

There are a thousand ways to look at history -sort of like putting a puzzle together.   You can put the puzzle together as a clash of cultures, as agrarian vs industrial, as labor vs capital. 

But until you include in that puzzle who killed who-- why they killed those men, and what they bragged about as they killed those men  -- sorry, your "education" about the US Civil War is not just incomplete, it's goofy.  It's worse than stupid -- it's nonsense.

Not your fault, perhaps, but to understand history there is no way around it.  We need to know who killed who -- and why.

And when possible, know what they bragged out the ass about as they were killing.

We have that information -- we know -- what Southern leaders bragged out the ass about at the time.  We just don't teach it. 



First, learn who was killing who -- and why.  

Second, learn what they bragged about.  

 After that, add all the bullshit nonsense you want.  Add the BS about cotton gins.  Add the bs about agrarian vs industrial. Whatever makes you happy.

But get the basics right first.  Who killed who -- and why. And what did they brag about. 



Ask 1000 "history teachers" in the US if Jefferson Davis ever bragged of "vanquishing" Northern states and enslaving blacks in the North -- and likely 999 will look at you like you lost your damn mind.

But not only did Jeff Davis brag about vanquishing the North to spread slavery there -- in perpetuity -- he  almost got the job done.

But not only did Jefferson Davis boast about sending his army North to "vanquish" -- and to enslave blacks there -- he did exactly that -- or   tried to.

If you didn't know -- don't feel bad.

Ken Burns didn't know, either. 


Atchison, of course, could not do all this himself. 



and why didn't we hear about him in school?

Ever hear of the "Crimes Against Kansas" speech by Senator Charles Sumner?   Virtually every high school text book tells about the beating - nearly beaten to death on Senate floor.

But do you know who Sumner was talking about?  

Probably not.

For two days Sumner was talking about David Rice Atchison -- and his partnership with Stephen A Douglas.   For two days Sumner went on, hour after hour, listing the killing and tortures -- remember this -- listing the killing and tortures done by (guess who) David Rice Atchison and his men.

Do you see the small man behind Sumner, as Sumner was being beaten?   

That small man is Stephen A Douglas -- witnesses said Douglas stood there laughing as Sumner was beaten. Remember, Sumner  spoke about David Rice Atchison and Douglas-- by name.  Sumner point out, in exceeding detail, the killings and tortures done by Atchison. 

Sumner also pointed out Douglas was partners with Atchison -- they passed the Kansas Act, then Atchison rushed to Kansas to first terrorize, then torture, then kill to spread slavery.

In other words, the things I relate in this article are what Sumner described at the time.  Sumner was not saying anything that virtually the entire country did not know about already. There were already massive protests, speeches, and activity North and South, that came from Atchison's killing sprees and boast of killing.

In fact, the Atchison speech at the top of this article is one Atchison gave THE SAME WEEK  as Summers speech.  Sumner was exposing what Atchison was doing -- as Atchison was bragging about these precise things in Kansas.

Atchison did not deny doing these things -- he was bragging about doing them.

And remember, Atchison is the US Senator, with Stephen A Douglas, who passed Kansas Act. 

The first day of Sumner's speech (it was a two day speech)  (Sumner spoke for two days) Douglas told Sumner he should be "beaten like a dog".  This was not the first time Douglas political enemy was beaten nearly to death.  

 It's important you know that supporting Kansas Act were Stephen A Douglas, and Jefferson Davis.  

 So which of those men were most important could be a fools argument.  But Atchison is the one who hired the killers, got the Kansas Act passed, and then went to Kansas to terrorize and later kill.



While Sumner told of Atchison's crimes in Kansas -- he also said the real criminals were "still in Washington."   He was talking about the two others- - Jeff Davis and Stephen A Douglas.   Those three  men personally took the Kansas Act to the President (Pierce) to sign.

They convinced the fool (yes, he was a fool)  that Kansas Act would let the citizens of Kansas be "perfectly free"  to decide slavery themselves.

Then --nothing is more important to understand the Civil War than this -- Atchison personally rushed to Kansas to waiting men arms, and money, to terrorize citizens of Kansas in the election about slavery.

Atchison brought it (depending on your source)  from 800 to 2000 men from Missouri -- and later would need to bring in paid men from Texas Alabama and South Carolina - to kill and torture.

And it almost worked.  It was a good plan - open up Kansas to a vote (Kansas was off limits to slavery because of "Compromise of 1850" -- a compromise demanded by the South or they would have civil war then).

But having gotten twice the land they already had for slavery (because of Mexican War)  now the South demanded slavery all the way to the Pacific, as you will see.



Jeff Davis told the story himself -- all three men, Davis, Atchison and Douglas, personally took the Kansas Act to President Pierce, convinced the President (and the public) that the Kansas Act would allow the citizens of Kansas to be "perfectly free"  to decide slavery themselves.



Lincoln got back into politics in 1854 because of David Rice Atchison and the Kansas Act.  

Lincoln would say -- because of Kansas Act and Dred Scott decision -- that the United States (the Union) would have to die, or slavery would die.

Only one could survive. 

And he was right.


Ask 50 teachers what Dred Scott was about, and 49% of them will say "that blacks can not be citizens".

Nonsense.  The Dred Scott court ordered-- ordered-- that blacks be seen specifically as NOT human beings.

Remember, it did not  suggest blacks were not human beings,  it ORDERED that blacks not be seen as human beings (not persons).   Yes they used the word "citizen"  too.

But the big thing -- and Davis made this clear -- blacks were not human beings, by order of the Court.  Davis specifically referred to his basic truth in his own book, in case you wondered if anyone else notice it.

Davis not only noticed it -- but used Dred Scott to justify the killing sprees and violence into Kansas and beyond.

The Kansas Act was such a monumental fraud it was the "machinery" as Lincoln called it, with Dred Scott that made it inevitable,  that slavery had to end, or the United States had to end.

The same court -- in the same sentence! -- also ordered (remember ordered) the federal government to protect slavery -- and protect it even where the citizens were against slavery. 

Even in Kansas, after they became a free state by 95% vote, Jeff Davis issued War Ultimatums (yes, War Ultimatums) that Kansas must accept and respect slavery.

Kansas was already a free state by then.

They had already rejected slavery by then, repeatedly.

But Davis demanded Kansas accept and respect slavery -- and to make that very very clear,  Davis sent more killers to Kansas (he had alreadly sent paid killers to KS since 1855, and sent the most killers there in 1856.)



 WTF don't we teach this?  

Southern leaders had men hung, drowned, tortured, and boasted about it.  Southern leaders -- the man who passed Kansas Act among them --  promised to keep killing, keep torturing, and keep spreading slaver,  and spread slavery to the Pacific. 

See the report by Pardee Butler --  one of the victims of the torture and attempted murder by Atchison's mob.

Others did not escape -- like John Brown's son was tortured "to madness" -- probably castrated.   Brown's other son was killed.  Only after after that torture of one son, and murder of his other son, did John Brown fight fire with fire.

Yet again and again Brown is shown as some lunatic out in Kansas killing folks.  Brown was finally responding in the way Atchison's men were already doing.   Yet the way this is taught in our schools is almost verbatim of what Southern leaders said them -- only they "forget" to mention they were already torturing and killing and boasting of it, and Brown finally fought back. 

And Brown only did that  after Atchison boast that he will  killing 5000 "abolitionist" (anyone not from a slave state they called "abolitionist" ).  Remember, Atchison and his men were doing what Atchison bragged about.

Brown knew they were serious -- and knew they would keep killing.

The hate mongering and promise of killing was no longer words by speakers getting crowds to cheer.  Now, Atchison's men were killing, were torturing, were boasting  they would keep killing to spread slavery to all of  the West.

Brown had two choices. Stay there peacefully, and have his other sons tortured and killed, his wife killed, and himself killed, or he could fight back.

He fought back. 



Butler was tortured -- for refusing to sign a pledge for slavery -- and was going to be hung, but the mob, after two hours of beating him, came within one vote (a mob voted) of hanging him.  

Instead, they tied him to a two log raft and set him afloat in the River -- to likely drown -- with a sign that said he was a "Nigger Stealer".


What did this man do to make them beat, torture, and vote to kill him?

WHY didn't Burns ever tell us?




 Burns, like all of us-- were not born till 90 years after Atchison passed Kansas Act, then rushed to Kansas to terrorize, later kill, to spread slavery.

Yet arguably nothing is more basic, nothing more important, than the Kansas Act fraud,  

Even if  Burns had been alive then, he likely would not have been in the place, at the time that. So even then he would need to be told.

Therefore, we necessarily rely on people to tell us the whole story. 

Of course Burns knew all that - that he was not there, etc, and took it upon himself to lay all this out. So he deserves the credit, if any be due, and likewise any blame, if that be due.

What was Burns obligation here? 

 As you will see, Southern leaders -- at the time-- were keen on telling the world and the future, about this, that they were killing to spread slavery, and even spread slavery for GOD.

They not only bragged about killing to spread slavery -- and this is important -- they did, in fact, do as they bragged.  They were already, in fact, killing to spread slavery before they thought of bragging of such things in formal and proud ways.



Foote, who essentially did a very attractive "ah shucks" Southern grandpa act, simply avoided telling his readers- - or Burns -- of the killing sprees, War Ultimatums, speeches bragging of killing to spread slavery, tortures etc etc.

Amazing how, when you simply don't mention the most basic of things (and this was basic) you can steer the narrative anyway you like.



(Are you paying attention, Ken Burns?)

 ✔️The man who passed Kansas Act bragged about killing to spread slavery. And killed to spread slavery. David Rice Atchison.

✔️ Atchison reported to Davis on the progress of the killings.

✔️ Davis, answering a written question after the Civil War, said everything Atchison (and his men) did was "Constitutionally required.

✔️Atchison officially worked for Jeff Davis. Davis gave him the title "General of Law and Order" in Kansas,'

✔️ Both Atchison and Davis ended up being personal cowards... they avoided doing any of the killing they urged others to do, and therefore survived quite nicely, while others died. 






Our flag is read -- said US Senator David Rice Atchison -- for the color of blood we will spill to spread slavery. 


According to the first Governor of Kansas --Charles Robinson,  who was an eyewitness to killings by paid men trying to spread slavery in Kansas -- over 3,300 men were killed in Kansas in their efforts to force slavery into Kansas and beyond.

Why didn't Burns know about him?

Foote never told him.



Here is Jeff Davis own statement -- from his own book -- justifying his use of violence to force slavery into Kansas.  That's what he is talking about here -- and he justifies the violence by Dred Scott decision. 

 Blacks -- he said-- are not human beings, not persons.  That's correct -- the Dred Scott court ordered (yes ordered) that blacks are not to be seen as human beings, as persons.

They are to be seen officially as property.

 That  is his justification for the violence to SPREAD slavery. No one -- not the people of Kansas, not the legislature of Kansas, not Congress -- can deny the transfer and protection of property

The federal government MUST protect slave property. 

By order.

Of the Dred Scott decision.

Protecting slavery meant stopping people from speaking against slavery -- or trying to vote against slavery, or even preaching or publishing books against slavery.  That was the practice and laws in the South -- and that is exactly the laws Atchison and Davis passed in their "bogus " legislature when they got that done.

Everything Atchison did in Kansas - the terrorizing, torture and killings eventually, was "Constitutionally required".  


Atchison led the first invasion of Lawrence Kansas -- first of three.  See Atchison's own speech -- he boasts not about about killing that day, he boasts of the "Joy" of killing.

Remember, according to Davis, this was "Constitutionally required"

Atchison speech, as you will see if you read it, was to his newly arrived hired men from Texas, Alabama and South Carolina. He hired them via newspaper ads that made it clear "the time to talk is over":.

Joy of killing to spread slavery speech, 1856

When Atchison  got them together for this speech, just before the first invasion, he made them cheer and promise to kill that day.  He even explained that the Southern flag was red for the color of blood they would spill to spread slavery.

And they would spread slavery all the way to the Pacific Ocean. 


"Oh you always have the extremists.."

Typically when you show someone the speeches about killing to spread slavery for God, the "joy" of killing to spread slavery, etc, they will say  "Oh you always have those extremist saying stupid things.."

Uh, this was the US Senator who passed the Kansas Act. 

This US Senator said the "most glorious day of my life" was the one he led the paid killers into Lawrence KS.

Atchison was the partner of Stephen A Douglas and Jefferson Davis. 

Atchison was officially Jeff Davis "General of Law and Order" in Kansas.

Atchison sent reports to Davis on the progress of the killings.

Atchison hired the killers and reported to Davis on the progress of the killers,

"Shoot burn and hang abolitionist abolitionist without trial"   This from the US Senator who passed Kansas Act,  the same man who was Jeff Davis "General of Law and Oder" bragging in a letter that he has his men shoot burn and hang abolitionist (anyone not pro-slavery they considered an abolitionist) 

Anyone against spreading slavery into Kansas, Atchison and his men considered abolitionist. This is from his own letter/report to Jeff Davis.

So no, Atchison was not some guy shooting his mouth off. He passed Kansas Act, went personally to KS, and there did what he boasted of doing (or had his men do it - he personally somehow went somewhere else when the shooting started)

 Those three men --Atchison Douglas and Jeff Davis -- according to Jeff Davis himself boasting about it  -- took the Kansas Act to President Pierce personally, and had him sign it. 


After Atchison passed KS act, he then went immediately to Kansas and started terrorizing there --with men already hired, already ready for him to get there.

When Lincoln called the Kansas Act a horrible ruse, the machinery (as Lincoln said correctly) to push slavery to where it could not legally go, this is what he alluded to -- and wrote about -- the killings and violence to spread slavery,  Lincoln even named Atchison's right hand killer -- Stringfellow.

Later, when terrorizing did not work well enough, Atchison started torturing.  When that did not work, he started killing.  And he bragged about it.  Read his speech, here is that link again

It appeared that Atchison, Douglas, and Davis believed just terrorizing would work,  and it almost did.  In fact, Atchison's  and Davis plan worked so well, most people assumed Kansas was lost, and that slavery would be spread there and beyond.

This book was written at the time the public though Atchison and Davis plan to terrorize and kill in KS had worked.

"The CONQUEST OF KANSAS"  by Missouri and Her Allies.

Note: you can see and read this book online, free, at the link above. 

 Atchison later bragged he got Douglas to "front"  the Kansas Act, and then also bragged he was killing to spread slavery.

Do you think US Senators bragging about killing to spread slavery in 1856, using paid killers, is the kind of thing we should all know?   Especially since that US Senator was the guy who got Kansas Act passed!

Burns had no idea. Why?  Shelby Foote never told him.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. 




 Most high school teachers can tell you the name of the US Senator beaten almost to death on the Senate floor, Charles Sumner.

Some can even tell you the name of the speech "Crimes Against Kansas" .

But almost no high school can tell you who - by name  -- Atchison was talking about for 2 days, They will tell you, typically, they "read the whole speech' and know it well -- but can't tell you the name of man Sumner spoke of.

Sumner was talking about Atchison and his hired men - and Stephen A Douglas.  He explained how Atchison and Douglas teamed up to pass the Kansas Act, then Atchison ruched to Kansas, to terrorize and kill.

Sumner listed detail after detail of the killings an tortures done by Atchison and his men.   Very basic.  So this was not some "incident".  Others were killed outside the Senate -- but Sumner's beating was the first on the Senate floor -- and remember what he was talking about.  Sumner was specifically talking about Atchison, and who Atchison was killing and torturing.  And why.


Stunningly, Sumner's speech -- the one he was beaten for, almost to death -- Oh Burns did a wonderful job -"productions values" like music background, and staging the interviews, and showing pictures.  That kind of thing Burns was and is first rate.

But knowing who was killing who -- and why -- leading up to the Civil War?   Burns was out of his league.   He didn't know what he didn't know.

We wish Burns would do the first 12 minutes of the film over, and include this time what Southern leaders bragged about doing -- and did.

They killed to spread slavery,

They hired paid killers to do it.

They bragged about it

They promised to spread slavery to the Pacific, and into the West.


Did you know about Southern leaders speeches boasting -- not admitting - boasting they were already killing to spread slavery to the Pacific and into free states?

In 1856, Southern leaders bragged about being at war -- already at war - to spread slavery.

In fact, Southern leaders called in a JOY -- yes a JOY -- to kill to spread slavery.

This was before Lincoln even ran for Senate, much less President.

This site is under construction -- we are redoing it.

But there are some documents you can check out yourself in the meantime.

Like Southern leaders speeches about the joy of killing to spread slavery.

Like Southern leaders bragging they will "vanquish"  North States and enslave blacks in the North.

Sounds crazy right?

It's only sounds crazy because no one told you.

Except Southern leaders AT THE TIME