"I will see Kansas in Hell before I let it be a free state"   David Rice Atchison 


In September of 1856,  the "General of Law and Order"  gave a speech to his  newly hired men from Texas.    

You really should read the speech -- it should be in every US history text book, from 6th grade on.  It was a speech just before their invasion of Lawrence Kansas.

They were invading Lawrence Kansas because that city did not obey Atchison when Atchison made it a crime to publish an anti-slavery newspaper, as he mentions in the speech itself.

There is more information in Atchison's speechs and newspapers  than any history teacher has probably taught you.  Just one of the more amazing things -- Atchison bragged their flag is red for the color of blood to spread slavery.


Just a few of the things in Atchison's 1856 Speech.

✔️  It is a joy to kill to spread slavery
✔️ You will be well paid
✔️  Our flag is red in for the color of blood we will spill to spread slavery
✔️ We fight "for the entire South"
✔️  Atchison made them promise to "bathe their swords" in blood that very day.

 In other speeches Atchison boasted of spreading slavery - if we can spread it into Kanas all the way to the Pacific.

That included two states that were already free states -- if we can win Kansas, we can win all the way to the Pacific.

By win  he meant spread slavery. 

The "abolitionists"  Atchison promised to "wipe out" were 95% of the Kansas citizens.  It is important to know this--95% of the citizens of Kansas were against slavery. 

Atchison did not intend genocide -- he intended to terrorize the people in Kansas and quickly force them to be  a slave state.

Yes, Atchison knew the vast majority of people in Kansas were against fact, Atchison's partner, Stephen A Douglas repeatedly said this "19/20" of Kansas citizens were against slavery.   

 Even though 95% of the people of Kansas were against slavery -- as the votes showed --Jeff Davis wrote that the resistance to slavery in Kansas was "intolerable".   He sent Atchison and his men to do something about it.

That something was violence -- force slavery there, and destroy any opposition to slavery.  Not by voting --they could not win an honest election. But force slavery by terror and violence.

It almost worked.


Atchison was the US Senator from Missouri who passed the Kansas Act with Stephen A Douglas.   Both men said the Kansas Act would allow the people of Kansas the "perfect right" to vote slavery in or out of Kansas.

But these men refused to allow language in the bill that said that plainly.  In fact, there was language in the bill that said the people could reject slavery, but Douglas took that out, and said it was not needed.

People who knew Douglas and Atchison knew exactly what was going on --without that language in the bill, it would be simple to claim the people did not have the right to reject slavery.

Immediately after passing Kansas Act, Atchison went to Kansas, and with about 200 paid Missouri men apparently waiting for him, invaded Kansas and took over the election, terrorizing the surprised residents of Kansas.  Atchison continued to terrorize -- with his Missouri men.

When the people of Kansas started to fight back (they ran at first) Atchison started killing and torturing to spread slavery.

It was exceedingly well known.  A guy named Lincoln got back into politics because of this. All manner of things started to happen -- Atchison hired over 2000 men before it was over, from Southern states. 



Davis explained why he will use "force of arms" to enslave blacks in the North.

Davis gave an official "address"  making clear he would enslave in the North, in response to Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation...

Indeed Davis did then send Lee North, where Lee did round up hundreds of free blacks in the North, take them South, and sell them into slavery.   Davis never  issued an empty threat.

DAVIS ADDRESS TO THE NORTH . Or  read it in his own collection of official papers at Rice University.

Davis sending Lee North to enslave in the North is as important as Gettysburg battle, but we don't teach that Lee was there with instructions to round up blacks to enslave.

Davis wrote -- officially -- that he issued this proclamation in order that there will be "no misunderstanding in the future"



Davis  had a long history by then of spreading slavery -- in the land we took from Mexico, he spread slavery there (against Lincoln's 43 attempts to stop the spread of slavery into that land).

Then Davis sent  Atchison and over 1000 paid men to Kansas in 1856 -- to spread slavery there.

Davis boasting in 1863 of enslaving blacks in the North "in perpetuity"  surprised no one. It might surprise your history teacher, but only if they don't know much about US history.

If they don't know Davis decades of spreading slavery -- always by violence and "monstrous injustice" and deception-- they don't know history at all.


Jefferson Davis himself boasted officially of enslaving blacks in the North "through force of our Arms"

As you will see, Southern leaders, for years, were candid and proud about violently spreading slavery.   Slavery always spread by violence, and no other way.   As Lincoln wrote, slavery was conceived in violence, maintained in violence, and spread by violence. 

Slave power was very real, but it was in the hands of a remarkably few people.  Jeff Davis and David Rice Atchison were two of those men.   They were aided by Stephen A Douglas.

Sadly, those men who had the power-- the power to get others to cheer the most vile things possible. Slavery was an evil spread by words - the words of political leaders pumping up hate and fear in the public.




 We will be exterminated if we do not spread slavery.  

Toombs idiotically insisted "our kind administration" of the slaves led to their "rapid increase".  It is the will of God. 

But the North, Toombs said, wants us to sting ourselves to death by not expanding slavery.  Never mind that Kansas citizens were against slavery by 95%.   It was intolerable that Kansas reject slavery. 

Sound like states rights to you?

When Toombs gave this kind of speech (as others did, too) the crowds cheered. That is really what all this was about -- cheering crowds.  Southern leaders pumped up the  hate and fear --that is how they got to be political leaders.

The way to get power -- convince others that white survival depended on the spread of slavery, therefore we must expand or we will be exterminated. Convince them the North was trying to exterminate them, trying to make their slaves rebel.   Our slaves our content - it is the NORTH that makes them try to escape. 


"We must expand slavery, or we will be exterminated. " 


Toombs  -- like most Southern leaders -- gave this kind of speech.   We will die if we do not expand slavery. 

Not just our physical lives -- our honor, our children's lives are at stake.

We will spread this "great moral truth" to the entire world, boasted Alexander Stephens, Vice President of the Confederacy.



  VP Stephens went on a five city tour, to cheering crowds, boasting that the Confederacy was "the first nation on earth"  to do slavery because of the "great truth" of God and Science that blacks are inferior beings. 

 Slavery must be based on race, and be perpetual.  Our nation is  -- is -- the first nation on earth to do this,.   The crowds cheered.

Stephens said blacks were being punished for biblical sins - and slavery must be perpetual.



Toombs insisted what many others insisted. The North has been cruel, and "by publications" and the "pulpit" the North  "disturbed" our slaves.  

Southern Congressmen even wanted people arrested in the North (as they were in the South) who spoke against slavery, to have those people tried and punished in the South!

Let me repeat that - some people in the South wanted "abolitionist"  arrested in the North  and sent to the South!



Just stopping the SPREAD of slavery would burn us to death, and our children.

Over a slow fire.

And the crowds cheered. 

The governor of Florida made it very clear...they did not believe Lincoln would bother slavery in the South. 

 He even said, "this has never been charged by anyone"

Indeed Lincoln had said -- at least 100 times one way or another -- that he had no warrant, no legal ability, no inclination, no intention, no public sentiment for any action whatsoever to disturb the South. 

 That did not matter.

The SPREAD of slavery mattered.  Unless we can SPREAD slavery -- specifically SPREAD slavery,  our children will, in effect, be burned to death over a slow fire.

These were official speeches -- the crowds cheered.


Senator David Rice Atchison speech about killing to spread slavery as a joy -- yes a joy -- should be read in every US history class,  every year,  to every student.

A joy to kill.   Killing to spread slavery.

✔️It is important to know that Jefferson Davis was Atchison's boss.

✔️Davis paid Atchison and his men.

✔️Davis named Atchison "General of Law and Order"

✔️Davis promised to push slavery into Kansas.

✔️Davis said the resistance to slavery in Kansas was "intolerable"

Looked like Atchison won.

For a time it looked like Atchison and Davis got slavery into Kansas -- despite 95% of the public against slavery.  Slavery always spread by violence, and this was no exception.

This book, written at the time, is about "The Conquest  of Kansas"  by Atchison and his men. The writer lamented that Atchison and his hired men defeated the "free soilers".



✔️ 19 out of 20

Atchison well knew the overwhelming number of Kansas residents were against slavery.

✔️ 19 out of 20

In fact, Atchison's partner, Stephen A Douglas, had said repeatedly that 19 out of 20 people in Kansas were against slavery.   



After the war,  Southern leaders claimed pretty much opposite of what they bragged about before the war.

Strange how that works. 

✔️ After the war, no more boasts about the joy of killing to spread slavery - because they lost.  

✔️No more boasts about killing and torture -- because they lost. 

✔️No more boast that they were going to violently spread slavery North and to the Pacific Ocean -- because they lost.

✔️No more claims that God ordained slavery and they will spread slavery to the entire white world-- because they lost.

✔️No more boasts about starting the war.

All the tortures, the killings, the invasions - even the Civil War itself - -  never boasted about that anymore, from that day to this.

Of course we would not expect the men who boasted of killing to spread slavery to candidly admit that after the war.


1856 ON

As you will see, Southern leaders -- long before LIncoln even ran for Senate -- were killing and boasting of killing to spread slavery.  They did not use volunteers -- they used paid men.

Why not use people in Kansas?

Because 95% of the people in Kansas were against slavery!

We all need to read these amazing speeches and documents and newspapers  at the time. Like Atchison's speech he gave to the men just arrived from Texas.   

 Atchison spoke to them about the joy of killing to spread slavery.

He spoke to them of killing to spread slavery.

He spoke to them about getting well paid.

He spoke to them about fighting "for the entire South".

He spoke to them about where they would spread slavery.


It's important to know what "Southern Rights" were.  Atchison and Davis both gave speeches (as did others) making it quite clear, quite explicit -- the Southern Right was to spread slavery.  Not keep-- the right was to spread slavery by force.



Atchison used those same hired men to create the "bogus" legislature" . These men quickly made it against the law to publish anti-slavery newspapers, and forbid anyone against slavery to hold any office or be on any jury.

In fact, Atchison boasted that they should just kill anyone against slavery if they stayed in Kansas.