Does it matter -- to teachers-- who killed who, and why, leading up tot he US Civil War?

Apparently not.

There are a hundred ways you can look at the US Civil War -- or any war.  And a thousand ways to explain it.

But the basics -- if you care what is correct -- has to include who killed who, and why,  leading up to any war.  Including the US Civil War.

Turns out, Southern leaders bragged out the ass about killing to spread slavery -- even bragged they were killing to spread slavery for GOD.

They not only bragged about it, they wrote about it, in public official documents.  They were killing to spread slavery.   Not sorta, not kinda.  That's what they were doing, they were proud of it, and they would keep killing to spread slavery until slavery was not just in the South (bet you didn't know this)  but that blacks were enslaved in the North too.

Some nut right?  If you read this far, you think, oh, yeah, some nut might have said or written they were going to kill to spread slavery North.

Well, one guy was Jefferson Davis.  Even history teachers heard of him, I bet. 


Most people - even teachers -- have little clue that Southern leaders bragged out the ass, from 1856 on, that they were not only killing to spread slavery, but that they would spread slavery North and West, too.

"Why bring that up now -- they are all dead" - hilariously a journalist who insisted the Civil War was a complex matter, and that the South fought not for slavery, but for states rights.

After we showed this journalist the quotes and documents proving Southern leaders actually killed to STOP states rights and prevent people from rejecting slavery,  the journalist, being human, did not dare admit he did not know Southern leaders War Ultimatums, their speeches and documents bragging about killing to spread slavery, etc. 

SO he just said "Why bring this up now, they are all dead.."



Southern War Ultimatums 1860

Southern Newspapers boasted of going to war to spread slavery, too.  

Spreading slavery was "THE TRUE ISSUE".  And it was so well known that was the true issue, Jeff Davis said it did not even need to be said!  He wrote this not for the present generation, but for the future "so there will be no misunderstanding in the future."

Davis should have left a post it note for the teachers. Instead, he just left it in his own papers and in his own proclamation to the people of the free states. 



Often have we been told that "Lincoln said this" or "Lincoln said that"  but don't grasp Lincoln was always -- always --responding to the killing and violent spread of slavery.

From his first recorded words about the spread of slavery -- when he was against the Mexican War,  he was fighting and exposing the SPREAD of slavery.


For example, Lincoln said slavery had to die, or the Union dies.  Only one could remain.   That was the basic message of Lincoln's life after 1854.

Only one could live -- because of Dred Scott decision  and Kansas Act -- both the "machinery":  to spread slavery, according to Lincoln.

Someone else agreed Kansas Act and Dred Scott were the machinery to spread slavery --  Jefferson Davis said it, only he was proud of it, and actually wrote that Dred Scott deciision (just as Lincoln said) mandated -- ordered -- that slavery be spread,  even where slavery was rejected by the white people. 

Lincoln saying that slavery had to die, or the Union had to dies, was a "declaration" of war, said some in the South..

Only one problem.  South had already declared war to spread slavery in 1856. They already sent killers.  They already boasted of the joy of killing to spread slavery.  They had already promised to keep spreading slavery North and West.





"The South felt"  and another absurdities

If you think we don't teach this -- sorta kinda -- you don't know much about historians and text books.

We do "teach" it so watered down, and in such deceptive language (yes, deceptive) that if you only went by most "historians"  and text books, you are prevented, blocked, from knowing who killed who.

Nicole Etcheson, for example, is Orwelllian when she writes "The South felt that their rights were not protected".  

While her book (and others) are filled with disjointed facts, we never get it straight. That Southern leaders hired killers, and bragged they were killing to spread slavery- - and spread it for GOD.

That matters. That is how the Southern leaders themselves explained it -- at the time.

Not people later -- not detractors. This is how Southern leaders doing the killing, those hiring the killers, those bragging about joy of killing, said it then.

Try to grasp that.  

Southern leaders were proud as  hell about it -- till they lost.


Is there some conspriacy to make folks stupid about history?

Of course not.

But there is a natural tendency to bullshit, to "sound" smart and "academic".     To sound erudite and profound. 

If you simply show  who Southern leaders kill, and what they bragged about, you can't go on and on about the stupid "cotton gin" level crap we get.

Historians actually love to yap about "cotton gin" and "agrarian versus industrial modalities".   

It's not a conspriacy, it's hubris and bullshit.  It's human nature.  

Still, the result is the same.

Unless we know who killed who, and what they bragged about at the time, we are blocked from knowing what matters most.... that Southern leaders candidly, and bluntly boasted of killing to spread slavery -- and actually killed to spread slavery.  

Some of those killers -- leading killers -- boasted of the "Joy" of killing to spread slavery.

Such as the US Senator who passed the Kansas Act.  He bragged of the joy of killing to spread slavery!

Yet a typical historian like  actuallSouthern leaders -- with names -- did not only kill to spread slavery, they bragged about it

Why on earth do we not teach that.

We do "teach that"  but in euphamism and double speak.

For example, a typical "historian"   like f you don't know South had ALREADY declared war, and already boasted they were killing to spread slavery 1856 on, you can't know your ass from a  banana about much or what Lincoln said or did. 

That's the major fall out -- consequence -- of stupidly teaching that the Civil War started in 1861.  Southern leaders were already at war, already killing, and bragging out the ass about it, from 1856 on.


Lincoln was responding to something.  He responded to the killings and boasting by Southern leaders.  If you don't know that, you will be forever stupid about US history.


Jefferson Davis knew a little something about killing to spread slavery.  He paid for the killers.  He justified the killing.

And he did so in writing.

Was he kidding?   Was he wrong?

That is -- Davis justified and bragged of the killings, until he lost. Once the South lost, Davis had a completely different set of slogans.  Where he hated state's rights when state's rejected slavery, and sent killers to stop states rights, and even sent killers North during the Civil War to enslave in the North, after he lost,he sang a profoundly different tune.

The man who literally paid for the killers to invade Kansas in 1856, claimed he had "for 20 years, day and night, avoided war".  

Davis accused "madmen"  and "extremist" for  causing the Civil War.  He never realized he was the madman and extremist.  

Be clear about this....Davis sent killers to Kansas from 1854 on, and for a while, when he was Secretary of War, he sent US troops to force slavery into Kansas.

Mostly, though, Jefferson Davis and his "General of Law and Order" -- a position Davis just made up --- used paid killers.

See the speech by  David Rice Atchison, boasting of killing to spread slavery, to his recently arrived men from South Carolina, Alabama, and Texas.



Lincoln was correct about the Civil War -- when you get all his words, not partial bullshit. 

The Union (United States = Union) will end, or slavery will end.  Dred Scott and Kansas Act, Lincoln explained hundreds of times, including his famous "House Divided" speech, meant there was no way to stop slavery.  The Dred Scott decision ordered the federal government to protect slavery.

Let me repeat that -- the Dred Scott decision ordered the federal government to protect slavery -- in areas that rejected slavery.  Kansas rejected slavery -- but Dred Scott decision ordered slavery protected even in Kansas.

Kansas citizens voted overwhelmingly against slavery, when they finally had an honest election.  

But resisting slavery -- wrote Jeff Davis in his own book "Rise and Fall of the Confederate 

In fact, after Kansas became a free state, Jeff Davis STILL sent killers to Kansas, and STILL insisted Kansas accept slavery.

Remember, this was after -- after -- Kansas became a free state.  Before Kansas became a free state, and after Kansas became a free state -- Jeff Davis personally (yes personally) sent killers to Kansas.

That is why Kansas had more deaths than any other Union state. Over 3000 deaths before the Civil War "official" start in 1861, over 3000 KS folks died, according to the first governor of Kansas,  Charles Robinson.  Robinson should know, he was not only there, not only shot through the chest, given up for dead, yet survived, he was first President of the Kansas Historical Society.


But more, Southern leaders were right - and at the time, proud as proud can be.   They were at war -- they went to war, they started the war,  and did not mumble. They were not coy, or ashamed.  They were not confused.

This was 1856,  and LIncoln was not even a factor. Southern leaders already for over two years had sent paid killers to  Kansas - and by 1856 sent apparently over 2000 killers.  Killers is the right word, btw, not "settlers" or "those who supported slavery.

These men were hired -- as you will see -- because they promised to kill if needed to spread slavery.

And they were hired -- see the speeches 'FOR THE ENTIRE SOUTH'.  And they were paid -- see the speeches -- to kill to spread slavery.

Not just spread slavery into Kansas -- see the speeches -- but to kill to spread slavery to all of the West, including into two states that were already free states.

That's what they boasted about -- the men hiring the killers, leading the killers, paying the killers.  That is what THEY bragged about.

Not just some nut on the side line.

Not some drunk in a bar.

Not some low level clown speaking out his asp.

These were the top most Southern leaders -- no one was above these men -- Jefferson Davis was the man paying them and getting reports from David Rice Atchison on the progress of the killing.

And it's fucking time our schools -- starting with the "history teachers" knew and taught this most basic thing.


If you asked 1000 US high school history teachers if Jeff Davis boasted -- in an official proclamation no less -- about killing to spread slavery into the North, 999 of them would likely think you lost your mind.

Sadly nearly the same ratio of college history teachers would think you lost your mind too. 

It's more "complicated"  than that, they would say -- never mind that they have no clue (oftentimes)  about Southern leaders killing to spread slavery and bragging about it.

It wasn't so complicated to Southern leaders at the time.  They themselves explained what they were doing, and why.

And indeed, they were killing.

Indeed they were torturing.

And they bragged about it.  They bragged why they were doing this, too.  They made it clear when they would stop killing -- when they had spread slavery to all of the West and even (see Jeff Davis) into the North.

The Southern leaders didn't even mention crapola like "cotton gin" nonsense, and "agricultural vs industrial economics"  as bullshit history teachers love to yap about and test about.

Not one -- not one - not one -- Southern leader boasting about killing to spread slavery and saying it was a joy to kill to spread slavery ever mentioned the cotton gin.

But virtually every student in US will have some half assed teacher repeating the nonsense about cotton gins, and even have cotton gin be the answer on of the the major "influences" on the Civil War.

More important, if possible, is that no US history teacher seems to teach, let alone make the student repeat it on tests -- that Southern leaders sent paid killers to Kansas, and bragged they were killing to spread slavery.

Hell, the teacher does not have to explain it -- just show the South leaders own very clear explanations at the time.


Yet Jeff Davis did indeed boast about killing to spread slavery North,  and boasted to enslave those blacks -- and their "issue" (their offspring) in perpetuity.

In the official proclamation Davis even stated that he wrote this "so there will be no misunderstanding in the future.

Even more important  -- if  possible -- is that Davis sent paid killers to Kansas after -- after -- Kansas became a free state by overwhelming vote of the public.  The same Davis sent killers to Kansas years before that, and the man he sent (David Rice Atchison) boasted of the "Joy"  of killing to spread slavery with these hired men.

Jeff Davis is famous for saying he was for state's rights and tried to avoid the  Civil War, but the "madness" of "Northern extremist."  But at the time -- in word and deed,  Davis was killing (by using paid killers)  to spread slavery against, not for, state's rights.

Why the hell not teach that?



They were killing to spread slavery.


Just a few of the things in Atchison's 1856 Speech to the newly arrived killers....

✔️  It is a joy to kill to spread slavery

✔️ You will be well paid

✔️  Besides pay, you can keep what you loot

✔️  Our flag is red in for the color of blood we will spill to spread slavery

✔️ We fight "for the entire South"

✔️  Promise now to "bathe your swords" in blood that very day.

'Our flag is red in color -- for the color of blood we will spill to spread slavery.'

And -- it damn near worked.


The most joyous day of his life...

Its important to note something else --  Jefferson Davis and Atchison (and a dozen others like them) who sent  others to kill, who got the crowds cheering for war,   did not do any killing themselves.

They had others do it.

Stupidly -- profoundly stupidly -- there are "historians" who insist Davis and Athison were peacemakers.   How did the "historians"  who insist these men were peacemakers?

Because Davis and Atchison (and others) who pumped up the hate and fear, and even hired paid killers to kill, said so.  


Atchison -- as you will see -- in his own speeches said he would lead the men personally.  And he did -- for a few minutes.  Then he got out of the way.  Went somewhere else, till the shooting stopped (in Lawrence) went in and played the hero.   

No one -- at least no Southern leader -- would ever cheer and get others to cheer at the joy of killing to spread slavery, right?  There didn't want war, right?

They said so later, after they lost!   So that can't be true!

Wrong.  It happened more than once.

And more than one Southern leader bragged of it -- till they lost.



Crowds cheered.  The common denominator  in all these speeches  is that crowds cheered.  They did NOT cheer slavery.  Southern leaders did not sell slavery.

They sold GOD.  God wanted this.

They sold safety.   If we do not spread slavery, our daughters will be sleeping with and marrying "Ni**ers"

They sold the idea that their daughters would be "burned slowly to death" by equality.... crowds cheered.

Lincoln will burn our children slowly to death

"Torture us to death by slow fire"

Our children, our women, if we can not spread slavery, will certainly be tortured to death by the slow fire of equality.


Jeff Davis,  David Rice Atchison (the man who passed Kansas Act)  CSA Vice President Alexander Stephens, and dozens of others. Dozens of newspapers in the South boasted -- in various terms.


That they were killing to spread slavery and had every right -- even duty -- to kill to spread slavery.


1856 on. Boasting of killing to spread slavery might seem preposterous now -- but it was common during a certain period of time.   You are just not told about it.

When did they stop boasting ?

After they lost.   After they lost, and this is just human nature,  they changed their story.  Oh they weren't even for slavery, they were for state's rights. Nonsense, they sent killers to STOP - yes STOP states rights when Kansas rejected slavery overwhelmingly 

Davis boasted in official declarations as you will see, and in speeches.  

 Atchison boasted in speeches and to newspapers who supported him. 

It was common knowledge, and Southern leaders then wanted it that way.  They are the ones that issued the War ULtimatums.

They are the ones, like Davis, who bragged about in public declarations  -- remember above?  That's in Jeff Davis own official declaration of 1863.   He was proud as hell of it at the time.

Proud. As. Hell.  And he specifically wrote -- he issued this declaration "so there will be no misunderstanding in the future".

It was not strange to a single living soul at the time.  Davis declaration was just another of the boasts they already issued, including Southern War Ultimatum!  

If Davis said anything less -- less than bragging about spreading slavery to the North -- he would be going back on his proud declarations that no state had a right to reject slavery because of Dred Scott decision.  See more about Davis "teaching"  the Dred Scott decision and how it (he was correct) ordered the federal government to protect slavery, regardless of where it was.


The ones we show are the most candid --Atchison and Davis, especially from the period they though they had won -- that they had conquered Kansas and would soon spread slavery into the North and to all of the West.

There was a time North and South thought Southern slave power (Davis, Atchison and the hired men mostly)  had won, had pushed slavery into the West and it was only a matter of time that all of US would be slave states.   There were books published at the time about the "Conquest" of Kansas by Slave Power -- during that period 

Like this book by William Phillips.

Where those bragging serious?

These men were the highest and most powerful men in the South -- they did the things, they hired the killers, for example.  They passed the laws (like Kansas Act and the Slave Code)

They did not do any killing themselves - the talked a great game but never got into battle.    They were deadly serious -- for OTHERS to go fight and die.

They just wanted power. 



Did you know the US Senator who passed the Kansas Act then rushed to Kansas?   His name was David Rice Atchison.

Except for then going to Kansas, and killing there to spread slavery, nothing he did in  his life is more important.  Nothing comes close.

Yet most history teachers are likely to either not know his name, or worse, if possible, will know something about his supposed "one day Presidency" which is goofy, not true, and trivial.

We have yet to find a history teacher who knows that Atchison even got Kansas Act passed, much less that he immediately then rushed to Kansas, and there used hired men to terrorize, and later kill, to spread slavery.

Atchison's actions were the immediate cause of the Kansas killing sprees --or as we stupidly teach it "Trouble in Kansas".

When you know what Atchison did, you will know how goofy and watered down the term "Trouble in Kansas" is because it says nothing of who did what.

Atchison was business and political partners with Stephen A Douglas -- they both stood to became very rich if their scheme worked, and it almost did.

.  They both passed the Kansas Act -- Douglas stayed in Washington, while Atchison rushed to Kansas where he first terrorized, then when that did not work as planned, he tortured and killed  -- and bragged about it -- to spread slavery.

He also sent reports to Jeff Davis.


Here is the speech 

From the 3rd invasion of Lawrence
where women and children were killed, too. 

Atchison passed Kansas Act
then rushed to Kansas,
to terrorize, later kill -- and boast of it. 

We should have been told

They themselves told of it -- and wanted people to know, then and in the future.

Until they lost. 


They were PROUD of it.  

Atchison, Davis, and Stephen A. Douglas passed the Kansas Act -- the three personally took the legislation to President Pierce to sign. 

Then Atchison went to Kansas himself, was paid by Jeff Davis. Together they hired over 2000 men from Alabama, South Carolina and Texas, to invade and later kill to spread slavery.

Don't take my word for it.

Take theirs. 



About it.

Until they lost.


  Jefferson Davis himself wrote (about enslaving blacks in the North) through "force of our arms" so there will be no misunderstanding in the future." 



We are taught this -- sorta kinda.   We are told of "Trouble in Kansas".

That's stupid and incorrect because it conveys nothing -- absolutely nothing -- of who did what.  Who killed who. Who tortured who.  Who invaded who.

No hint -- none -that Southern leaders hired over 2000 men -- paid men to invade and kill there.

No hint -- none -- that Southern leaders bragged of it.

As a result, every dumb ass thinks that there was "a dispute between pro-slavery and anti-slavery settlers.    That's like saying a massacre at a 7-11 robbery where 20 people are killed was " a dispute over economic issues.

Such is the power of words to make people stupid.    It's not the fault of the stupid, if their text books and teachers give this nonsense about "Trouble in Kansas"   and a "dispute over slavery in the territories.

A better title for any chapter or lecture should be "Southern leaders send 2000 killers to Kansas after they pass Kansas Act. 

That would at least be factual, and tell something of who killed who an why.




Bragged what?   Bragged their flag was red for the color of blood to spread slavery. 

The same speech, the same guy, who passed Kansas Act. The same speech, the same guy, who bragged of the joy to kill to spread slavery.

Atchison not only bragged to his men about killing and the joy of killing to spread slavery -- he sent reports to Jeff Davis on the progress of the killing, promising the killing would soon be over.

General of Law and Order" in 1856 -- 1856  -- was already  boasting to his hired men about the JOY of killing to spread slavery.

He ordered any "abolitionist" killed without trial.  And they made clear anyone not from the South was an abolitionist -- and subject to the death penalty.

This was not idle talk -- this is what actually happened, when Atchison's hired men (paid by Jeff Davis) arrived.

We simply are not told of what Southern leaders themselves- - in their own speeches, their own documents, their own books, their own newspapers, bragged out the ass about.


Do our text books and our teachers mention -- much less teach as basic in  a clear way --- who killed who, who did what, and what they bragged about?

No.  Instead we teach bullshit.

Bullshit is fine, but teach and know the basics first.  

Otherwise it is inevitable - 100% certainty -- that the bullshit gets in the way of knowing what  happened. For example the "Trouble in Kansas" texts in our text books give the false impression that "settlers" had a "difference of opinion"  and "failed to compromise"  range of nonsense.

If the facts were clear -- that Southern leaders hired paid killers, bragged about it, and those hired men did kill torture and brag about killing to spread slavery - that "failed to compromise" crap would be obviously false, and it was, is, false, though often repeated anyway.

What happened should be the focus of history, otherwise we can not learn from it. 


There are a lot of ways to look at US Civil War.

Nearly everyone would agreethat to understand any war, you need all the facts, at least all the basic facts.

The most basic fact possible -- regarding a war --who killed who and why.  Who did what.

The US Senator who passed Kansas Act -- bragged to his hired men that it was a "joy" to kill to spread slavery.

Which is more important, that he paid over 2000 killers (with Jeff Davis) to invade KS by 1856, or that he boasted they were there to kill to spread slavery?

Both are important.  And we are taught neither thing, in any candid way. 

Instead we are taught watered down nonsense about "Trouble" in Kansas, without a clear candid meaningful mention, much less full explanation, of who was killing who.

Typically our "historians" like Shelby Foote use Orwellian double speak and blame "both sides"  for not "compromising'

When you read such "historians" -- notice this -- they never, ever, ever, ever tell you  that southern leaders were invading, killing, torturing, and boasting of it, with the specific goal of killing to spread slavery AGAINST popular sovereignty and AGAINST states rights.

If you omit basic facts like what Atchison did, who he hired, what he bragged about, what Davis bragged about, you can interject such bullshit as "both sides are to blame" .

When Kansas citizens finally got to vote, they voted 90% against slavery.    The entire reason Southern leaders had to hire the killers in Kansas -- there were not enough pro slavery men there to do such killing for free.  
Atchison boasted of the joy of killing to spread slavery -- he would not be the last Southern leader to brag of that joy..


Yet we don't teach our Civil War that way. Instead, in a recent survey of text books, it seems nearly every text book highlights things like the Cotton gin,  Uncle Tom's Cabin, industrial vs agrarian economics, and  claim (stupidly) that Southern leaders cared about "states rights".




 Southern leaders, you should know,  themselves bragged about exactly that -- who they killed, and why.

Southern leaders own documents, own speeches, own boasting, and above all, their own actions are essentially, if not totally, omitted.  

For example,  though Southern leaders issued two sets of war ultimatums, one in 1856 and one in 1861, we have yet to find a single text book, even at college level, that lists, much less shows and explains those war ultimatums.

Southern leaders repeatedly, in context, loudly proudly bragged they were killing to spread slavery.   Not kinda. not sorta, not in a way.

We don't teach that.

But all the text books mention the cotton gin.  100%.


Southern leaders never mentioned
the cotton gin.

They were not kidding. They were not wrong. They were not boasting or bullshitting.  They were killing, they did torture, and they bragged about it -- in context, repeatedly, in great detail.

Why not show and teach that?

1) Who Southern leaders killed

2) Who they hired to do the killing

3) What they bragged about, until they lost.


 Did you know that Southern leaders --to cheering crowds-- bragged about killing and torturing to spread slavery?

Not a few "trouble makers"  drunk and boasting at a bar.

These were Southern leaders - top leaders-- like Jefferson Davis, Alexander Stephens, and Robert Toombs.

Also boasting of killing and torturing to spread slavery -- David Rice Atchison.  

Even history teachers can be smart enough to know his name -- but not one in 1000, by our estimate, know that Atchison was the US Senator who got Kansas Act passed, then immediately -- immediately -- rushed to Kansas, and there started to terrorize, later torture and kill, to spread slavery.



If there is a single fact more important than this -- Lincoln did not know it.  The biggest fraud in history, Lincoln (and others) called it, because it was the "machinery" as Lincoln pointed out again and again and again, that the South used to spread slavery.   Claim you were making people "perfectly free" to decide for themselves, but then send killers to terrorize or even kill those who dared try to vote or even speak against slavery in Kansas,

Idiotically we teach that Kansas Act and Stephen Douglas (Atchison's partner in Kansas Act) were trying to let "popular sovereignty" solve the "issue"  of "domestic institutions" 

Quite the opposite -- Atchison not only immediately went to Kansas after he, Jeff Davis, and Stephen Douglas personally took the Kansas Act to President Pierce to sign (assuring him that is was for popular sovereignty) Atchison rushed to Kansas to led mean already waiting for him to terrorize- - and later kill, to spread slavery into Kansas.


It's clear from written letters from Atchison to Jeff Davis that they thought all they needed was to terrorize-- a quick show of force.  No need to kill, just send armed and violent men, and the "Yankee cowards"  would back down.

Not so much.

When terrorizing did not work, Atchison had his men torture, then kill. 

Before it was over, the interference of course was monumental -- thousands of paid men, before it was over, hired expressly to torture and kill to spread slavery. And that led directly to the US Civil War.

In fact, this was the start of the Civil War -- because the South declared War in their own speeches, and did war in their own killing sprees.   To teach students that US CIvil War started in 1861 is probably the second dumbest thing teach about the Civil War.




Brag not just for a while -- for YEARS. 

 You probably don't know it, but Southern leaders -- and most in the North -- thought Slave Power had already won in Kansas and would soon -- as promised -- spread slavery into all of the West.

This book, written by an eyewitness, is all but forgotten now, bemoaning the fact Slave Power had won Kansas by these means --but newspapers wrote it off, too.

New  York papers essentially wrote off trying to defeat slave power in the West  because in addition to the hired killers, South slave power controlled Congress, the courts, and the Presidency.   Davis, as Secretary of War, used the US Army to force slavery further and further.

Between paid killers, the US Army, the courts, Congress, there was little anyone could do.    That's a basic fact of life then -- that Slave power had won -- that we don't teach, and most  history teachers don't know. 

It was during this period-- when most folks assumed -- and Southern leaders bragged -- that slave power would spread slavery to all of the US, and even into the North.

In context, with great detail -- including their justification for killing and torturing to spread slavery-  and even more specifics about their goals to spread slavery North (yes North)  and to all of the West.

They were not coy  shy  or vague -- remember this.   They would spread slavery, but this logic and by these means (killing and torture) to spread slavery even into areas and states that were already free states.

Let me repeat that -- as they did. What I show you is their own words.   They -- themselves - proudly and loudly, not kinda, not by inference, not buy suggestion,  bragged about killing -- even bragged about the joy of killing -- to spread slavery.

And spread it for God, and for white survival.

Not some drunks in a bar.  Not some low level jerks boasting in the passion of a moment, off the record.

These were, as you will see, the top Southern leaders, repeatedly,clearly,   over time, and in stunning detail  bragged about things most people today know nothing about.

Most of all, they men were doing the things they boast about..  say what you will about southern leaders, they issued no idle boasts.   In fact, by the time they boasted,  they were already killing, already invading, already torturing.



As you will see, Southern leaders did not see killing and torturing to spread slavery just as a "right" -- a right Jefferson Davis explained extensively.   

It was a duty -- killing to spread slavery was a religious duty,  for God and for "white survival". 

Crowds cheered.

Stunningly, this is how Southern leaders got crowds to cheer. Thos who could pump up the crowds got the political power. Off stage, noted Francis Blair at the time,  these same  men seemed reasonable, courteous, and in no way like the foaming at the mouth extremist on stage pumping up the crowds. 

Yet the world was trapped by hate mongers and men who could and would pump up the hate and fear before it happened in the South  in the 1840's  and 1850s.   It was then and is now --  because human nature and the power of hate speech is the same -- the cause of endless wars, death, and pain.  

It will always be that way, which is the biggest reason to learn history -- so we do not repeat it. 

Men like Jefferson Davis, Robert Toombs, Davis Rice Atchison promised they could continue to invade and kill to spread slavery  into the  North (yes, North) and all the way to the Pacific.

To get the crowds to cheer -- to get the men eager to kill -- Southern leaders gave these kinds of hate pumping and religious speeches --  their duty to God and white survival depended on spreading slavery to not just the West -- all the way to the Pacific --  but Jeff Davis went one better -- enslave blacks in the North.

Were Southern leaders serious?   The crowds cheered, and the men they hired went hundreds, or even over 1000 miles, to kill and terrorize, based on such speeches.

If the Southern leaders believed it when they were pumping up the hate and fear, we don't know.  Probably they didn't believe it, but they pumped up the fear and hate anyway for political power.

After they lost --of course -- they sang a totally different tune.  A  tune we stupidly teach as the truth.   




1856 ON


With thousands of men. 

Repeatedly, clearly, in great detail, over time, officially, with great specificity -- as crowds cheered -- Southern leaders bragged that  not only were they at  war to spread slavery,   they bragged they were spreading slavery to the Pacific and to the North.

Not kinda.

Not sorta.

Not in a "way".    THis is what they killed to attain, what they paid over 2000 paid killers to do.  

And it almost worked.

So -- why the fuck are we not taught in our schools about this-- about Southern leaders invasions, killing sprees, paid killers, and their boasts about it all?


Did you know that Southern leaders even bragged they spread slavery against (yes against) state's rights?

Did you know that Southern leaders clear, loud, proud, speeches and documents at the time were drastically different than the typical slogans we hear today.

No one would be stupid enough to say that who killed who and why is not a fundamental issue in any war.   In the case of US Civil War, Southern leaders made it very clear, in fact they were proud, loud and clear about it, until they lost.

They tortured, they killed, they terrorized -- and they boasted of it. In context, repeatedly, over time.  They were not coy.   

They were not shy.   Unless they rented billboard space in advance for 150 years,  they could not do more than they did to make it clear.

See Jeff Davis himself explain it, in his amazing way of writing.  He issued his proclamation "so there will be no misunderstanding in the future".

He was killing to spread slavery -- and would continue to do so -- and enslave backs in the North, in perpetutity.

Did you know -- yes or know -- about Davis proclamation of 1863.   It was not a big surprise to anyone alive at the time -- they already knew about the killings and boasts of killings to spread slavery to that point.

Davis was just saying what he had said, or other Southern leaders said, and did, in various ways

They were at war -- to spread slavery.  

And spread slavery even where it had been rejected by the will of the people in Kansas 

That's right, Kansas citizens rejected slavery, yet Southern leaders still sent

They were not ashamed.  They were proud of it.  They wrote their own justifications for it. 


Until they lost.   After they lost, these same men who before bragged about killing to spread slavery gave a very different spiel.   They no longer bragged they were killing to spread slavery for God.

They no longer bragged they would spread slavery to the Pacific and into the North.

They no longer claimed their religious duty was to create a county to enslave blacks, and that the "great moral truth" of the Confederacy was to enslave the inferior race as GOD intended and even to punish --  yes punish -- blacks for their biblical sins in perpetuity,

All those things that they said before, and crowds cheered,  they no longer dared mention.   But at the time, the top Southern leaders caused the killings- - literally hired the killers and sent them to kill -- by these speeches and pronouncements.

They did not just brag about it.  Remember that. They did what they bragged about.  They hired the killers.  They sent the killers.   They paid the killers.   They boasted of this at the time.

So  -- do not  think these were "merely words".   These words were spoken at the time by the men doing these things.  Not pie in the sky boasting.   Say what you will about Southern leaders, they issued no idle threats.  In fact, typically they were already doing the terrorizing, torturing and killing they bragged of before they bragged. 


Facts matter --

We do teach the things I am about to show you -- but in an Orwellian, double speak bullshit way.

We do not make it clear -- stupidly-- that Southern leaders already were killing and bragging of killing, already boasting they were at war to spread slavery "to the Pacific"  by 1856.

There were NOT a few low or even mid level Southern leaders.  These were the top most Southern leaders -- the future President of the Confederacy for one example.   The  same men who sent the killers, paid the killers, and justified clearly and repeatedly their logic and their justifications for the killings.

They were clear, loud, proud, in context.

This is just one example. 

 Jefferson Davis boasting officially of killing to spread slavery NORTH.  That's right NORTH.  What is even more amazing, no one was at all surprised ---- Davis had already sent over 2000 hired men into Kansas almost 10 years before that, to kill and torture to spread slavery then, in 1856.

The entire nation already knew that - even if you and your "history teacher"  don't -  Davis knew, the South knew, and the North knew.   So this is only surprising to people who are stupid about the histor from 1854 on.  

Davis was not the only one -- in fact he had a lot of company -- bragging about killing to spread slavery. 

Proudly and loudly -- clearly, and repeatedly. We should teach that -- teach  Southern leaders boasting of killing to spread slavery.   Of all Southern leaders, though, the man who personally passed the Kansas Act in 1854 was at least in the top five boastful.   US Senator David Atchison, who led the first killing spree into Kansas -- boasted of the the "Joy" of killing to spread slavery.

Read his speech.  He boasts of the joy of killing to spread slavery -- in 1856

Remember, they were killing to spread slavery, and boasting of it, claimed it was a joy to kill to spread slavery, in 1856


Remember this -- until they lost --Southern leaders boasted of killing to spread slavery.   We should teach that.

Not only teach the speeches, where they bragged about killing to spread slavery -- but teach the details about the killing sprees. 


You should not be surprised by any of this -- but you will be.

Let us repeat....Southern leaders -- long before Lincoln ran for president -- were already at war.   Their word, war, to spread slavery.   And they were proud of it.

Let them tell you.  They told the public then, and crowds cheered.   

When David Rice Atchison gave his September 1856 speech to his newly arrived paid killers (all told, over time,  about 2000 men) Atchison was  "General of Law and Order in Kansas".

 But first, before that, Atchison was the US Senator who passed the Kansas Act by claiming the "foulest lie in US history"  that his Kansas Act would make residents of Kansas "perfectly free to decide [slavery] themselves."

It was obviously a lie and a plan to force Kansas and all of the West into slave states.  We know it was a lie and a plan because immediately after Atchison, Jeff Davis, and Stephen A Douglas personally had President Pierce sign the Kansas Act, Atchison rushed to Kansas and led the first invasion of many -- using cannons, guns, knives, and terror, to take over the voting stations had.


The "Crimes Against Kansas" speech, if your teacher bothered to read it, was all about this.

All about Senator Atchison passing Kansas Act.

Lawrence Kansas after the first Atchison INvasion.

Atchison's first invasion with paid men into Kansas did not result in deaths,  but on later invasions paid killers murdered men, women and children.  

All three invasions used paid men.

All three invasions were for the same "crime".

The  "crime" committed by the people of Lawrence was always the same --as you can tell by Atchison's speech.  The people of Lawrence had allowed a newspaper to publish articles against slavery,  even after Atchison and his men declared such newspapers illegal.


There is a handwritten version, and a text version.



We show you what your text book should have had made clear in every US history class every year of your education. You can find it yourself easily enough, get speeches and books at the time -- particularly Southern speeches before the Civil War.

Dozens of Southern leaders said such things -- some in euphamism (such as "Southern rights")  or  "our rights in the territories".

As you will see, when Southern leaders were more candid, as they were when actually killing to spread slavery, they themselves made it clear what "Southern Rights"  meant.

It meant they had a right to kill to spread slavery.  And they said so at times, when they thought they were going to win.

After they lost,  they gave a completely different set of slogans.  But at the time -- here is what TOP Southern leaders bragged of, and candidly.

1) Spreading slavery for GOD

2) Killing to spread slavery

3) Torturing to spread slavery

4)  That they will spread slavery North

5) That they will enslave blacks in North

6) That they had every right -- and duty-- to spread slavery.

7) That Dred Scott decision gave them right to use violence against states rights.

8) That they will spread slavery as God's will as biblical punishment in perpetuity.


No one would disagree with this -- that if we had a two minute video of what Robert E Lee did, said, and laugh about at slave auctions (yes, he went to slave auctions and bought women from bounty hunters)  we would know more than all the BS written about him since.

So what did Southern leaders -- themselves -- in their own publications speeches and letters -- brag about at the time?

Would not that tell us more than bullshit written later by them or by folks who took the BS as fact, instead of bothering to find out what Southern leaders did and boasted of at the time?

Too complicated?


Have you ever heard a US history teacher in school approach history that way -- about who killed who and why?

Probably not.   At least not about the US Civil War.

Why?  Because that is not what or how your teacher was taught. They stupidly pass on the bullshit nonsense we have accepted as scholarly fact.



There is not a single text book at any level in US education (that we know of) that even shows Southern War Ultimatums and Southern leaders boasting of killing to spread slavery.

If you can find one --let me know.  But certainly Southern War Ultimatums are not on the cover, not enlarged and shown on a page by itself.  Not taught at all, much less as important.

These text books don't even MENTION it, much less explain it.  You would have a very hard time teaching Southern War Ultimatums, and they claim some nonsense about the "cotton gin"  being a reason for the Civil War.

That's what happens when you get facts -- as you will see -- facts about what Southern leaders themselves boast about, until they lost.   What they boast about is drastically different from what you are taught.

Yet we don't even show that much -- Southern War ULtimatums, so of course we don't show the speeches and boasting of the killing and tortures done because people did not obey those War Ultimatums.

No teacher would be shallow and stupid enough to mention  trivia nonsense about "agricultural vs industrial" BS, much less require the students believe it, and answer thus on a test if they first taught who Southern leaders killed, who they hired to do the killing, and what they bragged of, till they lost.


Yet Southern leaders boasted of exactly, precisely  this.  Why they were killing, and who they were killing.

They bragged -- bragged about it.  

Did I mention brag about?

Not some low level folks.

Not some "gotcha" out of context crap.

Not some drunken boast to be discarded.

This is what Southern leaders bragged about -- AND DID.  They not only bragged about killing to spread slavery, they not only bragged about torture to spread slavery,  they even bragged about the JOY of killing to spread slavery.

As you will see. 



We teach our children in a goofy way.   

Do our textbooks or our teachers convey the basic information that Southern leaders so loudly boasted of at the time?


In nearly every  US history textbook there is a copy of Lincoln's Gettysburg address.   Fine speech, but it conveys literally nothing of what caused the war--- nor did Lincoln care to mention it, at that time.

But Lincoln did -- and more importantly Southern leaders did - make it clear what caused the war.   

Southern leaders bragged they were killing to SPREAD slavery.  Even in official documents, Southern leaders made this clear -- by bragging about it.

Are any of those documents shown?


Why not?

How are students supposed to know Southern leaders sent killers to Kansas from 1855 on, and boasted they were killing to spread slavery into Kansas and into all of the West, and into the North?  (Yes, Jeff Davis himself bragged of enslaving blacks in the NORTH)

Are students supposed to get this information from a duck?

Are they supposed to dream it?

They could, yes, find it themselves by reading all Southern documents by Southern leaders at the time.   But they are not even shown HOW to do that.

The information they do get in class, and from their teachers,  is drastically different than what Southern leaders did, and boasted of doing, at the time.


Necessarily then, millions of US citizens have no clue -- and no practical way to learn -- that Southern leaders 

1) were in fact killing to spread slavery

2) did in fact boast about killing to spread slavery


Not unless they found this, as we did, in original documents.

Almost as bad, the "historians" like Foner and McPherson don't seem to even wonder who was killing who and why.  

McPherson, for example, only mentioned Southern War Ultimatums once - - did not show them, did not see fit to include the term in his index. 

And McPherson is well aware of Southern War Ultimatums, we know because he mentioned them.

They were no secret -- Southern newspapers boasted of them.  Southern leaders bragged about them.  Southern leaders sent killers based on these War Ultimatums.

Very basic.

Why were these men shooting women and children? Yes on the third invasion of Lawrence, they killed women and children too.

Southern leaders actually bragged about it.

B R A G G E D.

Did you know that? Let me repeat -- they bragged about it.
One more time -- they bragged about it. Until they lost.

So what is more important that you know?  Belt buckle bullshit?

Which general was coming down which road at a certain time of day?

The name of Lee's pet chicken?

We teach the name of Lee's pet chicken.

We teach the name of generals which came down which road.

Our "historians" even ramble on about belt buckles.

Excuse the fuck out of me, but why the hell not FIRST show who was killing who, and what those leaders bragged about, until they lost.


Until you know who killed who, and why,  you can know all the belt buckles in each army, you can know what they ate, and their songs.

You can know every Lincoln quote, every stupid slogan (like cotton gin crap)-- and you would not know shit about the Civil War that matters. 

Why?  Because you don't who killed these soldiers, and who these soldiers killed, and what the leaders bragged about, until they lost.


When you know who killed who -- and why -- and what they bragged out the ass about, until they lost, you won't be so easily fooled by bullshit. By trivia. By stupid narratives.

Southern leaders during the civil war were in the first generation of Americans that used the telegraph -the first generation where their speeches bragging about killing to spread slavery could be relayed around the country in a day or two. 

Where speeches boasting of invading the North to enslave blacks in the North were not only boasted of by Southern leaders and Southern newspapers, but reached Northern newspapers too.

This is but one reason we can know (if we aren't fooled by bullshit) what Southern leaders bragged out the ass about.

Yet largely we are focused on bullshit -- like the battle plans, and what the soldiers ate.  We do not, and never have, in any US text book even mentioned, much less focus on, what Southern leaders bragged out the ass about it-- who they killed, why they killed these man.  

That is -- they bragged about it, until they lost.



You should know this -- but you do not.



Atchison and Douglas passing the Kansas Act, then Atchison rushing to Kansas immediately, and there terrorizing, later killing, to spread slavery, is the single biggest killing spree that led to the US Civil War.

Without the Kansas Act, and without Atchison immediately going to Kansas to terrorize, torture and kill to force slavery to the Pacific,  the Civil War might never happen.   Southern leaders boasted of this, bragged about it, sent killers there, promised to spread slavery to the North and West, by the same means.

Once Southern leaders did that -- they could not say later "oh never mind".   They were bound.  They would lose face, seem like cowards,  if they did not follow through on their big talk.

Talk just like Davis talk, talk just like Atchison, just like 20 other Southern leaders-- we must and we are spreading slavery for GOD and for white survival.


Atchison made it clear 5 things every teacher of US history should know.

1) Southern leaders bragged the Confederate flag was red for blood they would spill to spread slavery

2) Southern leaders bragged they were killing to spread slavery

3) Southern leaders bragged they would spread slavery to the Pacific-- and were already killing to make that happen, when they bragged in this matter.

4) Southern leaders used paid men to spread slavery - mostly from Texas, South Carolina, and Alabama

5) There were only a handful of men at the top making this happen in 1854-1856.  The three most important men were Jefferson Davis, David Rice Atchison, and Stephen A Douglas


Atchison sent reports to Davis on the progress of the killings, and reported it would soon be over.  He was wrong.


There are dozens, if not hundreds, of speeches by, newspaper articles by, even official proclamations by Southern leaders boasting of killing to spread slavery.

But no other speech we know of was so packed with information as this speech..

Most people can not name this man, but he was the most famous and powerful Senator during his time -- and personally went to Kansas to kill and torture to spread slavery.

And bragged about it.

Why don't you know him?

Because your text book doesn't tell you anything basic about him -- like what he did, and boasted of, until he lost.

Your text book does not tell you, either.


Jeff Davis "so there will be no misunderstanding in the future".

This proclamation by Davis promising to enslave in the North should be one of the five documents in every US text book.  If there was only one document shown regarding US Civil War, this should be it.

See it yourself.

Notice, too, no one was surprised that Davis boasted of spreading slavery North.  Spreading slavery  -- the right and duty to spread slavery -- was Davis regular narrative, in one way or another, for the past decade.  As you will see, Davis proudly sent killers to Kansas and defended that right to spread slavery there and onto the Pacific  during that entire time -- and spread it by violence.

So no one was surprised, least of all Lincoln, that here Davis promised to enslave blacks in the North, and wrote (see yourself)  he, Davis,  looks forward to reunification of the Union as an all slave state nation.

"So there will be no misunderstanding in the future" he writes.

It's not in any US text book, that we know of,  and the sentiment he expressed, here officially, you won't see expressed or explained either -- that he is sending his army to enslave blacks in the North.

WTF?  Spread slavery in perpetuity in the North?   

It should not surprise anyone today, as it did not surprise anyone at the time.  But people then already knew Davis fanatic defense of killing to spread slavery into Kansas and beyond.   They knew Davis sent killers to KS and beyond from 1855 on.

They knew Southern leaders spread slavery this way -- violently -- since the start of the nation.   They knew slavery was never spread any other way but violence.

Just remember -- Davis was boasting here (read it yourself) of spreading slavery in the North, in perpetuity.   And he explained it, he wrote, so there will be no misunderstanding in the future.

Meanwhile, your teacher probably told you some nonsense on about cotton gin.  And you had a history test that made you regurgitate that nonsense.

Not one word about Jeff Davis boasting of killing to spread slavery -- into the North. 



And to spread that slavery in perpetuity.



Aand as far as we know, this most basic boasting by Davis is only mentioned obliquely in a few text book.  

That's despite Davis saying he wrote this "So there will be no misunderstanding in the future."


  More important than Lincoln's Gettysburg address, more important than Lincoln's  "House Divided"  because Davis here is blunt.

Lincoln was diplomatic. Davis was being boastful.  

Davis Promises -- and sends his army -- to enslave blacks in the North.
You heard me right -- in the NORTH.
And enslave blacks there in perpetuity.
You heard me right - in perpetuity.

Stupidly and with profound consequences we have never taught in any US text book what Southern leaders bragged about  -- loudly, proudly, repeatedly, in context, and with great specificity -- until they lost.

We will spread slavery all the way to the Pacific.  We will spread slavery into the North.

Crowds cheered.   Men went to Kansas -- for money, to kill and torture to make it  happen.

It almost worked 


As you will see, they bragged - bragged- - officially and unofficially, in documents, in speeches, in Southern War Ultimatums, about being at war to SPREAD slavery 1856 on.

Let me repeat that -- 1856 on, Southern leaders bragged they were at war to spread slavery.

Expand slavery -- by killing, if necessary -- or we will perish. We will be exterminated.

Our daughters will "sleep with Niggers".

Our children will be "burned to death slowly".

Just stop the spread of slavery --and our children will be burned slowly to death.

Crowds cheered -- remember this. Do not forget it.  

South and North,  hate and fear mongers spread this message of death to the white race - regularly.  Standard fare in the 1850's, and crowds cheered.

If slavery is not spread. 

We will be.


Our children.

Will be burned slowly to death.

Crowds cheered.



Remember -- if slavery is not spread -- the white race will be exterminated.  Crowds cheered. Men joined "secret lodges"   and hired on to kill in Kansas.  Men who heard such things went on killing sprees,  and their leaders (as you will see) said it was a joy -- a joy -- to kill to spread slavery.

You need to know this.  And it sure as hell is not in your textbooks. 

This was NOT -- NOT -- NOT a few nuts in a bar.  This was not a side issue.

Death of the white race -- if we can not spread slavery -- was the issue, and the issue that Southern leaders made sure inflamed the hate and fear.

The result was the US Civil War. 

Which Southern leaders -- at the time -- bragged they started.  Yes, Southern leaders bragged (BRAGGED) at the time they started the civil war.

Why not teach that?

They bragged about it.

They issued War Ultimatums about it.

They got crowds to cheer about it.

They hired killers to kill and torture.

Not kind of at war.

Not sort of at war.

Not war as a metaphor.

They were -- in reality and in speech boasting of it -- killing, torturing and promising more death, more torture, unless they could spread slavery to the Pacific Ocean, and into the North.

That's right, IN TO THE NORTH/


When Lincoln said (and he did, repeatedly say this)  slave power had created "machinery"  that would and was already spreading slavery that would take over the entire US, or slavery would end. 

One would "die,"  slavery or Union.

Because of the machinery (we show you the machinery) one would die, and one would live.   There was now (because of the machinery) no way to exist half slave and half free. 



Lincoln actually agreed with Southern leaders, just in different terms.   Southern leaders boasted they not only  could spread slavery (because of the machinery) they had a right, a duty to spread slavery.

And they said that until they lost -- until Lincoln destroyed (because he did) their machinery. 

Southern leaders were not wrong,  when they claimed a right to spread slavery, and spread it by force, by killing, by torture. As you will see, Southern leaders insisted Dred Scott decision (that's one half of the "machinery"  LIncoln spoke of)   gave them that right to kill to spread slavery as you will see.





Not only a right, to kill to spread slavery, but because the white race will be "exterminated" if they do not spread slavery, (yes, they insisted that to cheering crowds and in official documents)  they also had the duty to spread slavery.

Remember that -- the right to spread slavery.

And the duty to spread slavery.

Over and over -- and over -- and over,  Southern leaders made this clear in their own speeches, their own newspapers, their own documents.  

It was the propaganda of it's time, much like Hitler's propaganda was that Jews are destroying Germany.  It wasn't true, but that was the hate and fear mongering Nazi leaders used.

White race will be exterminated is what Southern leaders used, and were proud, loud, and clear about, as proud and as clear as Nazi's were two generations later. 
That is from Southern leaders own mouths, their own documents.

Not some "gotcha" quote.

Not some theoretical prattle.

Not some vague mention.

Southern leaders,  claiming specifically Dred Scott decision,  hired and sent killers hundreds, even a thousand miles, to kill and torture to bring this to pass. 

And they boasted -- boasted -- boasted -- boasted about it, at the time.


WE don't teach this.

We don't teach what Southern leaders did.

We don't teach what Southern leaders bragged about.

Not candidly.  Not as they themselves boasted of.

Remember, Southern leaders boasted of this. Southern leaders made it clear.

Southern leaders hired the killers.

Southern leaders paid the killers.

Southern leaders bragged about it -- until they lost.


 Not some low level drunks in a bar. The top most Southern leaders -- those leaders who were actually doing the killing and torture (via their hired men).    Those Southern leaders who had crowds cheer and got those crowds to be the killers and be those who torture others.

In every case -- 100% of the time -- these leaders in these speeches and documents made it very clear, specifically clear, proudly clear, what they were doing.  They were spreading slavery, spreading it for God, and spreading it North and West against (yes against) state's rights.

Not for state's rights.

Against states rights.

Jeff Davis himself laid out the "logic"  of killing to spread slavery AGAINST states rights. 

Spoiler alert - the "logic" of killing to spread slavery against states rights was Dred Scott decision. 


A few links...


The name Lincoln is taught on the same pages as we teach the US Civil War.

Big mistake.  

First, teach what slave state leaders did, and what they bragged about.

Then teach Lincoln.  

Everything Lincoln did -- every word, every speech, every action, was in response to the killings and tortures and boasting by Southern leaders from 1845 on.


There is no text book in the United States that we know of that even shows Southern War Ultimatums.

No text book that even shows -- much less explains -- Jeff Davis boasting of killing to spread slavery North.   Yet Davis wrote his own official proclamation bragging of it.   He went into detail about WHY he would kill (through force of our arms)  invade the North and enslave blacks there -- in perpetuity.

You heard right -- Davis will enslave blacks in the North in perpetuity.

Never ending.  Slavery.  In the North.


But this was did NOT surprise any living person in 1863.  It was the same message Southern leaders had been bragging about from 1856 on.

It was exactly what was going on re slavery from 1820's on.  Slavery always -- always - spread by killing torture and terror.   Slavery never spread by any other means.

Ironically it was the telegraph -- the internet of the day -- that by 1850's got word out much faster about the killing sprees, the murders, the tortures used by slave power to spread slavery.  No longer could slave power do their killings and terror, and slavery already be spread, by the time people knew what the hell went on.

Southern leaders boasting about killing and actually killing on a Monday, could be news in Chicago or New York by Friday.  Or sooner. 

It has taken over 160 years, however, to sink in to minds of most Americans today -- because of the BS in our text books. 



Because our text books don't explain this -- that slavery always spread by killing and terror -- it comes as a needless shock to anyone who learns that the Civil War -- started proudly by the South in 1856 (because they said so) was not unusual.   Slavery had always spread by this way -- violence.

Almost as stupid, our text books do not show that (as happened in Kansas and all the South) slave power immediately made it a crime to speak openly against slavery,  or preach against slavery, or publish newspapers against slavery, or even own the wrong book.

These two things are absent entirely, or so watered down as to be useless to the students,  that no rational person who uses those text books to learn about slavery, Lincoln, or the Civil War could have a clue what was going on.

What was going on was this -- the violent spread of slavery, with Southern leaders boasting of the killings, boasting of the tortures, justifying those killing and tortures by the bible and by their own Dred Scott vile decision.


Slavery could not remain where free speech and freedom of religion remained.

In every case,  100% of the time, slavery spread by terror and violence, and could not stay in that land if they allowed free speech and freedom of religion.   

Those who dared speak against slavery were at risk -- and some were killed -- even in the North.Southern states made it a crime to speak or write or even own books against slavery.

Why?  Because if slavery could be preached against, if slave owners could be exposed in the press as torturing and raping the slave girls (as they did) slave owners lost status.  Either free press and free speech about slave ended, or slavery ended.

It could not be otherwise.  It is no accident that when slave power initially took control of Kansas (by violence) they immediately passed laws against speaking or publishing against slavery.

The famous invasions of Lawrence Kansas - -the entire reason was that Lawrence allowed an anti-slavery newspaper to continue, after Southern leaders (David Atchison) made it a crime.    See his own speech about it.


Davis and others had been killing -- and bragging of killing -- to spread slavery 1856 on.

Why don't our text books show such simple and basic facts -- especially since, at the time, Southern leaders were so proud of it.

They were PROUD of the killing and torture from 1856.  They did not deny it, they BRAGGED about it,

Until they lost.

If you know any of this, you did not get it from a US text book, and you did not likely get it from a teacher.

It's not your teachers fault -- except a good history teacher will instill DOUBT -- and curiosity.  A good history teacher will show you why original documents matter, and why it's important to know who was killing who, and why.

So it is your teacher's fault not to help and encourage you to get more than just some sound bites, some quotes, and some trivia. 

Later, they can add bullshit trivia like "cotton gin" crap if they like.  Or belt buckle trivia.  Or the dates of some battle.  

Sadly most history teachers -- and text books- - not only avoid the candid "who killed who and why"  approach to  history,  they load up their lectures and test with nonsense FIRST.

And they never do get around to the basics -- who killed who, and why.


We all know instinctively that who killed who, and why, is basic to understanding history.

The history of US, and the US Civil War, is no exception.

Yet ask 100 high history teachers in the US for an explanation of who was killing who, and what the killers were bragging about, and you will find  that most basic aspect of US history is not only not taught, it is not even mentioned in a candid way.

You are more likely, by a factor of 100-1, to hear mention of "agricultural" vs "industrial"  or even more absurd, but more common, some nonsense about the "cotton gin".

We actually teach absurdities like that.

But we do not teach who killed who -- why -- and what they bragged about. 


At the risk of being candid (but candid is necessary) Southern crybabies and apologist have never allowed -- in national text books -- any (yes any) candid education about who was killing who, and what they bragged about.

As a result, this most basic aspect of what the hell happened is simply lost on most people today, including (especially?)  history teachers.

See why that matters.   


The Joy of killing to spread slavery:

Southern leaders 1856.

Let me repeat that -- the joy of killing to spread slavery -- 1856. Not "joy" as an abstraction.  Not "killing" as a metaphor.  

Southern leaders -- top leaders as you will see - were indeed killing to spread slavery, boasting of it, and calling it a "Joy"  in 1856.  


Did I mention 1856?


Remember -- as you will see -- these were not isolated incidents or low level Southern leaders.  These were the top most Southern leaders.   This was not isolated, but a three years "reign of terror" as Kansas newspapers called it.

Over 3,400 Kansas men were killed -- yet our text books, if they mention any number at all, claim just 100.   But we know from Southern leaders boasting about it -- they were there to kill.   And they were killing to spread slavery.

Not sorta.

Not kinda.

Not in a way.

Not "well if you want to look at it that way".

This is the way that Southern leaders looked at it- and what they did, and what they bragged about, until they lost.

After the war, Southern leaders (everyone of them) came up with various bullshit slogans and claims they were just for state's rights.

But at the time Southern leaders hated-- detested -- states rights when Kansas rejected slavery.  Jefferson Davis himself made that clear in his own justification for the killing in Kansas, after Kansas became a free state.

Even after Kansas became a free state, by overwhelming vote of the citizens there, Jeff Davis sent killers there.

Jeff Davis sent killers there before and after Kansas became a free state.  Don't forget that. Don't let some stupid ass "history" teacher get this wrong.  Very basic.  Jeff Davis own "logic" his own "justification"  for sending killers to Kansas should be the easiest question on any high school test about the US Civil War.

Yet I have yet to find a single history teacher who can answer that question..... how did Jeff Davis justify sending killers to Kansas after Kansas rejected slavery?

The answer is below. 

Southern leaders were -- literally proudly and loudly, in context, officially -- bragging about killing to spread slavery.

Until they lost.

Not kind of.

Not sort of.

Not in a way.

They not only bragged of killing to spread slavery, they were indeed killing to spread slavery.

Why the fuck do we not teach this?  They were proud of it.

They bragged about it.   and they did it.

That is what Lincoln actually faced.  That is what the US actually faced because of the violent and hate mongering words and deeds of slave power leaders.

You need to know this candidly.

Not in watered down bullshit terms.  

That is what we are trying to do here -- because in the last 100 years, no text book, no "major historian"   has laid this out candidly.  

Few "major historians"  go into this as a basic aspect of the Civil War, even when they cover it, we think, too far back in the book, too deep in the bullshit.   Even when this information is there, they do not show what we show in a way that Southern leaders were proud of at the time.


 Before anyone can understand Lincoln, or the Civil War, they need to understand what Southern leaders boasted of --including Jefferson Davis officially boasting spreading slavery into the North. 

As you will see, Southern leaders were not coy, at this time we show.  They were loud, proud, and even expressed joy -- yes joy --at killing to spread slavery.

That boasting, that joy about killilng, those promises to keep killing until slavery was spread North (yes, North) and to the Pacific simply vanished when they lost.

But at the time -- at the time they were killing, at the time they sent paid killers to Kansas, they were loud and proud and specific.

Specific about their rights to kill to spread slavery.

Specific about their goal by killing to spread slavery.

Specific about what gave them the legal right and even duty to kill to spread slavery.


WHEN you read what Southern leaders boasted of, remember two things.

1) No US text book (that we know) ever mentioned this, much less taught it as basic.

2) No one was surprised at the time, because this is how it happened, and everyone knew it.  It was not a surprise, for example, when Davis officially declared to the "free states"  that he would kill to spread slavery in the North -- and then did so.

No one was surprised because this was already going on for years.   The fact Southern leaders were killing and torturing and bragging about it was well known -- justified in the South, and condemned in the North.

But it was well known then, even if your history teacher is stupid about it, they knew.

At the time and for 30 years Southern leaders had insisted things like God not only ordained slavery,  God wanted blacks punished for biblical sins. Robert E Lee was not the only one to refer to Gods will for pain to be inflicted on slaves. 

It would have been a surprise if any one said otherwise- - slavery was ordained of GOD, was an exceedingly basic meme at the time.

Spreading slavery was God's will,  just as much as slavery was.

Yet we don't teach that, either.  It would (correctly) make religion look goofy toxic and hateful -- which it most certainly was, re slavery. 



After we teach Southern leaders killing sprees, after we teach Southern leader paid killers, after we teach the decades of killing to spread slavery -- THEN teach about Lincoln.

Otherwise our students, and teachers, will remain stupid about both the Civil War and Lincoln. 


There is not a single text book in the USA that even mentions Southern War Ultimatums.



As far as we know, there is not a single text book in the USA that shows Southern War Ultimatums that Southern newspapers themselves announced with joy and pride at the time.



Not mentioned either -- and certainly not shown -- are the speeches at the time by Southern leaders boasting of killing to spread slavery.

Speeches Southern leaders were proud of -- they wanted, and said they wanted, the future generations to know these things, as you will see. 

Not only do future generations NOT know, future generations are stupid about who Southern leaders killed, and why, and what those Southern leaders bragged about  -- until they lost.

WTHF again. 

Southern leaders boasted of killing to spread slavery -- and spread it against (yes, against) states rights.

In 1855 Kansas citizens voted against slavery.  The public, including federal leaders, knew (and said) that 95% of the citizens in Kansas were against slavery.

 In the vernacular of the day, as Stephen A Douglas said "19 out of 20"  of the citizens were anti-slavery. 

That's 95%.

Lincoln said that, Southern leaders boasted of killing to spread slavery -- idiotically we do not teach it the way Southern leaders bragged about, until they lost. 

We will be all one thing  or all the other.  

Stupidly, almost unbelievably, we do not teach in any US text book that Lincoln was not only exactly right that unless stopped slavery will in all of the US because of what Southern leaders did, Southern leaders bragged about it, and killed to make that happen.

The second step, as you will see, was the Dred Scott decision.

"Don't worry"  Stephen Douglas essentially told the public -- slavery will never go into Kansas because the people and climate are against it".


As Douglas spoke the words -- the very moment he spoke those words -- Southern leaders had paid men on the way to Kansas to terrorize -- later to torture and kill, to spread slavery there.

A calculated -- and successful - plan by Southern leaders needed not just the legislation, but it needed paid killers.  Southern leaders fixed that -- they simply hired the killers to rush into Kansas, control the first official election there, and Kansas becomes a slave state forever.    It almost worked.


Yet as you will see, Southern leaders sent paid killers to Kansas to force slavery into that Territory.

Even after (remember this- - it's important)  Kansas officially became a free state, in 1860,  by that same ratio of 95% against slavery,  Southern leaders sent more, not less,   killers to Kansas, this time those killers even killed women and children for revenge in a city previous hired men had invaded, Lawrence Kansas. 

All -- remember this -- all the killings, all the invasions, were done, paid for, and bragged about at the time, when Southern leaders were well aware that most citizens of Kansas were against slavery.  

Loudly, clearly, with great specificity, Southern leaders did not just admit they were killing to spread slavery, they bragged about it.

In context. Repeatedly.  Clearly.  

Most important of all -- they bragged about this -- and killed to spread slavery as they bragged about it, long before Lincoln even thought about running for president.

Even in the 1840's Southern leaders promised to kill to spread slavery.   Even after the South doubled, then doubled again, and doubled slavery territory yet again (always by violence)  Southern leaders now demanded -- and killed to attain -- more land for slavery.

The Civil War-- as you will see -- started actually in 1856, and Southern leaders were very clear they were at war from 1856 on.  They did not admit they were at war -- they boasted they were at war. and made it very clear what they wanted.   To now triple the size of slavery, and triple it by taking all of the West,  even to spread slavery North (as you will see).






Senator David Atchison was more famous -- and more powerful -- that Stephen A Douglas or Lincoln, for a time.   Atchison was the US Senator that forced Douglas to push Kansas Act through Congress.

Immediately after Atchison got the Kansas Act passed, Atchison personally (remember this) rushed  to Kansas, met with hired men waiting for him, and invaded Kansas at first to terrorize, but later to torture and kill, to spread slavery.

Here is Atchison's 1856 speech, boasting about it.

Here is US Senator Atchison.

Here is Atchison 1856 speech. In it he claimed killing to spread slavery (as you will see) was a "joy".

Here is a link to Atchison's speech.  There were others much like it, by him and his hired men. For terrorizing Atchison could use men from Missouri.  But later,when he needed many more, and needed killers, he hired them from ads he placed in Southern Newspapers.

Read his speech to his men, recently arrived.  He explains who they will kill, and who will pay them.  

There is a text version of this speech, much easier to read HERE

Here is a picture of survivors from Atchison's invasion of Lawrence Kansas later in life, in 1880's

 Here is a quote from one of Atchison's reports on the progress of his killing to Jefferson Davis, who paid Atchison and his men, and named Atchison "General of Law and Order In Kansas Territories."

 In other speeches, to these same men, Atchison instructed them to kill women who were dressed like men in attacks.

In the third invasion of Lawrence, women and children were massacred by these same men, though by then Atchison had run off to Texas. Just like Atchison said it was a joy to kill to spread slavery, the leader of the final invasion of Lawrence also boasted it was a joy.   He claimed he could "die happy" now that he had revenge on "the damn place"  that defied Atchison years prior.  

What did the people of Lawrence do that caused all three invasions, and the final invasion with massacred of women and children?

You should know this. 
They allowed an anti-slavery newspaper to operate in Lawrence after Atchison declared it was against the law to publish anything against slavery.


A colossal failure of our education system is to not show what Southern leaders bragged out the ass about, at the time.

Or text books do not show who Southern leaders killed, or why. They show plenty of meaningless bullshit -- like pictures of cotton gin.  But no clear information that Southern leaders were so proud of at the time.


Let's be clear  -- Southern leaders bragged hey were at war to spread slavery.   And they were killing and torturing to prove it.  They did not issue idle threats.

These were not threats, anyway.  They were already killing and already torturing by the time they boasted of it.  

It is important you know this -- they bragged about this long before Lincoln even thought about running for President.  

Not a few nuts, a few low level loud mouths. I mean the top of the top Southern leaders admitted -- some joyously bragged - that they were at war to specifically spread slavery.

And spread it to places where slavery was illegal and rejected by overwhelming percentage of the citizens of those areas. 

What the hell is wrong with our "historians"  and history books?  Did they not even bother to check Southern leaders speeches and documents about this?


Southern leaders were at war -- they called it war -- to spread slavery 1855 on. In fact, they were at war to spread slavery further back, because the Mexican War,  when you know what Southern leaders said about it at the time -- was very much a war to spread slavery.


Even during the Civil War, Jeff Davis bragged (yes, he did, we show you) about killing to spread slavery into the NORTH. 

This might seem preposterous -- but only because most people, even most history teachers, are clueless that Southern leaders had already been bragging of killing to spread slavery for almost a decade by that time.

So when Davis, in 1863 boasted of killing to spread slavery North, in perpetuity,  no one was surprised.   Davis boasting of  it in 1863 were the same boasting he and others made from 1854, 1855, 1856,  and 1861, in speeches and documents he and others were proud of then, too.   

That is, proud of it, until they lost.


It doesn't matter if you have a PhD and work at the Lincoln library.   If you don't know who was killing who --and what they were bragging about at the time, you don't know shit about the US Civil War.

Lincoln sure as hell knew --as you will see. 

Southern leaders sure as hell knew -- they were the ones boasting of it, in context, repeatedly,  clearly and proudly.

That is - until they lost.

When the citizens of Kansas overwhelmingly rejected slavery -- Davis issued War Ultimatums and sent killers to Kansas.  Don't ever forget that.


Let me be clear what they were proud of --and you need to read their own words, too.  They were proud of killing to spread slavery.

Proud. Of. Killing. To. Spread. Slavery. 1854, 1855, 1856 --even during the Civil War itself-- boasting of killing to spread slavery.

This nonsense about South  and state's rights is an absurdity repeated by fools. Yes, there were times Southern leaders said the words "states rights" -- especially after they lost.

But Jeff Davis was very clear at the time. Specific, clear and proud.  States and territories did NOT have the right to reject slavery, because of Dred Scott decision, as you will see.  The people themselves,  voting as a group, did not have the right to reject slavery by majority rule.

Kansas must -- must -- accept slavery, even though in repeated elections Kansas citizens rejected slavery by overwhelming votes, including 95% against slavery.

Even after Kansas became a free state -- by overwhelming  vote of the people to reject slavery -- Southern leaders issued War Ultimatums (remember this -- War Ultimatums)  that Kansas citizens must accept slavery.

These were not suggestions -- they were War Ultimatums indeed and word.  Southern leaders had already sent paid killers to Kansas for years.  And they continued that killing after Kansas became a free state.

  Not for state's rights. 
Against states rights.

Jeff Davis "logic"  that territories and states could not reject slavery only sounds odd today because stupidly we repeat the nonsense made up later by Southern apologist.

Idiotically we teach students -- and make them repeat the nonsense on test back to us pass the test- - that South cared about state's rights.

Well, they did. They cared enough to send killers from South Carolina and Texas to Kansas to kill to STOP citizens in Kansas from even voting or speaking against slavery.

They hated -- killed to stop-- state's rights when Kansas people rejected slavery repeatedly.


One of the few books that can be counted as "original document"  because it was written by a man who was there, literally, from the moment the first settlers went to Kansas after 1854, until after the Civil War.

During his life there, Southern paid killers invaded the territory, Kansas fought off the paid killers,  became a free state, then had to fight off more Southern paid killers during the Civil War.

The author of this book  was charged with Treason by Jeff Davis, nearly hung for treason (as others were) got out of prison and became the first governor of Kansas.

One of the most amazing men of that amazing era -- Charles Robinson.  His book is "The Kansas Conflict". 

Other amazing men who shaped Kansas -- Eli Thayer, John Brown, Abraham Lincoln, Jim Lane, and over 3000 men who were killed by Atchison and those who killed after Atchison fled to Texas to sit out the war in safety.

Men most responsible for killers sent to Kansas to force slavery against the will of the people -- Jeff Davis, David Rice Atchison, the Stringfellow brothers, and Stephen A Douglas.

Stephen A Douglas helped the killers in Kansas from the start, but had to "flip" later in public saying they should be hung.   Of all these men, Douglas was the worst and most toxic. (And it's hard to be worse than Jeff Davis)  Without his duplicity, without Douglas support of Jeff Davis and David Rice Atchison, there is no Kansas Act  and there is no Dred Scott decision.

Davis logic that territories and states can not reject slavery did not surprise anyone at the time.  Furthermore, Davis was right that Dred Scott destroyed States and Territories right to reject slavery.

That is exactly why Lincoln and hundreds of thousands of others were aghast -- horrified -- by Dred Scott decision. 

Over and over -- and over -- in writings and speeches at the time it's very clear -- Dred Scott decision destroyed state's  rights to reject slavery.

Lincoln's entire focus in life after Dred Scott decision was to overturn that vile decision -- put in deliberately by slave power to force slavery into all of the nation.



As Lincoln explained (and Jeff Davis boasted about) Dred Scott was the "machinery"  along with Kansas Act  made it inevitable that slavery will die, or the Union will die.

When you know Dred Scott decision, and how Southern leaders were killing and invading because of it, you will see how absolutely correct Lincoln was.   

The comments by Jeff Davis are not "taken out of context"  -- these are the words and the context  Davis and other Southern leaders themselves chose.  They explained it very well at the time. 

Dred Scott, Davis wrote bluntly, changed everything.   Dred Scott made it a duty -- a duty -- let me repeat this-- a duty to spread slavery.   Let me repeat that again.

A duty to spread slavery.

Dred Scott decision literally ordered -- ordered- - two things

1) That blacks must be seen not as human beings but property.

2) That the federal government is pledged (pledged!) to protect slavery -- and protect slavery even where slavery was rejected (as in Kansas) by overwhelming vote of the people.

A great place to see Jeff Davis make this argument is in Jeff Davis own book about it.   Yeah, who could imagine that?  Read his book!

To make sure no one gets confused -- this is a picture of the part of Davis book where he explains how Dred Scott decision changed everything.  Blacks were no longer human beings -- but property.

By order of the court. 

By order-- order- - of the court.

Did I mention -- order?  By order of the court, blacks were "so inferior" they could not be and would not be seen as persons.

Let me repeat that one more time for the slow learners.  By. Order. Of.  The Court. 

And that changed everything.  Just like Lincoln said.

Only Jeff Davis was gleeful and happy - and sent killers to Kansas justified by this.

Lincoln and all rational people were horrified --and did something about it. 

When Jeff Davis and Southern leaders issued War Ultimatums -- remember this, War Ultimatums -- Lincoln refused to obey.

Did  you ever in your life  hear of Southern War Ultimatums?   No, likely you had no clue.

Southern War Ultimatums were that the US government must force slavery into Kansas.  Kansas, by the way, was by that date a free state.  It was of course an absurdity to think Lincoln was going to force slavery into Kansas.

But that was the War Ultimatum. Southern leaders called it "THE TRUE ISSUE"

Kansas must accept slavery.

Killers were already there -- and had been there -for years. Paid killers.  During the war, Southern leaders sent more killers there, for the exact same purpose they had always sent killers there -- and they boasted of it, until they lost.

To spread slavery.


No, it was not as insane as it sounds.  Based on Dred Scott decision,  the order in Dred Scott that the federal government must protect slavery,  it was "logical". 

Which is exactly why Southern leaders made sure Dred Scott decision included those two orders.

And that is exactly why Lincoln said Dred Scott would make the US "all one thing or all the other".

We will -- because of Dred Scott decision -- necessarily become all slave states, or all free.  There is no longer anyway this "house" can stand divided.

Read the House Divided Speech -- or any of hundreds  of Lincoln's speeches. He explains this at least 500 times, one way or another.  


After they lost, they gave a drastically different story.   After they lost, they claimed they "worked for 20 years to avoid war".  

Davis famously and pathologically claimed "all we asked was to be left alone"  not long after he had boasted of sending killers to Kansas and later into the North to spread slavery, and spread it against (yes against) state's rights.